First time wiht Maid Raani Anuty

First time wiht Maid Raani Anuty...Hello Friends, I am Sahil and I am 19 yrs. old, this is my first story and I hope you like it, I’ll be narrating in both Hindi and English, Raani she is double my age and she has three children, she is average looking, with big 36 D size Breasts and nice shapely Legs and Ass, she cycles to work, she is working for us since I was 12.

I am 5feet 10, muscular, but I have a big cock head due to which the doctor had to circumcise me when I was little, now when I have an erection my cock looks like a 6″ mushroom and I am a virgin,
when I was little, she used to work around without her dupatta, but I grew bigger the dupatta came in, leaving to my imagination how her ample breast looked, soon I was fully attracted to her and started to talk and joke with her whenever I could find a chance, she too talked but her Dupatta never budged, I was getting frustrated, jerking off was not helping, I need a Female partner.

Yesterday she was doing the dishes in the kitchen and I was feeling Damn Horny, I gathered courage and approached her, she wore a pink salwar kameez, underneath a white bra supporting her massive mammaries even the straps were digging into her flesh due to the weight of her puppies, it made me even Hornier. I sat on the counter near her “आंटी एक बात बोलूँ बुरा तो नहीं मानोगी “, she didn’t look at me “हाँ हाँ बोलो क्या हुआ?”

I kept thinking what could happen, she looked at me “हाँ बोलो साहिल क्या चाइये?” I couldn’t handle it and I left, as I came out I realized that it’s now or never, I went back and embraced her from behind “आंटी मुझे आप बहुत अच्छी लगती हो “. She cried “साहिल ये क्या कर रहे हो छोड़ो मुझे, अभी!” I started kissing her neck “ओह आंटी, मना मत करो “.

She resisted “छोड़ो नहीं तो अच्छा नहीं होगा!” I released her”आंटी मुझे माफ कर दो, मुझसे रहा नहीं गया “.she came near me तुम्हें पता है मैं उम्र में तुमसे कितनी बड़ी हूँ, फिर भी?”. I kept quiet, my boner was showing in my shorts and I guessed I poked her in the ass when I grabbed her. She came near and touched my shoulder “साहिल तुम मेरे बेटे की उम्र के हो, क्या ये अच्छा लगता है ?” without warning I grabbed her and kissed her lips, she wriggled but I held her tight and kept kissing her lips, I poked my boner into her pelvis and she felt it, she managed to speak “ओह्ह्ह साहिल मान जाओ,मुझे गन्दा मत करो ”

I released her abruptly, she was panting heavily “जाओ आंटी छोड़ दिया; मैं भी आपके साथ ज़बरदस्ती नहीं करूँगा ” she broke the silence “साहिल ये सही नहीं है! किसी,को पता चल गया तो बहुत बदनामी होगी;मैंने कभी ऐसे काम नहीं किया “, she was all flushed and she, her hands were shivering, I went close to her “आंटी किसी को पता नहीं चलेगा ये मेरा वादा है, और अगर आप का मन नहीं मान रहा तो ये बात यहीं खतम हो जाएगी!” I touched her hands, she didn’t resist, I tugged on her hand she followed and I led her to my room, I was damn excited, I made her sit on the bed and sat beside her “रानी आंटी मैंने आज तक कभी कुछ नहीं किया,मुझे नहीं आता कुछ भी “, her eyes lit up “क्या !! और फिर भी तुम अपने से दुगनी उम्र की औरत के साथ करना चाहते हो ?”.I kneeled between her legs and slowly pulled her dupatta “क्यों करूँ आंटी मुझे आप बहुत अच्छी लगने लगी हो “, she breathed heavily as my finger brushed her cleavage “साहील रुक सकते हो अब भी वक़्त है, फिर नहीं रुक पाएंगे!” .

I cupped her massive breasts “बस आंटी अब जो हो रहा है वो होने दो!”. I bent and kissed her cleavage, she sighed heavily, I leaned on her and strongly made her lay down and started kissing her chest, while my hand caressed her belly, she was trying hard to refrain from touching me, she breathed heavily “साहिल देख लो सामने वाला दरवाज़ा बंद है ना !” I quickly checked and when I came back she was sitting, I held her hand and made her stand, and I lifted her top “आपको पता नहीं मैं कितने दिनों से इनको छूने का इंतज़ार कर रहा था she feebly resisted but I kept going and removed her top and my cock pulsated at the sight how awesome her tits were, I held them and kissed them and tried to unhook her bra “ओह्ह आंटी आपके मुम्मे कितने बड़े और सुंदर है”.

She was getting aroused by my touch, I unhooked her bra somehow and threw it aside, her breasts were indeed massive, I licked and sucked her nipples she shuddered uncontrollably “अह्ह्ह्ह माँ, साहिल “. I could see her arousal, I laid her on the bed and started fondling and caressing her, she sighed and moaned, I was fully aroused, I lowered my shorts and tried to untie her salwar, she held my hand “साहिल क्या सही में एहि चाहते हो?. I kept trying “हाँ दिल से!” I was very excited. I lay on her and kissed her and sucked her nipples “अह्ह्ह अहह आंटी ये क्या हो गया अह्ह्ह ” and the unexpected happened, I ejaculated on her and she had her hands on my shoulder as she watched me getting wasted, I ejaculated on her pelvis smearing her salwar with lots of semen, she stroked my back “जिस हिसाब से तुम उतावले हो रहे थे, मुझे लग ही रहा था तुम मेरी सलवार गन्दी करोगे “. I felt embarrassed on my premature ejaculation “सॉरी आंटी! छूट गया “. She smiled and patted my back “कोई बात नहीं पहली पहली बार ये होता है, इसमें शर्माने वाली बात नहीं है, “she was reciprocating “अब जैसा मैं बोलती हूँ वैसे करना सब बढ़िया हो जाएगा”.

