My Mommy Fucked by My Best Friend

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Hello friends, this is my first real story of my mom whose name is Sunita. Her measurements are 36-24-32. Her age is 42. My mother has a medium-sized body like that of actress Sunny Leone.

When my mom walks, her butts bounce and jiggle like volleyballs. Many old men in our society secretly wish to have her in their bed.

Let’s start the story. This incident was horrible but at the same time, pleasurable too. I was 18 years old at that time. I live in a small town so I had to move to the city for my further studies.

I started living in a rented house in the city. I had to share my room with two other students. They were perverts. They always talked about the body of Indian aunties.

Soon they became my friends. Due to their perverted nature, I didn’t want my mom to come to my room. But my mom was missing me so much that she decided to come to my hostel and stay for 8–9 days.

When my mom came, my friend started pretending to be caring. They never let my mom do any work.

There were only 3 single beds in our room. So my mom had to adjust in it.

One night, I saw my friend’s hand on my mom’s ass! I thought he might have done it unconsciously and ignored it.

Later in the morning my mom also complained to me that my friends were doing dirty things to her when she was asleep. I just ignored it by saying it should be by mistake. I knew my friends were perverted but I thought they respected my mother.

They were as usual sweet to my mom. One day I woke up around midnight due to some whispering sounds. I found my mom was not in the bed. She was sleeping on the floor. The more shocking thing was one of my friends was also sleeping beside her.

I asked my mom why she was sleeping on the floor. She said that it was too congested on the bed. Then I insisted her to sleep on the bed and that I will sleep on the floor. I didn’t doubt her at that time.

My coaching classes were between 5–9 pm. So at that time, my mom would be alone with my friends.

One day when I returned from my coaching class and knocked on the door of my room, they didn’t open it. We have a habit of entering our room through the window of the balcony.

So I moved to the balcony. But what I saw through the window was unimaginable. My mom was sleeping naked on the body of my friend and he had penetrated his penis in my mom’s pussy. Another friend had put his penis in my mom’s asshole from the upside.

My pervert friends were fucking my mom so hard like wild animals and mom was shouting, “Aaaaaaahh..yesssssssss…haaaaaaaa….haaaaaaaaaaa..”

I became so angry but still it was so arousing seeing my mom double penetrated by my friends. I had never seen my mom abusing. But here she was abusing like hell in Hindi.

She was like, “You motherfuckers, don’t you guys have any shame in fucking your friend’s mom? (Madharchod, sharam nahi ati tumko apne dost ke ma ko chodte huye. Mere gand ka bhosda kar diumya tune. Aj tak mere pati ne mujhe gand me nahi choda tha.)

Then they start getting more wild. My mom was made to stand in her fours in doggy position and then my friends started penetrating her pussy together. My mom started crying in pain. They put mom’s panty in her mouth so she didn’t make sounds.

My mom was not fat neither slim. But she has a very chubby ass and had big breasts. So when they were stroking, clapping sounds were produced all over the room. My penis also got erect seeing that.

Suddenly, they saw me peeking! My mom quickly covered herself in the blanket. When I entered the room, my friend shamelessly said, “As you have seen everything, you can can also join us in fucking your mom.”

I smacked him but he didn’t do anything back because he wanted to keep the fuck session with my mom doing. He said, “Look, you have to admit you liked it too and that’s why your dick is erect. We did nothing wrong to your mom. We fucked her with her consent. You should also join us. Just forget that she is your mother at the moment.”

I was confused. My mom said, “Sorry son, I tried to control the urge but I couldn’t. Please don’t hate me. I love you. If you want to fuck me, then you can.” These words filled lust in me. I started kissing my mom vigorously. Both of my friends came toward my mom.

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