My aunt gifts me some surprises on my birthday

My aunt gifts me some surprises on my birthday… Hi all, it’s Ali here! This story continues after Aunt Sheen becomes widowed and seduces me with a blowjob when I go to sleep at her home because she is all alone. Before I begin let me tell you a bit about me and Aunt Sheen once again.

My name is Ali and I am the youngest of 3 children to my folks. I come from a fairly conservative Muslim family. We live as a joint family with Aunt Sheen’s apartment on the top two floors of our huge house.

I am 5 ft 10 inches, fair, light brown eyes with straight, jet black hair which I usually wear long. I was a soccer player in school and junior college and still have a slim and athletic build. Ever since my older cousin and Aunt Sheen’s daughter Dee had seduced me for the first time a few months ago, I had become extremely sexually active and had already slept with my younger Aunt Fida, twin sister Amina, older sister Jasmin apart from Dee.

My Aunt Sheen is around 5 ft 6 inches, with dark skin and wavy, medium hair. She had big, D-cup boobs that were quite perky for her age. The best thing about her was her huge butt. It was around 50 inches, quite plump and soft yet stood out prominently, especially when she wore high heels. Aunt Sheen looked like a short, curvy black MILF.

This incident happened back in March of 2006, when Aunt Sheen was around 45 years old and had been widowed a couple of weeks ago. Those who have read the first story will know how Aunt Sheen invited me to sleep over at her home as her daughter, my older cousin Dee, had left to spend the week at her older brother’s place in Mumbai.

Coming to the story

My birthday was coming on the last Friday of March and I was quite excited. My lovely ladies had promised me with tantalizing gifts this year. I had agreed when my folks suggested that we should not celebrate my birthday, seeing it was barely a week since my uncle had passed away. We had a huge family dinner but it was a simple affair.

I was however curious to know what surprise Aunt Sheen had promised me. After she had sucked me off the last time and begged me to finger her to orgasm once more she had told me that she wanted to fuck me proper but also wanted it to be special the first time. She asked me to wait till my birthday to know what she was going to gift me this year.

After finishing dinner it was quite late when everyone left the main hall and went off to bed. It was around 11 in the morning that I went upstairs to Aunt Sheen’s place. She wore house clothes, a loose, dark-patterned nightie with short sleeves and a black scarf covered her head.

“Hello, sweety! I was wondering when you’d show up.. Come on in!” said Aunt Sheen with a wide smile when she opened the door and saw me.

I entered the hallway and watched as she swung those soft, plump mounds of her buttocks and walked towards the kitchen. She knew I was watching her and Aunt Sheen made sure I had a good look at the shape of her large ass. I closed the door and followed her to the kitchen. She was preparing lunch so I sat there, watching her cook.

We talked casually about my plans for the day for a few minutes before she said in a teasing tone, “Ali.. aren’t you curious to know what I’ve got you for your birthday?”

“Yeah..” I admitted with a smile, “I was actually thinking about it.”

“Well.. I could give you a hint. It’s something you have always wanted.” Aunt Sheen said with an arched eyebrow.

I was wondering what it could be, as there were quite a few things I had wanted for a long time.

“Mm.. Your ass?” , I asked with a devilish grin, being unable to come up with any guesses.

“Ha ha ha!” Aunt Sheen laughed and lightly smacked my shoulder, “No, you naughty boy! I want to gift you a bike.”

I was stunned. At first I figured Aunt Sheen must be joking because my folks were against me getting a motorcycle at this age.

“The thing is I don’t know anything about motorcycles so I haven’t bought it yet. I want you to come with me to the motorcycle showroom and choose one for yourself. How’s that, sweetheart?” said Aunt.

“Wow!” I exclaimed and wanted to shout out loud.

I immediately jumped with excitement from the stool and hugged Aunt Sheen tight.

“Thanks you, Aunty! Thank you so much! You have no idea how awesome this is. Wow!” I began to blabber with excitement as I clutched, a now bemused, Aunt Sheen tightly.

“I know you’ve always wanted a bike but your folks don’t want you to have one. I knew I could convince them otherwise. I told your Mom how sweet you’ve always been to me and to everyone else, especially after your uncle passed away. When I told them that you’re like my own son and I wanted to gift you a bike they agreed.”

