My illness & physical love

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Hi friends, It’s an incidence happened last week as I got my legs cramped due to my high heel sandals on my I was moving towards upstairs of my friends home ,my sandals on stairs get slipped as i have much pain in my leg. So my friend Soni called his brother as both took me to a nearby clinic,as my legs are not moving normally ,soni’s brother took me on his lap to parking zone as we three are in his car.

So I called my mom ……………..”mom Swati here
(Mom)yes Swati ,are you in soni’s home right now
(Swati)mom my legs got cramped as my friend and his brother have been with me to a nearby clinic
(Mom)ok Swati I am coming soon.”

And we reached to a clinic as soni’s brother took me on his lap ,his one hand have hold my upper parts from below as his other hand have been under my my miniskirt have gone upto inner thighs but he is not doing anything improper,now I am inside clinic as I am on a stretcher,so my legs are in pain as my friend’s brother moved towards receipting and than a guy moved my stretcher to a room.I can see a ortho doctor’s name written there as my firend came inside and now doctor started talking with me……….

“what’s your problem ?
(Swati)sir ,my sandals slipped on stairs as my legs got cramped .”and doctor put his hand on my leg as he touched it twice and than looking at my friend’s he said. ……..”please wait outside .”

And than he started writing medicines on his prescription as I am looking at him .Doctor is a young guy in his early thirties as his face is charming and his physique have attracted me but I am in clinic for he wrote medicines and called his staff ………..”provide this to her attendant .”and looking at me ,he asked …….

“are you studying in college?
(Swati)yes sir
(Doctor took a spray from his table as he sprayed it on my cramped leg)nothing to worry but you have to be here for an hour or so.”and after a while,my friend came inside with medicines and put it on table,now doctor asked him………..

“now wait outside for an hour .” And she walked away as doctor put his hand on my swollen leg ,some sort of relief is there as I can see him holding a syringe as he put some medicine in it,now she asked me to lift my skirt up as I am bit shy but doctor smiled and lifted it upto my G string is on my vagina as my thighs are nude ,feeling too shy as he put some ointments on my inner thighs ,said……..

“look forward or close your eyes.”and I closed my eyes as syringes needle is going inside my thigh ,now feeling much pain but he took out the syringe as he put a cotton on it,so feeling better with some ointments on it .as my legs are wide on patient table,my vagina is only covered with G string,so doctor put his hand on my legs again and asked. ……….

“feeling better or not
(Swati)pain have diminished .”and his phone started ringing as he walked away to receive it,so he came to me and there ,my mom is standing with tears in her eyes.looking at my mom,doctor said……..

“no need to worry ,she is bit relaxed
(Mom)if her legs got fractured
(Doctor)no just some swelling and cramps on it but please let me do my best as you have to leave here for an hour.”so mom walked away after touching my cheeks and now doctor asked his staff to come inside ,now doctor and staff hold me as they put me on stretcher and moved towards x-ray room inside his chamber .so I am lying on other table and there doctor put his hand on my leg again as he started rubbing it slowely ,it’s a different touch from young doctor as I am in bit pain and my evening is going on inside a clinic.
Doctor took a chair as he sits near my table and than he lifted my skirt upto waist as he is eyeing my G string.while I closed my eyes ,he is rubbing my soft vagina on G string and I am in pain but bit horny also,so doctor said……….

“are you feeling better or need some more injection
(Swati)I am fine doctor but why I am here
(Doctor)just relax for a while as I have to take x-ray of your cramped leg.”

And I put my skirt down to cover my he took his stethoscope and now while sitting on his chair,he started putting it on my chest as I am bit suspicious of his his hand is touching my sexy boobs as he put his tool on my boobs also and I am in anger but my body is in full sensation,now doctor put a ribbon on my eyes as he sits near I felt he will have my legs x-ray as there is complete silence and than I felt my skirt going upto waist as I can feel his hand on my vagina on panty and he is rubbing his palm on I am too horny on patients table,as doctor took bold step as I felt my vagina nude ,G string is out of waist and now I can feel his kisses on vagina ,so my sexy voice “oohh aahh uumm”is coming out of my mouth.later on ,doctor opened the ribbon as I opened my eyes and there I can see his long thick cock,so I turned my hold my hairs as he put my face straight and looking at me he smiled……….

