My First Love

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My First Love (Part-I)

First of all myself thanks all of my Indian sex stories viewers and S4S for publishing all my stories. After a long time, I am coming to you with my new story. I am HONEY a second year B. Tech student in a renowned I.I.T institution. This story started with Love and ends with a happy Bizarre relationship in family.

I was studying in first year in Chemistry of the University where my Loved one Mir was studying as a 4th year Ph.D. student, A handsome 5ft 6 inch Good looking muscular Young, heart throb of many girls in the University came into my Life but Me, Honey a super sex charged 34-26-34 vital statistics also one of the Heroine Class lady in the university could not be resisted by Mir and we both fell in deep love irrespective of our caste and class.

To tell about me, I was raised by my aunt since my parents passed away. My father, my mother, my grandfather and grandmother went for a Long drive in car leaving me, my aunt and my maternal uncle in the house.

My aunt was much younger than my maternal uncle and my mother when my aunt was 21 my mother was 32 and my uncle was 28. In a car accident all of them died leaving behind me, my Aunt and my maternal uncle all alone. In this juncture my cunning maternal uncle chase both of us from house due to greed of property and from there on my Aunty became my second mom and I was brought up by her and for which she did not marry just for looking after me. My Aunt got a job in computer firm and we spent our life in rented house in very calculative way, as I was extremely intelligent got my admission in this renowned university totally free and at last fell in love with Mir, handsome boy of 28 yrs. And I am 21 yrs. Only.

When I came in contact with Mir’s parents found his father was a central govt. Good hearted gentleman but his mother is totally other type typically mother in law type the devil and when she saw my Aunt then she was very furious and not at all agreed for this marriage and I am Honey also promised to teach her a good lesson at any cost.

By my next plan I came in very serious relationship with Mir and he became blind in my love, we started going to park, cinema, mall and spend many a good time in hotel and restaurant and sometimes left hostel with permission and staying far away from University in hotel as husband and wife and dear reader can visualize the rest night love between us.
Actually Mir was very submissive type boy not at all interested in sex and one day we went to a cinema hall, I took corner most last back seat and obvious there was no person around us. After the cinema hall went dark, I placed my hand on Mir’s cock and placed his hand on my shoulder, slowly and slowly his cock started responding to my touch and became steel hard and myself already opened my bra’s hook and Mir started fondling my breast like a mad, now after the cinema show we went to restaurant where I cleverly mixed sex potent in his cold drink and after that going to hotel and ending with a good fuck.

Mir now can’t leave me because Mir has fucked me and it is the problem with the good guy once fucking then they think themselves as husband with 100% responsivity thus my plan of seducing Mir has succeed and myself getting ready to marry him after completing his degree and also my degree at a time.

Me Honey, A woman with Cocaseous mind wants to reign my home, my husband and my both mother in law and father in law, dominate everyone at any cost and wanted to seduce my would be mother in law and for which I made a full proof plan.

Now I am talking to my mother in law over mobile, video call, WhatsApp chat & call also in computer video call . I was with her in facebook and facebook life and became very near and dear to her as her friend and Mir use to say my mother name is Mahek and you are Honey looking alike for which I have loved you so much, only with the difference my mom has 36+ and you are 34+ boob size. Slowly and slowly myself make Mir interested in taboo and incest and when Mir is fully drunk, he was speaking as drunker that he wants to fuck me, my aunt Julie and if get chance then Mehek his mom also and myself honey got astonished and recorded all his audio in my mobile and WhatsApp that message to my would be mother in law and she was not believing that his son has told that.

I told my mother in law that do you want to see video confession of your son? She replied yes. I made a plan and on Saturday morning told him for going outside and night stay and he refused, then I got angry and then Mir told he has some work to complete to submit for his degree, which was totally computer based paper work.

Myself told him you take your computer with you and we will stay at hotel and he will complete his work in computer. We both reached to a hotel outskirts of the city and certainly it started raining, so we stayed inside the hotel. Myself making drink for Mir and mixing sex potent secretly serving to him. Around 10 P.M dinner was served inside the room, Mir at that time totally drunk and sexually charged and also finished his degree paper work.

Now slowly he was approaching me like a hunter towards his prey and at that juncture myself send computer message and awake the video call system to my mother in law and the live video inside the room is totally viewable to her, it is more to say that I set up the computer and placed in such a place that our sex can be fully seen from the computer but Mir was unaware of all this computer video. Now Myself also sexually initiating Mir, during my fucking I asked Mir apart from fucking me whom do you want to fuck? then he answered your Aunt Julie and also I want to be a motherfucker by fucking Mehek my mom as she is replica of you and I slowly cut the video call to my mother in law.
Good morning Honey my darling the WhatsApp message from my mother in law at early 5.30 in the morning.

