Little sister’s vagina :part-3

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It’s a nice weekend as our parents left us as they are in a day trip to enjoy together as we both brother (Garry) & sister (Lili)are in home,our first sexual encounter lasted at 12:45 afternoon. Little sister’s vagina :part-2

So my sexy sister Lili is lying on bed nudely as Garry is near him and both are bit exhausted,there I asked him……….

“Lili if you don’t mind,I have kept dome energetic juice,have it and than we can enjoy again
(Lili smiled)juice ,oh I see ! what’s it
(Garry)a cane of chilled beer ,do you love it
(Lili)never tasted it but if it’s chill I can drink it.”

So we both left our bed as I took out a cane of beer from refrigerator’s freezer ,now put it on table as I took my mobile to call a local food plaza as I ordered for our my younger sister Lili ,a 18 years sexy gal is nude sitting near me as her lovely tits are small ,her flat tummy is too hot ,so her smooth thighs and it’s her vagina that have made me her Garry ,a 19 years guy is a young guy of fair complexion with tall figure as my wide chest to strong thighs can make any gal attractive ,it’s my 6-7 inches long thick penis which can spend longer span of time inside cunt but I know my sister’s vagina.Lili is still virgin as her hymns have been not broken and I know it’s a precious sexual organ that every gals want to keep it intact till her marriage.In modern culture as well as developing society ,gals as well as guys are not looking at their ages but rather loves to have physical it’s an illicit relationship with my sister Lili that have made me a dirty guy and now we both are sitting nude in dinning space as I put little beer in one glass as I put it in my glass also,so looking at me,Lili took her glass as she started drinking it and I am drinking it fastly as she is not enjoying the juice as it’s tastes bitter.

Lastly she have it and we both are sitting there as I put my glass on table and than put my hand on her sexy breast as I started squeezing it hard.she is loving my face with her lips as she turned her face towards me and as we both started our second session of love ,she is kissing my lips and lastly sits on my lap ,her legs are wide as it’s on my waist and I have hold her back.Lili’s soft boobs are pressing hard on my chest and than I started rubbing my lips on her lips as I am feeling bit relaxed after a drink and she is on my lap as my tongue started licking her lips and like a hot gal ,she put my tongue in her mouth as she started sucking it.Lili is too hot and horny as our relationship is building for a week ,we are at home enjoying eachother’s sexual organs,so I am sucking her tongue as my cock is still sleeping and while sucking her tongue ,I started rubbing her sexy ass.she is now a horny gal as she knows my desires and as my hand is rubbing her ass ,she put her sexy ass slight upwards on my thighs as she is giving me little space to finger her as my mouth is tasting her mouth’s saliva ,my finger goes in her vagina as I started fingering it fastly and as her face become reddish with her eyes closed,our breaths are fast and Lili pushed my face as she freed her she put her head on my shoulder as I am fingering her hole,now bloods are flowing in testicles as my penis started erecting and I took my sister on my lap as I hold her like a child and moved to her I put her on bed as she is bit shy and have put her thighs closed as she wants to keep her cunt invisible from my eyes and than she took a blanket to put it on her nude feeling her sexy approach ,I moved to bed as I hold the blanket and started putting away from her body.

She have hold it tightly as I leaned my face on her face and started kissing her tosru lips ,I know how to make a gal horny and as our lips are locked,she have left her blanket and I put it away from her my mouth is on her breast as I started massaging it hardly and it’s like oranges in my both hands as I am going hard and she is screaming”oohh Garry be slow my dear don’t press it hard”and I opened my mouth as I started sucking it hard ,with my cock growing harder and bigger ,I know our sexual encounter will last for two hours as ejaculation from cum takes time in second she is rubbing my back as I can hear her sexy voice”oohh Garry my vagina is in fire aahh”and it made me a monestar as I left her breast and now I am near her legs.

Lili’s both legs are in air as I have put my palms under her sexy bum,she have balanced her both legs as I put my lips on her cunt to love.she is on peak of sex as she put her fingers to widend its hole and I started licking her cunt as my tongue is moving fast in her clitoris ,she is shouting louder”oohh Garry fuck fuck me soon “and as my tongue moved deeper inside her vagina ,she started pushing her ass upwards fastly and I am tasting her cunt .now I put her ass on bed as I put my long finger in her vagina , started fingering it fastly with my face on her right breast and she hold it as she put it in my mouth ,while sucking my sister’s boobs ,I am fingering her cunt and my cock is growing as it’s coming in real she is screaming

“Garry fuck fuck hard aahh I will cum soon” and I left her breast as I put my mouth on her vagina and took her vagina in my mouth to suck.she is too hot and horny as she is in joy and lastly ,I got her vaginal juice as I tasted it while licking it I walked towards washroom as I urinated there and walked back as Lili walked inside washroom ,I am sleeping on bed as she is on bed .

Now Lili’s face is on my penis as it’s in erection but not feeling fully erected ,I think her mouths love will make it fully erected,so she started rubbing it’s glans on her face to lips as she opens her mouth and put it in her mouth.she is sucking my cock as I am enjoying my sister’s love on my cock and there door bell started ringing ,so Lili Lett my cock as I wake up and put my bermuda and vest ,took some money to pay service guy of I opened the door and guy give me a packet of food as I paid him money,so I locked the door and put it on drinking table,back on bed I slept as Lili took my cock again but this time ,she is in a best position.we are inside room on bed as it’s a 69 position and my face is under her sexy ass as looking above ,I can see her reddish vagina and her tongue is licking my cock as it’s face is on my cock .so Lili is on top as her knees and elbows have balanced her body ,her direction of body is opposite to me ,so we can live eachother’s sexual Lili is licking my wet penis as I put my fingers on her cunt and started licking it ,she is in fire as she started sucking my cock and I put my finger in her wet we both are again horny as my sister’s mouth have hold my penis again ,she is giving me a nice blowjob and my scream is sexier”oohh uuhh sexy suck it suck hard , I will fuck you ashh’and Lili left my cock as well as my we both are in great sexual relationship as we two are sleeping on bed and my erected penis is in her hand as she kissed my lips…………

“Garry I have to taste your cocks cum soon
(Garry)sure my sweetheart ,it’s yours .”

And she sits near my waist as she started masturbating it fastly,my cock is too hot as she is holding it in her palm as I am in joy”oohh aahh now suck it suck than I will cum”so Lili put her mouth on my cock and took it while opening her whole mouth as she started sucking it wildely and I put my hand on her hairs as I started fucking her mouth while giving my cock a hard jerk in her mouth ,my fuck is from below as it’s glans is hitting on her deep throat and after 4-5 minutes ,I screamed”oohh aahh it’s cumming my bitch”and my penis poured cum in her mouth ,she drink it as she licked it and we both are too slept on bed like a nude hot sexy is my sister that anyone can love to fuck her but it’s my own property ,so don’t think so.

Little sister’s vagina :part-4

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