Christmas Surprise – Anna’s wish to fuck Santa comes true thanks to her Grandpa

Christmas Surprise – Anna’s wish to fuck Santa comes true thanks to her Grandpa… It was a cold afternoon on the 21st of December, and Anna was visiting home for the holidays. Another year or two and she’d be finished college, so she could move on to a bigger city and spend the holidays shopping and going to lavish parties, instead of sitting around her parents’ house, wasting time online while waiting for her friends to get off work. She was especially missing her older sister, who was spending the holidays with her husband’s family at the other side of the country.

“Hi sweetheart, can I borrow your computer for a few minutes?” Anna’s grandfather came into the lounge room and pointed a chubby old finger at her MacBook. “I need to check my emails.”

“Um, okay, sure.” Fuck, she couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over. With Stacey away, Anna’s parents had offered to put Grandpa up in her room for the holidays. And as nice as Grandpa was, having him staying in the house was starting to get old. He was always hanging around, just kind of getting in the way of whatever Anna was trying to do. Oh well, he’d be gone by New Year’s Day.

She minimised the browser window, where she was currently chatting with her girls group. Jane had just asked the group “Who’s the grossest or weirdest guy you’d bang?” Anna passed him the laptop and picked up her phone to continue the chat. She typed the first name that came to mind, someone she’d had a crush on for most of her life. “Santa can fucking get it lol” she typed and sent, a mischievous smile spreading on her face.

“omg Anna you’re gross,” came the first reply from Sarah. As usual, Jane was more supportive: “lmao well we know he’d be a generous lover at least”

Anna replied. “lol I’m glad someone agrees. I’ve wanted to ride his North Pole for years now,” she confessed. It was only a little weird she was having this conversation while her grandpa was still in the room. But what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.

A few minutes later, he passed the laptop back to Anna. “Thanks for that, darling. Think I might go find your father and see if he can take me downtown to do some last minute shopping.”

“Okay, no worries, Grandpa,” Anna half-replied, still trying to think of some Christmas-related sex puns to gross out Sarah. After all, grossing out their conservative friend was the reason Jane and Anna had set up the chat in the first place. Still, it was good to see Grandpa taking more of an interest in life again. This would be his second Christmas without Grandma, and it seemed that her parents hosting him for Christmas had done him the world of good.

Three nights later, it was Christmas Eve. Sometime around 2am, Anna was woken up when she heard footsteps shuffling in her bedroom. She was about ready to scream and turn on the light before she heard a deep, reassuring voice. “Sssh, it’s okay, Anna.”

Still groggy and waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark, Anna could only make out a vague shadow in her room. “Wha- Who’s there?” Anna sat up in her bed.

“Ho ho ho, you don’t recognize me?” the big man chuckled.

“…Santa? No way. Whoever you are, get out, before I scream.”

“What’s the matter, Anna? I thought a midnight visit from ol’ Saint Nick was right at the top of your list this year.”

“Um, but Santa isn’t real, so…” Her eyes were adjusting, and the moon had come out behind a cloud. She could see now that the man intruding in her bedroom certainly looked the part. He was wearing the traditional red cap with white trim and pom-pom, a wooly red coat with white trim to match the hat, and a big thick black belt with a golden buckle that glinted in the dim moonlight. His pants were red velvet with the white trim, and his large black boots were shiny and polished. He was wearing a pair of reading glasses halfway down his nose. His beard and his hair were white, thick, and long. He looked old, but not senile, and his smile was kind. He was rather large, and his stomach stuck out from his torso. As she gazed upon Santa, Anna was starting to find him sexy, and felt herself getting warm between her legs. God damn this fetish of hers.

“Wait just a minute. Who told you such a thing? Santa doesn’t exist, indeed! They’re going on my naughty list right away!” He was now standing over her bed, looking down at the adorable young woman. “Although you’ve been a bit of a naughty girl yourself, haven’t you?”

“What the fuck-”

“Apart from such foul language from such a pretty little mouth, I recall a certain young lady expressing interest in Santa Claus ‘stuffing her stocking’, and I thought I’d help make her Christmas wish come true,” Santa told her. He sat down on the bed next to Anna. “Or at the very least, you can sit on my lap. Ho ho ho!”

Anna was regretting the four glasses of wine she’d had with dinner, because despite her brain telling her to scream and run, her body was telling her to get ready for a different kind of sleigh ride. And honestly, when you’ve been drinking, when do you listen to the sensible part of your brain?