Now the WhatsApp chat for my readers and you all to understand
Honey: Good morning Mom, how are you.
Mahek: My darling daughter, I now believe you fully my son is would be mother fucker
Honey: Thanks
Mahek: Have you enjoyed my son?
Honey: Fully, he has fucked me for more than hour.
Mahek: only once?
Honey: Three times.
Mahek: Your father in law also like him and done in his younger age?
Honey: like father like son.
Make: but his father sex tool his only 8 inch. I presume my son has bigger fucking tool as I have noticed my son’s cock in video when fully erected.
Honey: Mom your son has a humongous monster cock of 9.5 inch tearing me apart.
Mahek: OMG! I could not sleep after seeing my son’s humongous cock. More over your father in law is my maternal brother, so this practice of taboo is within me
Honey: Now my darling mom, what you want? Do you want to do incest with your son.
Make: I could not sleep in night after seeing the monster cock, only dreaming about the cock.
Honey: I will allow incest after my marriage,
Mahek: Thank you my darling daughter.
Honey: Never mention my darling mom but what you will give me in return?
Mahek: I can give my husband to you but his thallus is not functioning for about six months.
Honey: No problem we will swap our husband.
Mahek: A very good girl as my darling daughter in law.

The interesting part in Part-2 of this story.

2nd part
I am Honey always thought that the I am most beautiful and brilliant and can fool anyone at any time.God gave me a lesson.Anyhow our marriage was fixed just after one month of this happening at hotel between Mir and me. Our studies also completed within two weeks and both got job near Delhi ,our home town. After reaching Delhi Mir’s mother was there to receive us in the Railway station and we both smiled to each with hugging and kissing. Now Mir told her mother that he is going to my house for leaving me there.
After reaching my house Mir was welcomed by my Aunt and they have allplanned for my marriage and Mir told my Aunt that you are my mom now and as a Son I will carry out every expenses and you should not mind for that .MY aunt laughed and replied you are always welcome.Suddenly Mir’s mobile rang and found his mother on the other side and she is commanding you just bring my daughter in law at once, your dad want to see her.Honey became too much happy and rushed towards the Car with Mir and went to Mir House.

In this hurry Honey made a mistake he left her mobile in her room and her Aunt started to see this as she knew the password of the mobile.Suddenly her eyes stopped and saw all the chat with Honey and Mahek ,also She viewed the Sex video of Honey and Mir and got aroused and when she realized that her would be son in law wants to fuck her f he gets chance then Julie felt some shivering in her vagina, and thought how to give chance to her son in law in future for fucking her.Now Julie has an expert mobile mechanic friend and there Julie arranged fro some system so that every Audio and Video in Honey’s mobile will be available with her. Not only that if Honey speaks anything that will be also relayed to Julie.

Mir and Honey got married on 4th July and Honey moved to Mir’s home and started his back office computer firm job from home itself and Mir was going for his research work. Julie in this moment fitted one blue tooth in her ear so that she can hear everything and every plan of her daughter Honey.on 6th July Julie saw one whatsapp message Mahek has send to Honey; darling daughter would you be not kind enough to show your first registered fucking to your mother in law.

Honey replied yes of course, as you have fitted night vision hidden CCTV camera in my room as per my advice. My mobile will switched on your CCTV camera in time.

It is about 12.30 night Julie felt sleeping and suddenly got up by the Honey’s mobile alert in her mobile and saw Mir is fully lying necked and Honey is seducing him by taking his cock in her mouth and suckling like a lollipop and Mir’s cock popped up like a Cucumber and with the sucking of his scrotum by Honey the Red egg type cock head is moving towards Mir’s naval and Honey with her Cunt lips messaging Mirs Humongous cock and Mir is playing with her buttocks and breasts with suckling of nipples and biting very slowly and Honey is getting mad with sex and at last Honey put her cunt lips on the penis head and slowly and slowly engulfing the cock but after passing 8 inch mark Honey is coming up and the Cow girl fucking started that is dominance of Woman over Man, then Mir also fucked her including taking her from behind. Both mobile viewer Mahek and Julie became extremely hot and end up with masturbation and went to bed.

Now Honey and Mahek are best friend and Julie also understanding from their talk and mobile chat. Honey and Mahek going for marketing and buying every dress in pairs looking alike even Bra and Panty which are same size for both of them 36+.very seducing type see through night dress. Not only that they both are 5 ft 2 inch height and they have done their hairdressing alike.After doing all this mischievous plan, Honey told to Mahek that Mom tomorrow at 9’o clock in the evening you just enter my bathroom so that your back can be seen not front.

Next day as per plan of Honey when she is leaving her room as if going to bathroom told Mir please give my Bra in the bathroom. Mir already seduced by her beep cleavage boobs and cunt showing night dress went inside the bathroom and Cupped the buttock and then fondled breast but there was no reply from otherwise then Mir kissed on the back and his already sprang up cock went inside cleavage of buttock and suddenly he saw Honey is calling him from outside the bathroom and Mir when came out then Mahek also came out with a sexy smiling to both of them and went to her room.