I got off her and she raised herself to look at the stain “अरे साहिल देखो कितना सारा निकाला है, अब इसे धोना पड़ेगा “, she glanced and my cock which was still semi-erect “हऐ माँ! तुम्हारा सुपाड़ा कितना मोटा है “.Raani was awed ” तन के तो और मोटा हो जाएगा!” . Her big dangling melons were a sight to see, I made her lay down and fondled her tits “आंटी मैं आपकी चाटना चाहता हूँ!” she jumped with disgust “छी कैसी बातें कर रहे हो? वो भी कोई चाटने की चीज़ है ?”. I knew she didn’t know anything about licking and sucking “तो आपके तीन बच्चे ऐसे ही हो गए? अंकल ने कभी आपकी चाटी नहीं?” Raani was quiet “ऐसा सब नहीं होता हमारे में!” I “और आपने कभी अंकल का चूसा है?” she was further disgusted “छी हऐ कैसी गन्दी बातें करते हो तुम! कहाँ से सुन के आए हो ?”.I was getting aroused talking dirty “फिर बताओ कैसे हो गए आपके बच्चे?” She seemed getting aroused, I tried to untie her salwar, she stopped me and untied it herself, I got up and removed it she was wearing a red floral panty as I tried to remove it she held my hand “अभी नहीं, मैं खुद उतार दूँगी”. I lay beside her and caressed her belly “बताओ न आंटी कैसे किया था अंकल ने?” She looked at me “तुम्हें मज़ा आ रहा है ना सुनने में? वो रात को आए थोड़ी देर बात कर और मुझे ज़ोर से लेता दिया और मेरी साड़ी ऊपर उठा दी सुर मेरी कच्छी उत्तर दी , मैं रोकती रह गई इतनी देर में तो उन्होंने डाल दिया मैं चिला पड़ी , पर वो रुके नहीं ;थोड़ी देर तक हिलते रहे और फिर झाड़ के सो गए , ऐसे ही हो गए तीनों “.

I was getting hard again. I slid my hand into her panty “तो इसे अलावा आपने कुछ नहीं किया?” She sighed “तुम तो ऐसे कह रहे हो जैसे तुमने बहुत कुछ कर रखा है!” I slid her panty down a little and fingered her black bush “लगता है अंकल अब आते नहीं यहाँ पे, काफी घना हो रहा है”. I got on top of her and started kissing her, she sighed loudly “अह्ह्ह साहिल अब काबू रखना “.

I kissed her body moving downwards, finally when I reached her pubis I slid her panty down “आंटी एक बार चाटने दो ना प्लीज!”, she tried to close her legs but I forced them open and dove into her pussy, she clamped her thighs on my face but I kept licking whatever I could find, slowly her grip loosened and I spread her legs wide “आंटी सेक्स में सब कुछ चलता है, एक बार करवा के तो देखो!”. I didn’t know how to lick pussy, I straightaway flicked her clit and she trembled with pleasure “हहह साहिल क्या कर रहे हो ” I licked her pussy and she was already in spasms, she moaned loudly as I poked my tongue into her pussy, she was enjoying it, she pressed my face into her pussy rubbing her pussy on my mouth and within moments she came on my face violently moaning loudly “अह्ह्ह साहिल मर गई मैं हहह सससस “.

She calmed down and pulled me up towards her I lay on her and kissed her lips her breast pressed under me “आंटी कैसा लगा?” She was still breathing heavy “साहिल बहुत अच्छा, मेरा अंग अंग खिला दिया तुमने, मुझे ऐसा अहसास पहली बार है”. I lay beside her and held her tit and sucked on it my other hand ventured to her pussy and I found wetness around hey pussy, I and tried to locate her pussy , she held my hand and guided me to it , I slowly inserted my index finger into her , she moaned loudly “अह्ह्ह साहिल “. She held my erect cock and ran her fingers around my top smearing my precum on the top, she was running wet, and she held my hand “बस अब ऊपर आ जाओ, तुम्हारी आंटी तैयार है” she got me on top and adjusted my cock on her hole “अब धीरे धीरे जोर लगाओ, सय्यम से, नहीं तो आप खो दोगे”.

I kept pushing but it slipped, she held my penis firmly and I tried again, it went inside a little “ओह्ह आंटी लगता है जा रहा है”. I pushed harder and my cock head went in, she screamed in pain as my thick head parted her pussy “ओह्ह मां मार दिया रे, अब रुक जाओ थोड़ी देर, वरुण की शादी के बाद आज गया है कुछ अंदर “. I was surprised “आंटी उसकी शादी को तो तीन साल हो गए है” she was in discomfort but I was getting impatient, I started to move to and fro and every inch I went in she moaned more loudly, the softness of her wet pussy was overwhelming and I started to cum inside her “हहह आंटी मेरा फिर से छूट रहा है अह्ह्ह क्या करूँ “.

She rubbed my back “कोई नहीं तू आगे पीछे करता रह, आह्हः साहिल तूने तो मुझे भी झाड़ दिया हऐ सस” and she started to cum along, hers was one heck of strong and long one … I lay on her emptying my last drop into her as she caught her breath, I was embarrassed “आंटी मुझे तो फिर जल्दी हो गया!” First time she kissed my lips “कोई बात नहीं होता है! पर तूने अपनी आंटी को इतने सालों बाद हिला दिया”. I “आपको अच्छा लगा ना?” she again kissed me “सालों बाद मिला और वो भी इतना मोटा तो कौन खुश नहीं होगी .बाकी तेरी आंटी तुम्हें पूरा ट्रेन कर देगी. She got up and got dressed promising a better time the next day..
More to come

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