“Okay…So…Santa’s real, and he wants to fuck me?”

“Well, I know you certainly want to fuck Santa,” he replied.

Anna couldn’t lie – not to Santa, of all people. “I can’t rely deny that, Santa…” She unbuttoned her flannel top, her nipples immediately hard in the cold winter’s night. She slipped her pyjama top off her arms and let it fall to the floor bedside her bed. Against all logic and common sense, the 22 year old girl was now topless in front of Father Christmas himself…and she was incredibly turned on. She watched Santa as he peered over the top of his small round reading glasses and stared at her modest B cup breasts with lust. A smile grew beneath his long, thick white beard.

He reached out with both hands, covered in black gloves, and caressed Anna’s perky little tits. A soft moan escaped her lips, and she arched her back in response to his gloves’ leathery touch. He delicately squeezed her breasts, running his thumbs in circles around her areola and erect nipples.

“Oh Santa,” she moaned.

Santa let go of her left breast and raised a finger to her lips. “Shhhh, your family are all very light sleepers; you wouldn’t want to wake them, would you?”

Anna shook her head. “No, Santa. I’ll be good.” Anna suddenly felt compelled to take care of Santa, and was eager to show him just how good a girl she could be.

She slid out of bed, grabbed her pillow, and placed it at Santa’s feet. He knew where this was going; he spread his legs to make way for the eager young girl to kneel before him. Anna dropped to her knees, and reached for Santa’s fly. She could feel his hardness through his thick velvet pants. She hoped Santa appreciated her nail polish, which alternated red and green on each finger. She gently rubbed Santa’s hard cock through his pants for a few seconds, then started unzipping the fly.

Santa, it turned out, wasn’t wearing any underwear. His hard cock sprung out of the fly, standing proudly out from the red pants. It was about 5 or 6 inches, but quite thick. His circumcized cock was moist with precum. Anna put a hand on each of Santa’s hips, opened her smiling mouth, and swallowed Santa’s cock whole. She savored the taste of his dick – the salty-but-sweet precum, the warm flesh, and the slightly musty, sweaty taste that came from all the hard work he’d been doing all evening. Santa moaned softly in approval. Anna responded in kind, then started sliding her lips up and down Santa’s cock.

“That’s a very good girl,” Santa encouraged.

Anna sucked and slid all up and down Santa’s hard, thick cock, never once releasing it from her lips. Saliva and precum mixed and built up in her mouth, and she swallowed it, almost intoxicated by the taste and smell of Santa’s ancient hard dick. He ran his gloved fingers through her hair. She could keep this up until dawn.

After a couple minutes of blowing Saint Nicholas, he reluctantly spoke. “Okay, that’s enough now, Anna. You know I don’t like it when people get their gifts too early.”

Anna let go of his dick. “I hope it was good, Santa?”

“Oh, it was very good. Mrs. Claus has nothing on you, Anna Clarke.” He caressed her cheek briefly. “Now, how ’bout you sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what you really want for Christmas?”

Anna dutifully stood up and hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her flannel pants. She slid them down her slender legs, letting them fall to the floor in a heap around her feet, which, like her fingernails, had alternating red and green nail polish. She now stood before Santa in nothing but her candy cane pattern panties. Even in the dim moonlight, the damp patch in the crotch was obvious.

She leaned forward and felt his gaze on her perky little tits, and smiled. She whispered into his ear. “I want Santa to take my panties off. And I want to sit on his face until I cum. Then I want him to fuck me with that thick, hard cock, until he cums inside me. I want to be so full of Santa’s warm eggnog that it leaks out of me all day.” She kissed him deeply. His beard was softer than she was expecting, and his breath tasted sweet, like cookies. She offered him her tongue, and he accepted it, sucking her deep into his mouth. Together, Anna and Santa moaned with pleasure.

Santa reached forward and squeezed Anna’s ass enthusiastically for a few moments, then slid her panties down her slim legs. She put her hands on Santa’s shoulders and pushed him gently down onto the bed, never breaking their kiss. When he was lying down and she was lying on top of him, Santa felt so tempted to just fuck then and there – slide his hard cock into her wet and eager little pussy. But she’d told Santa what she wanted, in explicit detail, and he was determined to give her what she wanted for Christmas. It was his job, after all. So he resisted, and continued to make out with the beautiful young woman on top of him.

A few minutes passed, then Anna broke the kiss. She stood up again, and let Santa take in the sight of her fully nude body. “But you’ve seen this all before; right, Santa? You know when I’m sleeping, and you know when I’m awake, so you must know when I’m clothed, and when I’m naked.”

