Mom’s submission: Sex with son : part-4

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Nancy have crossed her limits as she is in physical relationship with her son Rohan and it’s the bitter truth of getting fucked with his Rohan is just a 18 years guy ,so his cock have not grown like my hubby as his penis is long and thicker ,it’s hardness gives me too much pleasure. Mom’s submission: sex with son, part-3

So Nancy a 36 years matured lady of tall figure(5’7 feet)with little flesh on tummy ,whiteish complexion with boobs of 36dd and sexy buttocks makes sounds louder when I walks fast as it’s a round dome shaped as my hubby was out of City ,I have a nice days with my son but as he came ,we both mom & son are bit scared of doing so but if mind is in fire and need cocks daily ,you can make some secret plans also.our sexual affairs halted for a day only as my hubby fucked me tonight and than next morning ,as my hubby left for office,my son Rohan came back from his college as his movements of college going is just a part of plan as we both mom & son knew it’s a hot afternoon as sun ray is making heat inside home,so Rohan is in his bedroom as my maid have finished her works as she walked I am in my bedroom as I have already prepared some meals for us and we both have got 3-4 hours to enjoy sexual love .so I wake up from my bed as I have already taken bath and now I removed my traditional outfit of saree , peticote with blouse as I took out a transparent night wear from standing infront of large mirror ,I looked at my glory hole as it’s hairs started growing while my saggy boobs have some teeth marks on it ,as my son have sucked it harder but it’s a god grace that my hubby have not paid attention on that as I took my undergarments to wear,I can see my son’s reflection in mirror , so he is looking at his nude mom from the doors as I turned my face back and he pulled the curtain as he wants to put his face behind it ,but I shouted……..

“Rohan ,no need to be shy ,come and see my inner beauties.”

And Rohan came inside as he is looking at my lovely boobs to sexy thighs as well as he hold me in his arms as his lips are kissing my neck to face,so I am brushing my boobs on his chest and my hand is on his back as his lips started kissing my lips and I felt horny as my clothes are of no I hold my son tightly as my soft boobs are pressing hard on his chest and he took my lips in his mouth and we both started sucking eachother’s lips , so feeling too hot ,I hold his Bermuda on waist as I pulled it down to legs and he is nude as his penis is hitting my deep Rohan took my long tongue as we both are standing in my bedroom and he is sucking my tongue as I have hold his hairs ,just pushing my whole tongue in his mouth to sexy I am that I want fuck on daily basis but if I get Stranger’s cock ,I love to enjoy it because change of taste is important if you want to be in hunger of I have hold my son’s back in my arms as he is sucking my tongue and my boobs are brushing on his chest as his hand is moving on my Rohan left my tongue as his finger is going inside my vagina and it’s in my hole as he is fucking it hard ,so I hold my son’s lips in between my lips to love as our lips are locked ,we two are becoming hotter.later on we are sitting on bed as Rohan said………

“mom I want to fuck your ass
(Mom)it’s my pleasure my son your cock will enjoy in my anus hole.”we both are nude on bed as I slept like an Indian lady waiting for her Hubby’s long penis inside Rohan leaned on my boobs as he hold it and started licking my browenish long aerola with his tongue ,making me too horny as his body is on his knees,his long cock is provoking me to hold it .so he is licking my breast as he started kissing my soft tummy and my hand hold his penis as I am slowly masturbating it,Rohan’s lips are loving my belly as his penis is now far from my hand ,so feeling bit shy and horny ,I stretched my legs as he is licking my deep belly ,so I am screaming in joy

“oohh you are so sexy it’s great to have your love on my body” and Rohan now sits inbetween my thighs as he have hold it in air ,putting my legs in opposite directions and looking at my valuable assets ,he put his face on my vagina as my sexy ass is slightly up from bed ,his leaned face on my vagina is making our love Rohan put his nose on my distracted labias as he smelt it and I am well under his control as he put his tongue in my clitoris to feeling like a hot blonde ,I put my fingers on vagina as I widend its hole and Rohan started licking it with his tongue,my vaginal depth can’t be measured with his tongue or his penis ,but he is licking my deeper vagina as his whole tongue is inside my vagina.its a nice effort from my son to fuck my cunt with his tongue as he is just half of my age and he have satisfied me thrive on bed with his long dick but his fuck always took time to ejaculate cum ,I am shouting louder”oohh aahh uuhh Rohan lick my vagina fast”and he licked my cunt for a while.He walked towards washroom as I am on bed with windows and doors closed,A/C is making room cooler as son’s love is making me hotter,later on he came on bed and sits near my face.