“have your injection in mouth .”

And as his hand is holding my hairs ,he started pressing my breast hardly and my leg pain is of no importance as this doctor is molesting me in his looking at him ,I hold his penis as it’s long and thick ,he smiled and than turned my face towards his cock as I opened my mouth and he pushed his long cock in my my treatment is in process as he is fucking my mouth with his cock and his hand have hold my soft boobs as he is massaging it hardly.we both are too horny as I felt embarassed earlier on but now enjoying my treatment ,so his glans is hitting on my throat as he is pressing my breast.later on ,doctor moved towards my legs as he put my both legs in air ,so hold my sexy ass from below and put his lips on vagina.He is loving my vagina as I am screaming in joy”oohh aahh doctor don’t discharge me tonight as I want fuck “and there he is kissing my vagina as I put my fingers on cunt to widend its hole,he is licking it with his tongue and I am fully aroused as his tongue is fucking my a doctor of orthopaedic is doing his treatment on my body as I am not resisting his act,so my cunt moved inside his mouth as he is sucking it my legs are shivering in sensation as I am on patients table and he is loving my glory hole,later on he freed my vagina as he put his penis in his put my G string on waist as I hooked it and put my skirt down to I am feeling too horny,he walked away as I am still lying on bed,so waiting for his arrival ,my vagina is in fire as it’s getting the itch and he came to me……….

“Swati if want more treatment than I can say to your mom to wait for another hour or so
(Swati bit shy)as you wish ,you are a doctor so your advise will be accepted.”and he walked out of x-ray room as my mom came inside and smiled on me……….”oh god!I have thought you have broken your leg but
(Swati)mom ,doctor have told you something
(Mom)yes no need to worry ,only leg got cramped ,so you will be in doctor’s observations for more time.”

And it’s 07:15 evening as mom left me ,doctor came inside and now put his hand on my tops ,as he lifted it upto neck and started pressing it hard on my getting treated with a doctor is like a hot experience for me and he is removing my brassiere as my boobs are nude ,I sits on table as doctor is standing there and he hold my breast as he opened his mouth to suck my vagina is curious to have his penis for fuck as he is massaging my other boobs and after a while,he left my breast as he said………

“put your brassiere on boobs.”

And little ashamed of my sexual affairs ,I put my head down as I covered my boobs with I put my tops down to waist and now doctor asked me to stand on ground as I put my right leg on it but left leg is in pain,looking at me ,he said ………

“you are in little pain ,so no need to stand but be on your elbows and knees on table.”this will be the best position for us as I know he want to fuck me ,so I put my body like a doggy on bed as he lifts my skirt and than removed my G string .looking back at him,as he have removed his trouser and undies,he have hold his penis as he took out a packet of condoms from his pocket.He put condom on his penis and now as I smiled,he started rubbing it’s glans on my vagina,it’s a hot dry zone as his cock is going inside my hole and doctor hold my waist as he fucked me hard and I screamed louder

“oohh aahh it’s hard “and his 8-9 inches long 3 inches thick cock is in my vagina but I am feeling a different taste as it’s condoms covered and he is fucking me as I started moving my ass slowely ,he is a young smart guy as his cock is brushing my vaginal walls,my treatment of legs are going on as he is fucking my cunt and screaming

“oohh you are too hot ,need a patient like you to fuck
(Swati) oh I see ! Your Ortho good in fucking .”and he is going hard in my vagina as my vagina get hotter ,I started screaming”oohh aahh I will cum soon”and than my vaginal juice came out as he took out his penis and started licking it with his feeling like a dirty whore on patients table ,he kissed my ass also as he make me sit in table,now his penis is rock hard and I throw away condom as it’s on my hand and I swallowed penis to my hairs have been grabbed and doctor is standing there as my face is moving fast as my mouth is full of his penis.I am giving him a nice blowjob and as I felt precum coming out of it ,I started sucking it fast and after 4-5 minutes ,his penis ejaculated cum in my mouth as I drink it and got the taste of his my treatment ends as doctor and me exchanged our mobile number .

Now doctor called his staff as my mom also came inside and they bought medicine for me as our sexual affairs lasted in during my treatment.later on I am in my home with my legs in bit pain but it’s my heart which is feeling his love for me.

Added by Swati

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