Santa chuckled. “Yes, but it’s always so much better in person.” He studied Anna’s naked body. He savored the look of her pale skin and her blond hair in the cold moonlight. Her sweet face, with her little freckles and her green eyes that sparkled, and that lustful, mischievous smile. Her perky little B cups and their rock-hard nipples. Her slender torso and effortlessly flat stomach, which she inherited from her mother’s side of the family. Her neatly trimmed pubic hair, which was several shades darker than the hair on her head. Her wide hips, which she inherited from her father’s side of the family. Anna Clarke’s body was stunning, and she was starting to realize it…and share it with boys. But tonight, she was all his.

She approached the bed again and straddled Santa’s big, round body. She crawled up his torso and positioned her pussy above his mouth. She smiled down at him and instructed, “Eat me, Santa. Eat my pussy like I’ve wanted you to for fucking years.”

Santa granted her wish. He held onto her hips and raised his head to meet her pussy. He licked up and down her wet opening for a couple laps, then focused all his energy on her clit. She bit her bottom lip to stifle the moans. His tongue flicked her clit back and forth, over and over, slowly building momentum. She reached down and grabbed his hat, keeping him in place.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered, still careful not to wake up her family. “Ohh, that’s so fucking good, Santa.”

Santa grinned, and kept up the pace. Gradually picking up in speed, bringing her closer and closer to cumming. Less than a minute later, she started to pant breathlessly. “Oh fuck, oh Santa,” she whispered on a loop. Santa licked and licked her tasty little clit and gripped her hips tightly.

Anna bit her lip again, and felt her body convulse with ecstasy as Santa brought her to orgasm. She arched her back and quivered atop Santa’s face. Despite the cold night, her face felt flushed and red. Santa slowed his clit licking to a stop while he waited for Anna to catch her breath.

“Oh my god, I can’t remember the last time I came like that,” she confessed, then swung a leg over and sat on the bed, looking down at Santa.

“Santa loves to give,” the jolly old fat man replied with a chuckle. “Now are you ready for your big present, Anna?”

“Yes please, Santa!” She hopped off the bed again and offered her hands to help Santa sit up. “I wanna ride that thick north pole until I’m full of Santa’s Christmas cheer.”

Santa took her hands and sat back up at the edge of her bed, his thick cock still hard and wet, anxiously awaiting her tight, young pussy. She approached the bed and straddled his legs, positioning herself above Santa’s dick. She held onto his shoulders as she lowered herself onto his warm, hard cock. He grabbed her hips and felt his cock part her lips and slip right inside her opening. They both moaned quietly as she slid all the way down. They kissed, tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths. She tasted her own juices, still wet on Santa’s soft, thick beard. She wrapped her arms around his body, and started riding him, bouncing up and down on his thick, hard, ancient cock.

As they fucked, Santa broke the kiss and started sucking on Anna’s breasts, taking her hard nipples into his warm, wet mouth. She whispered to him, “Oooh, fuck me, Santa! I’ve been such a naughty girl, thinking about sucking your big candy cane. I’ve wanted this for so long, Mr. Claus.”

One of Santa’s gloved hands let go of her hip and moved around to the front of her body. He found her clit easily and started rubbing it. At first, it was almost too much for Anna and she let out a squeal. Santa rubbed softer, and she relaxed again.

“Just like that, Santa baby,” she cooed as she rode his fat old body.

Mouth still full of Anna’s breast, Santa just smiled. He kept rubbing her clit while they fucked, eager to bring her to orgasm once again.

“Fuck me, Santa, make me cum,” Anna encouraged. “Feels so good with you going up and down inside my chimney.” She’d often fantasized about this moment, thinking of all the dirty Christmas puns she could make while Santa was inside her.

Less than a minute later, Anna told Santa she was close. He rubbed her clit harder and faster now, thumb sliding back and forth as fast as his fat old fingers would go. “Cum for Santa now, Anna. Show me you’ve liked this sleigh ride, and I’ll fill your stocking with my Christmas cheer,” Santa encouraged.

“Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck I’m cumming!” Anna cried. Santa felt her pussy clench tight around his cock as she came, whole body shuddering, writhing on his cock with mindless delight.

It was too much for Santa; he’d done all he could to hold on this long. He felt the pressure building up inside his cock and knew he was seconds away. “Ooh Anna, I’m gonna cum,” he whispered.

