Christmas Surprise – Anna’s wish to fuck Santa comes true thanks to her Grandpa

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Christmas Surprise – Anna’s wish to fuck Santa comes true thanks to her Grandpa… It was a cold afternoon on the 21st of December, and Anna was visiting home for the holidays. Another year or two and she’d be finished college, so she could move on to a bigger city and spend the holidays shopping and going to lavish parties, instead of sitting around her parents’ house, wasting time online while waiting for her friends to get off work. She was especially missing her older sister, who was spending the holidays with her husband’s family at the other side of the country.

“Hi sweetheart, can I borrow your computer for a few minutes?” Anna’s grandfather came into the lounge room and pointed a chubby old finger at her MacBook. “I need to check my emails.”

“Um, okay, sure.” Fuck, she couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over. With Stacey away, Anna’s parents had offered to put Grandpa up in her room for the holidays. And as nice as Grandpa was, having him staying in the house was starting to get old. He was always hanging around, just kind of getting in the way of whatever Anna was trying to do. Oh well, he’d be gone by New Year’s Day.

She minimised the browser window, where she was currently chatting with her girls group. Jane had just asked the group “Who’s the grossest or weirdest guy you’d bang?” Anna passed him the laptop and picked up her phone to continue the chat. She typed the first name that came to mind, someone she’d had a crush on for most of her life. “Santa can fucking get it lol” she typed and sent, a mischievous smile spreading on her face.

“omg Anna you’re gross,” came the first reply from Sarah. As usual, Jane was more supportive: “lmao well we know he’d be a generous lover at least”

Anna replied. “lol I’m glad someone agrees. I’ve wanted to ride his North Pole for years now,” she confessed. It was only a little weird she was having this conversation while her grandpa was still in the room. But what he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.

A few minutes later, he passed the laptop back to Anna. “Thanks for that, darling. Think I might go find your father and see if he can take me downtown to do some last minute shopping.”

“Okay, no worries, Grandpa,” Anna half-replied, still trying to think of some Christmas-related sex puns to gross out Sarah. After all, grossing out their conservative friend was the reason Jane and Anna had set up the chat in the first place. Still, it was good to see Grandpa taking more of an interest in life again. This would be his second Christmas without Grandma, and it seemed that her parents hosting him for Christmas had done him the world of good.

Three nights later, it was Christmas Eve. Sometime around 2am, Anna was woken up when she heard footsteps shuffling in her bedroom. She was about ready to scream and turn on the light before she heard a deep, reassuring voice. “Sssh, it’s okay, Anna.”

Still groggy and waiting for her eyes to adjust to the dark, Anna could only make out a vague shadow in her room. “Wha- Who’s there?” Anna sat up in her bed.

“Ho ho ho, you don’t recognize me?” the big man chuckled.

“…Santa? No way. Whoever you are, get out, before I scream.”

“What’s the matter, Anna? I thought a midnight visit from ol’ Saint Nick was right at the top of your list this year.”

“Um, but Santa isn’t real, so…” Her eyes were adjusting, and the moon had come out behind a cloud. She could see now that the man intruding in her bedroom certainly looked the part. He was wearing the traditional red cap with white trim and pom-pom, a wooly red coat with white trim to match the hat, and a big thick black belt with a golden buckle that glinted in the dim moonlight. His pants were red velvet with the white trim, and his large black boots were shiny and polished. He was wearing a pair of reading glasses halfway down his nose. His beard and his hair were white, thick, and long. He looked old, but not senile, and his smile was kind. He was rather large, and his stomach stuck out from his torso. As she gazed upon Santa, Anna was starting to find him sexy, and felt herself getting warm between her legs. God damn this fetish of hers.

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