Michelles dad & uncle

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We moved way out into the country to a small little one stop town. Ends up being a 45 min drive one way to my job.

Michelle had got real sick with the flue couldnt sleep from all the coughing she was doing so i took her to the doctor he gave her prescription cough syrup with sleep aide and gave her prescription sleep aide pills.
1st day she took both she was out cold. I couldnt wake her up.
That after noon when i got out of the shower she tells me her mom would be coming bye tonight to drop off her some homemade soup. She took her medicine right. Before i left so i knew she would sleep all night.

I get to work only to be told i had to much over time already and i could go home and have a 3 day weekend. Another 45 min drive back home. As i turn onto the road i lived on i seen a car turn into my driveway. As i got closer i seen it was michelles dad and his brother going into the house.
Was supposed to been her mom.

I pull around and park in the garage, walk around to the front door and its locked. Deadbolt locked with no key. Great.
Walking around the side of the house in the dark i get to our bedroom window and can hear her dad yelling her name.

The curtain is open enough i can see in without being seen. Her dad is shaking her as he is calling her name with no response.

Hey keith come in here. Whats wrong?
Shes out cold. Keith picks up her medicine looks at it.
Yeah man your not gonna wake her up glinda took this stuff and she was out cold i couldnt wake her up for shit man.

Really? Yeah. So lets leave the soup and head back man its along ass drive back.

What’s your hurry?
Glinda man shes off the rag wanna get back and get some pussy. So come on.

You want to see something really pretty?

What is it? I bet she still sleeps without panties on.
Her dad pulls the covers off her. Shes in a short night gown. He sits down on the bed beside her. Pushes her gown up and pulls her leg over.

Now look at this pussy, is not one of the prettiest things you ever seen.?

Its your daughter man. Her dad reaches over spreads her pussy lips open. Just look at this keith.

Its your daughter. So you dont want to see her pussy?

I didnt say that.

Hers is alot better looking than glindas is.

No shit. Her dad starts rubbing his finger between her lips. Pushing his finger in side and starts fingering her.

What are you doing? What does it look like?

He stops and pushes her gown up over her small breast. And starts sucking on her nipple. He goes back to fingering her.

She makes no sound or movement.

He does this for a few mins as his brother just stares at them. Her dad moves down between her legs and starts eating her pussy.

Play with her titts you said shes not going to wake up didnt you?

Yeah, so go on dont be a chicken shit.

Keith walks over to the side of the bed reaches out and starts pinching her nipple.

Her dad goes back to eating her pussy and fingering her.
Man shes getting wet. I think shes cum in her sleep.

Her dad gets up standing beside the bed. He starts taking off his clothes.

Keith starts rubbing on her pussy slides a finger in her. Dam she is wet. Glinda hasnt been that wet in years without lube.
Neither has brenda and
I know and im not going to pass up getting some of this pussy either.

Her dad gets back on the bed between her legs and starts rubbing his dick head between her lips, pushes the head in and starts pumping.

Keith just stands there at first. He unzips his pants pulling out his dick. He starts stroking it.

Put it in her mouth. He moves closer to the bed. Turns michelles head to face him. Puts his thumb in her mouth starts moving it in and out of her mouth. He pushes in a finger and uses his thumb and finger to open her enough to get the head of his dick in her mouth. Slowly he pushes in half his dick and starts fucking her mouth.

Her dad spreads her legs wide and starts fucking her faster. Man she has some good pussy. Its so much tighter than brendas.
Fuck im about to cum already. He pulls out and shoots his cum on her stomach.

Moves out of the way. Go ahead and try out her pussy.

Keith moves down on to the bed and gets between her legs, his dick slides in with ease. He stops moving when he has his entire length inside.

Dammit she is tight. Its been years since i been in pussy this good. He pushes her legs up and leans into her and starts pumping. Slowly at first then slowly picking up speed. I can see he is pulling back till just his head is inside then slams back inside her.

She makes a low moan. Oh brother i think she likes that.

Man its just to good im going to cum quickly. He pumps into her a few more times before pulling out and shooting his cum on to her stomach.

Her dad says i dont know about you but i say we wait around a little bit and fuck her again.

What about her husband? He works all night want be back to till in the morning so we have time.

As i stare at michelles face i could have sworn i seen her eyes open for a second.

I dont think so buddy. I walk down the street to the one store and use the pay phone. Call the house. No answer. The answer machine picks up.
Michelle you awake? Hellloooo i got sent home early, i stopped in the next town ne home in about 15 mins. See you then.

Running back to the house as i get back to the bedroom window i hear her dad and her uncle going out the front door laughing saying that was fun, good thing they both nutted quickly.

I look in the bedroom and michelle gets up goes to the living room and then comes back into our room takes off her gown goes and takes a shower. Puts on a clean gown and gets back in bed.

That little bitch was faking being asleep. So thats the way she wants to play.

My dick is already hard as a rock. Going into the bedroom. Michelle you awake.
Nothing. Shes laying on her side. Michelle you awake. Nothing. I seen your dad and uncle driving down the road. Nothing

I move the covers off her and push her onto her stomach. She still doesnt move.

Taking off my clothes i put some lube on my dick and straddle her back.
Lets just see if shes gonna keep pretending to be asleep.

I spread her ass cheeks and push the head of my dick to her ass hole. Slowly pushing forward the head slides in. She doesnt move beside she tightened up her butt cheeks as i slide more into her leaning onto her i start fucking her ass. Deep and hard. She moans lightly. I pin her back down and whisper into her ear.

I was out side the window and seen everything. You laid there and let your dad and uncle both fuck you.

Her eyes open. You mad? At first yes but then my dick got hard and now its in your tight ass and im enjoying this.

You liked watching me get fucked by them?

After you told me about your family fucking you it was different watching. Now squeeze your ass tighter.

Why did you let them? Out of habit.

She starts moving her hips back to meet my thrust. You liked it. I liked fucking your mom with you so yeah it was a turn on. You liked watching my dad fuck me.

I ram in her ass one last time and cum deep in her ass.

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