Aunt Sheen explained as I kept a tight hold around her. I was still grinning widely when she leaned in suddenly and put her lips on mine. I felt her tongue slip out between her thin lips and begin to lick my lower lip slowly. I responded by opening my lips wider and taking in her tongue in my mouth.

“Mmmhhmmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned as she felt my lips clamp over her tongue and I began to suck it gently.

I put my arms around her lower back and held her closer to me, sucking gradually harder on her tongue which was now almost to my throat.

“Ouch!” I exclaimed, breaking the messy kiss, as I suddenly felt Aunt Sheen grab my semi-erect cock from over my cargo shorts and squeeze it hard.

“I want this beautiful young cock so bad, Son!” Aunt Sheen seemed to grown with lust in my ears as she pushed me towards the stool I was sitting on earlier.

I let go of her reluctantly as Aunt Sheen pushed me down till I was sitting on the short stool, right beside the kitchen counter.

Aunt Sheen stood up and took a couple of steps back. She then lifted up her nightie over her head. I smiled widely as I saw her break free and swing with her movements when Aunt Sheen took off her bra and began to strip off her undies too.

She now stood completely nude in front of me. I looked at her naughty smile as she put her right hand over her hip and posed for me. The curtains on the kitchen window were drawn shut so it was not that bright inside.

I could feel my cock become hard very fast as I looked down to Aunt Sheen’s huge, sexy boobs and her curvy hips and down to her chunky legs. I opened my legs wider as Aunt Sheen stepped closer till she was only a foot from me.

I reached out slowly and put my hands on the dark, soft skin of her chunky thighs and ran them gently up till she pushed out her large tits right up to my face. I decided to forego the foreplay and immediately seized her huge boobs in my hands.

I caught both her boobs from underneath and lifted them up till I could easily kiss them with my lips. In a couple of seconds I began pressing gradually harder on her boobs and Aunt Sheen caught my shoulders tightly, moaning out, “Aaahh.. Ufff!”

After a few moments of squeezing her busty boobs, Aunt Sheen suddenly knelt down between my legs and began to unfasten my belt. I was now aroused to an extent that my thick cock was making a tent in my cargo shorts. I helped Aunt Sheen undo the buckle on the belt and lifted my ass for a second as she quickly pulled down my undies and shorts hurriedly.

Aunt Sheen rocked back on her heels and pulled down my shorts till they were around my ankles now. She then knelt again, this time with her knees over my shorts, locking my legs around her.

Aunt Sheen started to caress my muscular thighs with her fingertips, gazing with lust at my thick and fully-erect cock. Aunt Sheen then began to kiss my thighs, alternating between the both my thighs, slowly making her way up to my crotch. As she kissed, Aunt Sheen put her arms around my sides and grabbed my ass. She caught my butt cheeks in her hands and squeezed them very hard. I immediately felt my cock throb as she played with my ass.

As Aunt Sheen’s lips reached my crotch she lowered her head and gave a peck on my balls. She felt my cock give a jerk and began throbbing as her warm breath on my crotch and her soft lips on my balls began to excite me immensely. Aunt Sheen caressed my sides as she brought her hands around to my front and gently cupped my balls in her left palm.

I felt intense throbbing in my cock once again as Aunt Sheen began to slowly fondle my balls and started to give gentle kisses along the shaft of my cock. She then wrapped her right palm gently around my cock and started to rub my thick, huge cock over her face.

“Oh God!.. I love this beautiful cock, Son!” said Aunt Sheen with her eyes closed.

She then brought both her hands and caught my cock firmly at the base of the shaft. As she began to apply pressure on the shaft at the bottom I could feel the blood collecting in my cock and I could see my thick cock-head become engorged with the blood. Aunt Sheen brought her face close to my cock and too in a deep breath.

“Aaahh.. I love the way it feels to touch and I am crazy for your young, manly smell, baby!” Aunt Sheen whispered, still with her eyes closed as she slowly bent lower and touched her lips to the head of my huge cock.

Aunt Sheen pushed out her tongue and began to slowly roll it around the head of my cock, making it wet in a few moments with her spit. She then began to push her lips lower and lower till a couple of inches of my cock was in her mouth.

The stool I sat on was quite low and Aunt Sheen was not sitting on her knees between my legs but she seemed to be struggling to lower her head further. Aunt Sheen felt around with her left hand till she found my right hand gripping the sides of the stool. Aunty caught my hand and kept it on my head.