Rohan is kneeling on my face as his penis is on my mouth ,I hold it and opened my mouth to swallow it and started sucking it while sleeping on bed.He is sitting on my face as his penis is in my mouth and I have put my face up and Rohan put his hand on my he have hold my hairs as my face is above of pillow and he starts fucking my mouth with his penis as his glans is hitting on my throat.rohan is fucking her mom’s mouth with his long cock as my head is up (on pillow)and it’s my pleasure to suck his cock as it’s growing harder and bigger in my he left my mouth as he is sitting on my face and I put my tongue on his wet penis as I am rolling it to taste my mouths we are enjoying afternoon sex session as mom & son are nude on bed and I licked his penis and now we both are in a short break.

Rohan’s penis is in erection as it’s straight and looking at it,I think not a single lady of this world can sleep I wake up and walked towards refrigerator nudely,took out a butter cake from it as I am back on bed.while I slept on bed with my front portion of body downwards,my back portion of body is upwards and it’s my sexy ass which needs a deep penetration as I have given butter cake to my son he is sitting near my waist and he started rubbing my soft ass as he put butter inbetween my ass crack,he is rubbing it as my ass hole is getting the touch and rub of butter,he is making my holes lubricated as he will fuck my ass hole with his long penis .so as Rohan put his long finger inside my ass hole ,I screamed”oohh aahh”and he is kissing my soft ass ,he is a young as well as tough guy ,knows how to make lady his lips is burning on my ass his finger is making my ass hole bit spacious,so it’s his finger in my ass hole and now he took it out as he started pushing some butter in my anus hole and I am a hot lady I can feel butter in my ass hole as it’s melting with its heat and Rohan like a dog is licking my ass hole as I am screaming in pleasure

“oohh uuhh Rohan lick it fast” and his tongue is rolling inside as my vagina is getting Rohan took a pillow and put it under my waist as my lower parts of body is up as he wants to love it with his he put his tongue in my ass hole as he is licking it fastly with his two long fingers in my vagina,he is a smart lover as he is licking my ass and I am feeling it’s heat as my legs are shivering ,sexy voice is coming out of my mouth……….

“oohh uuhh my son now my ass is a smooth path and you can dig its hole.”

So I took out my tongue from ass hole as I freed her vagina also,now she is on her knees and elbows ,like a bitch on bed with her sexy ass making me so I hold my penis as I put it in her hole,it’s an ass hole,so glans with 1/4th penis is inside and he hold my waist as he fucked my ass hole hard ,shouted like a bitch

“oohh aahh Rohan don’t go so hard,my ass hole is in fire as it’s feeling bruises”,he is not listening my voice as he is fucking my ass with speed and power,it’s my semi flexible hole that’s feeling my son’s hard penis and as my ass is getting his penis for a while,I thought it’s time to enjoy it .so I started moving my ass and Rohan hold my breast as he is pressing it hard while hitting my ass ,he is a hard fucker as he is screaming in joy”oohh you sexy mom ,swing your ass I will fuck you till night”and as ass lubrication have vanished,his frictions are making it hotter ,so I am enjoying his cock and after a while,like a hot guy ,he took out his penis from my ass and pushed his cock in my while holding my waist ,he fucked me hard and my vaginal cum is out as Rohan is fucking in my wet cunt and I started moving my ass fast.His tiger is roaring inside my deep cave as his long cock is pounding my vagina hard,it’s my first cum of day as I am feeling it’s wetness inside,I said …….

“Rohan lick my cunt than fuck it.”so he took out his penis as he put his tongue in my wet cunt as he is licking my cunt ,he got the taste of feeling my legs in bit pain,I slept on bed and Rohan sits inbetween my thighs as he hold his penis and pushed it in my wet vagina,my cunt is in fire as his long penis is moving fast in it.we both are nude as our sexual activities are going fastly,now rohan leaned on my top as he is fucking my vagina fast,I hold his waist as I put my lips on his lips to kiss.I started bouncing my sexy ass up and down as Rohan is going hard in my cunt,it’s my pleasure to be fucked with my son and he is fucking my ass & vagina for 12-13 minutes as my vagina is now eager for cum,he shouted”oohh uuhh it’s cumming”and his cock poured sperms inside vagina.He is sleeping on my top like a lover as I kissed his lips ,”so nice to get fucked with you ,well done my son ,your cock is hard as I love it”and than we wake up on bed as I tasted his cum ,so after bath we slept on bed nudely.

Added by Nancy

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