Inside doctor’s clinic

It’s a holiday week for me as my legs got cramped and after visiting a orthopaedic doctor ,I got some relief as he advised me for rest with some medicines.while thinking of that evening when my legs got slipped as I was moving to upstairs with my friend (read previous story “My illness & physical love“),

I have some bad as well as different experiences inside orthos clinic.I still have an image of doctor’s cock ,which I have seen for an hour as I was forced to suck it but readers ,it’s true that I got horny after 10-12 minutes of forced sex with a week passed as today evening I have an appointment with that doctor ,named Raman munjal as his charming face with a nice physique have made me his I am thinking of my visit to his clinic as my leg is healing and it’s well but if he again forces me for sex,than …….I think not going to happen it again as I am ready for it ,so forced sex is not possible.In the evening ,I walked to my mom and said………


“mom,I have to go to doctor’s clinic , so
(Mom)oh I see !but I am too busy in the evening ,so you have to go alone
(Swati)ok but if you will drop me there.”

And she smiled as I have been trying to go alone ,my mom have thought it in an improper as it’s 05:00 pm ,I took refreshment and than put my blue long skirt with a sleeveless kurti as it’s a dress that can cover my whole body and after sometime ,I am with my mom in I left for doctor’s clinic as mom dropped me near that clinic as I walked inside with purse on shoulder and than moved to reception ,so I paid fees there and got doctor’s waiting outside doctor’s chamber as I give a slip to a lady there and she asked me to sit on chair,so while waiting for my number to come,my wait looks long and after 15-20 minutes,I entered inside his looking at me doctor smiled as I sits on opposite chair and he asked………

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“how are you feeling Swati
(Me)better .”and than I give him the prescription ,so after looking it ,he took me inside x-ray room as he asked me to sleep on a patient I did and than he stood near my waist as he lifts my skirt up and started touching my leg………

“your swollen leg is healing well .”and looking at me ,he slowly lifted my skirt upto waist as I am bit shy ,he put his finger on my panty as he started rubbing it soft vagina is getting his touch and than he started pressing my breast hard as my eyes closed and feeling too horny,I put my legs crossed………

“doctor ,will you inject me again
(Dr.)yes Swati ,it’s your swollen leg that needs my attention with injection.”

And as he is massaging my breast ,I hold my tops on waist and lifts it upto chest,so he got my boobs under black brassiere.looking at me,doctor started pressing my boobs on brassiere as his finger have gone inside my glory hole but as it’s covered with panty,cotton have also gone inside , so I am not going to make him free.Swati ,a 22 years gal with whiteish complexion and height of 5’6 feet as my lovely boobs are soft ,round ass is dome shaped as my thighs are strong ,is lying on patient’s bed as doctor is standing there as his treatment have made me bit he turned me as he removed my brassier’s straps and took it out,so hold it in his hand hardly and squeezing it to make me scream .my vagina is hot as his finger with my panty’s cloth is inside it and I slept on bed with my face doctor smiled ……….

“are you still curious to swallow my cock
(Swati)if it’s an advise from doctor than I am compelled to do so.”and doctor took out his finger from my vagina as he left me alone ,took out phone and called his staff………”is there any patient waiting for me
(Doctor)ok so be sure not to permit anyone inside .”

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And doctor than started removing his jeans as I can see his bulge on undies,it’s a hard one and standing near me as he hold his undies to pull it down.I wake up on bed as his undies is down to legs and now I am on my legs as I am looking at his I hold his penis and started kissing it with my lips as my lips are sealed on his shaft of penis,he is screaming in joy……..

“uuhh aahh uumm” and I started rubbing it’s glans on my lips as I opened my mouth to swallow it,but 2/3 Rd cock is inside as I started sucking it hard and he put his hand on my hairs ,he is too hot and as my mouth is full of cock ,my face is moving fast but doctor started fucking my mouth with his penis and it’s a nice treatment for my cramped my eyes are closed as I am in heaven and he is screaming”ooohh uumm suck hard hard”and his penis is hitting my deep throat,so I took out his wet penis and looking at him,I started licking his cock with my tongue.He is smiling as I am tasting his cock and it’s glans seems nice as I put it on my nose to smell,so I left his penis and than asked him about washroom.He directed me as I walked inside washroom and took out my panty as I urinated ,washed my vagina and left my cunt nude,so while holding my panty in hand I walked to him as he took my panty and smelt hard.

Swati is sitting on patient’s bed with her sexy ass on corner as her both legs are on bed,she have stretched it wider and doctor knelt infront as his face is inbetween my put his lips on vagina and started kissing it frequently,my legs started shivering and I am in joy”oohh uuhh lick it hard”as he put his hand on my vagina and distracted it’s labias,so I have put my both hands on my back as to balance my body and he is now licking my cunt with his long he is fucking my cunt like a dog with his tongue and it’s my burning vagina that’s making me too wild,so he hold my waist as he is rolling his tongue in my deep vagina and my vagina is in fire as I am shouting”oohh aahh uuhh fuck fuck me soon doctor ,fuck”and he took my vaginal flesh in his mouth as he is sucking it hard ,so my vagina is going to cum soon but I am voiceless and lastly,his mouth have my cum as I am bit relaxed ,so he licked my cunt and than pushed his finger in my wet cunt as I sucked his finger to taste my vaginal we two have enjoyed oral sex as we are going to enjoy intercourse sex session soon and than doctor took out my tops and skirt as my brassiere and panty have been removed earlier on .

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He is also completely nude as we both are standing on ground ,hold eachother’s back and doctor hold my one leg in air as I hold his penis and started rubbing it on my hole,so his glans have moved inside and he pushed his cock harder as his 2/3 Rd penis is in my wet vagina,he is holding my leg as his hard dick penetrates harder inside and I felt my vagina tearing into parts as I have never got fuck with such a long and thick cock in my as we are standing ,doctor is fucking my vagina from below as my boobs are brushing on his chest,we are too horny and as his cock is moving fastly inside my cunt ,I started kissing his lips to neck.

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