“Cum inside me,” she begged. “Fuck me, Santa, fill me up,” she panted, still bouncing on his cock and squeezing it as hard as she could.

Santa grunted and groaned as his cock exploded, shooting load after load of his warm and sticky cum inside her fertile young pussy. His whole body shuddered as his thick, old cock shot out years of pent up cum. Anna, determined to give Santa the best orgasm she could, kept riding him, grinding her hips, squeezing him inside her.

“Empty that big old sack, Santa, baby,” she whispered, relishing the feeling of his thick cock pulsating, throbbing inside her as he shot his still-potent sperm inside her. “Ooh, fucking fill me up.”

After almost a minute of non-stop ejaculating, Santa was finally done. He collapsed backwards on the bed, exhausted and breathing heavily. Anna, with Santa’s cock still inside her, leaned forward and lay on top of his round body. She kissed him deeply on the mouth. He hugged her tight and returned the kiss.

Santa’s cock started to soften, and eventually fell out of Anna’s pussy. A flood of cum spilled out of her and onto his pants. Shortly afterwards, Santa broke the kiss and informed her, “As much as I’d like to stay, I’ve got to keep on working. I’ve still got lots of presents to give to all the other good girls and boys.”

“Mmmm, but I bet none of the gifts are as special as the one I just got,” Anna smiled as she climbed off his fat, old body.

“Ho, ho ho, I suppose not.” He sat up, tucked his now-soft cock back inside his pants, and zipped up his fly. “Now, sleep well, young one. And have a merry Christmas Day.” He tucked her into bed and silently left her room as she drifted back to sleep.

The next morning, Anna woke, fully nude, and with dried cum all around her vagina. Okay, so it definitely wasn’t an incredibly vivid dream. She cleaned herself up a little, put her pyjamas back on, and headed downstairs, where her parents and grandfather were already in the lounge room. “Morning, everyone. Merry Christmas,” she said, cheerfully. Anna sat next to her grandfather on the lounge.

Her parents distributed the gifts, making small talk. It was very low-key, but nice. Anna got some fairly expensive art supplies from her parents, and an iTunes gift card from her Grandpa. She’d given her Dad yet another book about World War II, and gave her Mom a cosmetic gift set. She’d panicked when thinking of a gift for Grandpa, so he ended up with some kind of fancy hot chocolate mix.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know what to get you,” she confessed.

“That’s okay, darling, I’m sure it’ll be delicious,” the kind old man reassured her.

Anna’s Dad suddenly remembered something. “Hey Dad, weren’t you going to wear that fancy new Santa outfit this morning?”

Anna was glad she was sitting down. At the back of her mind, the possibility that it was Grandpa last night had occurred to her, of course. But in the cold light of day, the reality felt a lot different to the suggestion.

“I tried it on, but it didn’t fit right, or something,” Grandpa replied. “Actually, I think it might’ve had a stain on it somehow.”

“Well, that’s a shame,” Dad replied. “I know how much you were looking forward to showing it to Anna and everything.”

“I just knew how much you like Santa, so I thought it’d be nice to surprise you,” he teased. “But Santa’s already cum and gone, so it’d be silly to wear it after Christmas morning, wouldn’t it?”

The shock hadn’t quite worn off, but Anna did her best to regain her composure. “Oh, well I appreciate the thought, Grandpa. I’m sure you would’ve looked wonderful as Santa!” Her mind raced with all kinds of thoughts. Before she knew it, she was saying one of them out loud. “Maybe after lunch, you can show me what it looks like. Who says Santa only cums once a year?” She gave her grandfather a smile. The same naughty, lustful smile he’d seen in the moonlit bedroom last night.

“That sounds like a great idea, honey,” Anna’s Dad agreed. “While your mother and I are tidying up after lunch, I think it’d be really nice for you to spend some time with your Grandpa.”

“It’s the least I can do to to make up for the crappy gift I got you,” she said to Grandpa.

Anna’s mother smiled. “I’m sorry to get all sappy, but I just love how Christmas brings families together.”

That afternoon, after lunch, Anna asked her Grandpa, “How did you know? About my …love for Santa?”

He finally explained about seeing the girls chat, and being inspired to make this Christmas one to remember. Shortly after that, the pair were once again brought together by their Christmas spirit. In Grandpa’s eyes, she’d more than made up for the disappointing gift of the drinking chocolate.

The next year, Anna and Grandpa received their Christmas gift two months early when Anna gave birth to a healthy baby girl – Holly.

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