I knew what she wanted me to do next so I slowly began to push her head lower. I had barely gotten 3 inches of my huge cock in her mouth before I felt her teeth clamp around the shaft.

“Ouch! Mind your teeth, please Aunt!” I exclaimed as she immediately sat up, breathing heavily, “Sorry, sweetheart.. huh.. It’s too thick for me to take it all the way in on my own.” Aunt Sheen said as she started to stroke my throbbing cock slowly with one hand now.

“But I’m so desperate for your lovely cock, Son. Please.. help me take it all the way in?” Aunt Sheen said with complete lust written over her face.

“Are you sure you can take it all in, Aunt?” I asked as I had doubts whether my mature Aunt would be able to take all of my 3 inch-girth cock more than a couple of inches in her mouth.

“Yes, Son. I know I can do it. All I want is a little push. Will you help Aunty suck your lovely, hard cock, sweetheart?” Aunt Sheena asked me.

“Sure.. I’ve got an idea.” I said as I slipped my shorts off from my ankles and stood up. I guided Aunt Sheen’s and made her sit on the stool. I stood in front of her and my cock was now at perfect level with her face.

“And yeah.. remember.. don’t stop even if I seem like I’m about to choke, ok? I know I’m not letting you fuck my pussy yet, so I want you to fuck my mouth. I am desperate to get that delicious, young cock and taste the lovely cum, son.” Aunt Sheen said and winked.

I grinned once again, hearing my Aunt talk dirty to me. It was hard to imagine that this was the same woman who was respected and looked-upon by many a relatives as being the matriarch of the family now. Here she was, completely nude, sitting and waiting desperately for her nephew’s cock.

The taboo thought began to increase my excitement even more. Aunt Sheen opened her mouth wide as she saw me leaning in. I had one had on the kitchen counter while my other hand was at the top of Aunt Sheen’s head. I felt Aunt Sheen greedily reach out with her tongue and get as much of my cock wet as she could. Soon, I placed the swollen head of my cock inside her willing mouth and felt it easily go in a little more than a couple of inches. I slowly twisted my hips to touch her cheeks from inside with the head of my cock.

“Mmmmhmm..” Aunt Sheen seemed to encourage me with her mouth over my cock shaft. I slowly pushed my hard cock a little deeper into her mouth and felt her mouth tighten over it. I pulled out an inch and pushed a little harder this time. Now half my cock was in her mouth but it seemed to be stretched to its limits as her thin lips formed a perfect circle around the thick shaft of my 8-inch cock. In a few moments though I could see Aunt Sheen’s eyes getting wide as she struggled to breath with my cock deep in her mouth.

I immediately withdrew my cock from her mouth, scared that she might pass out.

“Aack.. ghagh.. aahh” gasped Aunt Sheen and gripped my thighs with her hands for support.

“This time you’re going to put your cock all the way in, son, understood?” said Aunt Sheen as soon as she had caught her breath.

“But I’m scared you might pass out, Aunt.” I said, voicing my concern.

“No, I won’t. All you have to do is be more forceful, all right?” she replied.

I nodded my head and again took position in front of her. Aunt Sheen opened her mouth wide and engulfed 3 inches of my cock and waited. This time I caught her face in my hands, with my palms covering her ears. I began to stroke my throbbing cock in and out of her wet mouth. Aunt Sheen co-operated by stretching her tongue all the way out. I could feel her outstretched tongue getting the shaft of my cock wet lower than her lips had reached.

I then pushed my cock as deep as I could.

“Aacckk!.. Aarkk!.. aaaa.” gagged Aunt Sheen but I pushed in ever deeper. This time I felt the huge head of my cock reach all the way to her throat. Aunt Sheen was now gagging hard now but this made her throat contract even tighter around the head of my cock.

I pulled out the length of my cock from her mouth, letting the head remain in. I could see Aunt Sheen’s eyes were closed but a steady stream of tears was flowing from the sides. I also saw a strand of spittle steadily drip down to her huge boobs which were now crushed with my thighs.

I let her catch her breath for a few moments before I felt her hands reach around and grab my butt cheeks. Aunt Sheen pulled my crotch closer to her, gulping in over half of my cock this time without much effort.

It had been over 10 minutes since Aunt Sheen had started to tease my cock and now I could feel my orgasm getting closer.

