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Daughters story Number 2…….After the first time things were a little strange being around each other, we didn’t talk about it. She would just send me a smile when no one was looking and I would blow her a kiss. I was off and didn’t know she had stayed home from school. I was just walking thru the house in my night shorts fixing me something to eat and I thought I heard something from the back. I walked back to the rooms and her door was cracked I started to walk in but saw her on the bed just rubbing at her pussy and driving her fingers deep inside her I couldn’t stop watching her. she was in another world just waiting to see what she would do next. I opened the door a little more to get a better look. She looked like she was trying to shove her hole hand inside herself. I hand not even noticed I was holding my cock. She started a orgasm that took her to a lovely shaking I guess I made a noise as she stopped and looked at the door. I didn’t try to move just stood there. She waved me in and I entered the room she said I thought you were at work daddy.

I thought you were I school I said to her. I was sick mom told me I could stay home. I’m off today no one said you were here. You like what you saw daddy, yes I sure did. I was thinking about the last time we were alone, I do that a lot. She patted the bed for me to sit so I did. I rubbed her leg and she got on her knees and hugged me and went into a kiss like she had before and I loved it. we were kissing and rubbing each other petting like crazy. She laid back and her young body was so sexy I brushed her tits and she grabbed her nipples and pinched them real hard and said I love this do it daddy so I pinched her nipples and she said harder daddy harder so I did she screamed yes daddy yes. Her Hair on her pussy was shaved off, I dropped down to kiss her pussy and she loved it dad I have never had that. I started eating her pussy so hard sucking it in and biting the clit and she arched her back so far.

I stuck my tong deep inside her cunt and she pushed back for more. I placed a finger into her and she moved into it more dad more so I did two and she was nuts. More daddy more so I tried three and she was so tight but grabbed my hand and pushed it in stretching her out she cried out in pain but keep doing it daddy. She went into a orgasm so hard I think she passed out. I just lay there rubbing her waiting to see how she was. Then she sat up and hugged me so hard and said daddy I loved it so much. then she had my cock in her hand stroking it, I’m going to do what mom does to you, lay down so I did she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking so hard it almost hurt but nice. I showed her to go up and down as she did it and told her go as deep as you can…….she did a little more and more every time I was so surprised how far she could go. Then she told me I love the taste daddy…she started trying to take the hole thing it took her a bit but she was so good at it…no gag reflex she was slamming her head down all the way down her mouth……

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