Mir was feeling guilty and then Honey told your mother has got incest love for you. You know well your parents are in taboo relationship so his cock is function-less for lass eight months. Mir asked Honey how you know all these? Honey replied your mother is my slave and your sex slave. Mir asked then what can I do? Honey replied you keep faith in me and all will be right in due course of time.

Next day Honey and Mahek was viewing one mother son and daughter father incest sex movie together and loving each other with great sex arousal and made some secret plane.

In the night Honey told to Mir will you give me a back message, I am feeling very tired. Mir was agreed and Honey lye on the bed with her sex through nighty and Mir slowly and slowly making Honey fully nude and started messaging and n this juncture Mir started to rub her breast and started regular fondling of breast and Honey resting her body on elbow and now Mir put some Vaseline on cock’s mouth and it slowly and slowly started entering sex hole of honey and again the sex pole of Mir could not invade Honey fully, even though regular cock movement made their sex exploded in the cunt of honey vomiting Mir,s Honey and both became extremely Happy.

The total scene was under light and was viewed by Mahek and Julie both from different places ending into masturbation of their respective pussy. Now suddenly Honey Challenged Mir that he can not fuck with light off condition. Mir told I accept the challenge. Honey told tomorrow who will speak first will be declared as looser and has to pay fine.

By the next night Mir was waiting in his bed and Honey told I am getting some water for you after putting of the light for night show.Light was off then Honey entered with the water and went to bed. Since the scent and Nighty are same so only Honey and Mahek knew that who is at Mir’s bed. Suddenly Julie’s sleep was broken by the Honey’s message from her mobile making the Night vision CCTV activate.

Now Julie first thought it is her daughter Honey but slowly She realized it is Mahek and she got astonished. Now today also Mr performing his duty absolutely perfect. After making nude fondling breasts and slowly and slowly entered his 9.5 inch cock fully into the cunt touching cervix of his mother and also feeling one extra pressure on his cock and after fucking for about one hour discharging his total sex juice in the cunt with grunting and humping on the body and at last told honey this is the best cum shot until now,I am the looser.Now Mahek left the bed room of her son with full of son’s cum in her pussy.Honey was waiting outside her bed room, She hugged Mahek and Kissed her in her mouth and Mahek is crying and telling She has never been so much sex satisfied as She has got from her son, though She has fucked more than dozen man in her life.

She just told Honey that I will surely return your gift in due time, now you go to sleep and all these are being viewed and heard by Julie from another place.

Next morning Mir was telling to Honey that you were super excellent sex woman yesterday and I want to fuck you daily like this. Honey replied no problem my love,you will have like this type of sex many a times but keep mum during sex if you want to have total sex satisfaction. In the evening Honey told to Mir that we will fuck in Cow Girl riding Cock position and in the night Honey’s lip sucked Mir’s cock to a steel rod of 9.5 inch and Honey slowly and slowly engulfed Mir’s proud erection within her cunt but to a limit of eight inches only not fully into her vagina as his cock is touching her cervix times and again and she is feeling some uncanny, anyhow Mir was sucking her both the nipples in her mouth and sometimes biting with the lips and fondling her breast and buttocks alternately and became mad in sex ending in huge cum shot though Honey is regularly taking protection by taking pills and this continued for a week with addition to viewing incest mother son fucking movies which Mahek and honey has already watched together in the afternoon.also Mahek started to show the same incest films to her husband.

In this regard Honey has taught Mahek to suck cock which she has never done in her life before.

In the night Honey Came out and Mahek entered her son’s bed room for getting fucked by her son. Reader in this context I like to tell you that Honey Convinced Mir that tonight you are fucking your mom, when she is coming for your cock then why do you worry? Honey fitted a Bluetooth in Mir’s ear and told I can see everything in CCTV camera, I will guide you to be the best mother fucker. Now with the entry of Mahek in Mir’s bedroom, Mir just kissed Mahek and made her nude by opening her dress and made her sit on her knees as guided by Honey and Put his cock in Mahek mouth and Mahek at first was not liking but slowly and slowly she started sucking cock like a perfect whore and now Honey told put your bitch mommy on bed and suck his vagina and Mir went for that by separating his labia,put his whole tongue inside and started to suck cunt,clit and then suddenly putting his negro type humongous monster cock in his mothers cunt which hit the cervix of the womb and the womb started laughing at the touch of the owner’s dick and Mir fucked like a horse and suddenly Honey told in this sex junction you turned and lye on bed and let your bitch mom plays on your dick.

Mahek started fucking like a cowgirl on a cow and Mir started to fondle her boob and biting her nipples and atlas Mahek making a huge cry discharged her sex orgasm and Mir also came at a time, now told at the ear lobe of Mahek that mom I know that you came to me for fucking at your own will and desire, are you happy?

Mahek replied Demurely-Yes and Mir replied from now onwards I am a mother fucker and you are my woman, my slut, my sex slave. Mahek replied yes my prince, from now onwards I am your woman and call me Mahek instead of Mom so that I can come to you without any shame.

Mahek you were a brother fucker, son fucker then why shy? Mahek replied very coolly also a dad fucker.

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