I grabbed a fistful of hair from the back and pushed in my cock deeper and deeper inside her wet, warm mouth. I began to stroke my cock a couple of inches out before pushing it harder and deeper while stroking in.

As my orgasm built to its climax I could feel the head of cock become even larger and my balls became warmer with excitement.

I could hardly control myself as I pushed my cock in for the final stroke and rammed it a little too hard. As soon as I felt my throbbing, huge cock go to Aunt Sheen’s throat I felt myself climaxing.

“Aaarrrggh… Aaahh.. aaahhh…!” I growled and moaned deeply as spurts after spurts of hot, sticky cum was released down Aunt Sheen’s gagging throat. Aunt Sheen couldn’t take anymore and was struggling to get the thick, throbbing, cumming cock out of her mouth but I didn’t seem to realize how hard my grip on her hair was, preventing her from moving her face more than an inch to each side.

After around 10 seconds of cumming hard in her mouth I finally let go of Aunt Sheen’s hair and staggered a couple of steps back, still unable to open my eyes in the euphoria of after-orgasm.

“Aaaack.. huh huh huh!” I heard Aunt Sheen gag and sputter as she struggled to catch her breath and decide whether to swallow or spit the thick cum which seemed to have filled her throat and mouth and streaked down from her lips to the ground.

Eventually I opened my eyes enough to see Aunt Sheen on her fours, taking in deep breaths while the cum which had spilled out from her mouth was forming a pool between her hands.

Aunt Sheen sat back up on the stool within a few moments and gestured me, “Come back, baby. I’m not finished yet.”

I took a few steps towards her before Aunt Sheen reached out to catch my butt with her left hand and pulled me closer. Aunt Sheen caught my still-heaving balls in her right hand and with an outstretched tongue began to lick the steady drops of cum which were now steadily dripping from my cock.

Aunt Sheen squeezed my balls gently as she put her lips around the sloppy, wet head of my cock and I had to close my eyes again when I felt her lips squeeze my cock shaft, trying to get every last drop of semen out of me.

After a couple of minutes when my balls seemed to have become entirely empty Aunt Sheen finally let go of my cock with an audible ‘pop’ from her mouth.

“Mmmm… That was one of the best experiences of my life, baby!” exclaimed Aunt Sheen with a wide grin on her face.

I only managed to smile as I was still recovering from the incredible experience to having my cock deep-throated for the first time.

“Now let’s have lunch. Then I’ll get ready. Remember, you have to choose your bike, son.” Aunt Sheen smiled and said as she stood, with her hands still fondling my soft cock.

I put on my shorts as Aunt Sheen sat nude on the kitchen with two plates. Aunt Sheen pulled a chair close to hers on the dinner table and switched on the TV. I stared at her huge ass which was spilling out of the sides of her small chair.

It was half an hour later than Aunt Sheen stood ready to go out with me. She was wearing a sari inside one of her new abayas. This Abaya was completely black and made of a soft, shiny material which clung to every curve and contour of her thick, shapely body.

We took a cab to the showroom which was over 5 km away and as it was already evening it was quite dark outside. I felt Aunt Sheen grab my thigh and begin to slowly stroke it as soon as the cab left from our house. I was scared to have a hard-on when we reached the motorcycle showroom but I couldn’t seem to be able to say no.

We reached the bike showroom within a half hour and I felt a different kind of excitement take over now. I had been crazy about motorcycles since I was small and now that I knew which bike I wanted I immediately went straight to its displayed model and stood there, grinning widely and staring at the beautiful Royal Enfield Bullet. The dark black body was in perfect contrast to the lustrous chrome of the engine, giving it an overall powerful and magnetic look. I had already gone for a test-ride in the same showroom over 6 months ago and had fallen in love with it.

After paying for the bike in cash it was delivered almost immediately. It was on the ride back home that Aunt Sheen gave me even better news.

“Ali, this is only half the gift, son. Remember I told you I would make our first fuck special. Well, I’ve booked a suite at the resort you mentioned going with your friends.”

“Wow! That’s awesome. Today seems to be a real special day. I got my dream bike and the day seemed to become better, and better, Aunty!” I said excitedly as Aunt Sheen sat close to me behind.

“I don’t care what you tell your folks but you need to be ready to leave for the resort at 8 in the morning tomorrow, ok?” she said and I simply nodded, feeling the excitement growing again now.

TO BE CONTINUED in the next story in the Widow Aunt series…

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