My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 11

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Sitting in the car I asked “where do you want to go from here mom”? She replied “It is lunch time now, let’s go home and freshen up and have lunch first, we will step out to shop and the tailor after that”.

As soon as we got home Neetu went to her room and removed all her clothes and mine. I did not need to suck her milk tanks because Kishan had already emptied them.

We then went for a shower together touching and feeling each other’s bodies. I said “mom I watched you really enjoying a good time with Kishan”. She asked “did you enjoy watching me have sex”?

I said “yes no doubt”. She said “I am sure you must have been very hard watching me”, I said “yes very hard and eagerly waiting for my turn”. Neetu turned around bending forward a little and I pushed my erect cock in her pussy.

I hugged her cupping her boobs and fingering her clit while I fucked her slowly. She held my head with one hand while she pinched her nipples with the other moaning loudly.

In less than a minute that I had begun fucking her, mom screamed loudly with her orgasm. I paused hugging her tightly while her body trembled like a fish out of water, when she came around I asked “what happened mom”?

She pushed her butt against my cock signaling me to resume, she said “hearing your words that you were enjoying watching me have sex with another man got me very excited and gave me an incredible orgasm”.

I said “mom it is the truth, I really enjoyed and almost came in my pants. Can I setup cameras all over the house so I can watch you from my room? That way I will also be able to keep a tab on your safety”.

Neetu started pushing back harder meeting my thrusts now, she said “yes son, do whatever you want immediately, knowing that you are watching me gives me a wild thrill. Now fuck mommy harder with everything you got”.

We continued for little more than 10minutes after which I stiffened and shot my load inside her pussy. This time I definitely lasted longer and continued cumming for sometime during which I continued thrusting into her.

Right then mom screamed again and squirted with another intense orgasm and our mixed juices gushed out of her pussy down her legs. Mom turned around and hugged me kissing me with burning passion.

She said “this was the best sex I have ever had, thank you son for satisfying mommy so much. Whatever you want to do, just do it quickly because I cannot wait for you to watch me”.

We finished our bath came to her bedroom. I was about to wear my clothes when she stopped me and said “lets remain naked son, I want to remain like this when we both are alone”. I asked “mom what if someone comes knocking”?

She took a robe and kept it on the bed saying “this is all I need, you can go to your room and dress up when that happens”. Mom went to the kitchen stark naked preparing lunch, I too followed to help her.

Soo we sat at the dining table and ate together with mom on my lap holding my cock in-between her thighs and feeding me with her hand. I don’t know after how many years I was eating again from her hand.

At the end I licked and sucked her each finger clean, just when we were about to get up from the table, mom’s phone rang. We both saw Sharma uncle’s name on display, he is my dad’s younger brother.

Mom said “Sonu answer the phone and put it on speaker”, I did, uncle said “how are you my darling? I am missing you so much my love”. Mom looked at me, she answered “I am having my lunch now, give me a few minutes, I will call you back”.

I disconnected the call and asked Neetu “why was uncle calling you darling? Is there something going on between you both”? She said “no son, since your dad left us Sharma has been after me to sleep with him”.

I said “mom I understand that you were not ready earlier but now things have changed right”. She said “I don’t like him, he always forces himself on me groping me everywhere also spanks my butt on every chance”.

I asked “did he try to do anything else”? Mom said “he was never successful in removing my clothes but when he is unable to corner me, he takes out his big cock and masturbates making sure he lands a few drops of his cum on me”.

I asked “is he so big”? She said “yes son, bigger than your dad but surely smaller than yours”. I asked “mom despite everything you have said, I am sure there is something about him that you must be liking”?

Neetu said “on a few occasions he pushed his cock between my thighs and dry humped me while his hands were inside my kurta squeezing my bare boobs. Also whether masturbating or dry humping he lasted really very long like Raja or Ram”.

I said “great mom, I am sure there is more you have to say”. Neetu said “Somewhere in my mind I enjoyed his actions because it was the closest I ever got to real sex besides masturbating also bringing me close to my orgasm”.

I said “great mom, at least there is something good about him finally. He is well endowed, lasts very long. What more do you need? Maybe if you cooperate with him he might be gentle with you and both of you can enjoy a great time”.

She said “I don’t know what to say. First let me call him back”. We got up from the dining table and after clearing everything we went and sat on the sofa. Mom insisted to sit again on my lap only this time my cock was rock hard and she saw it too.

When she turned around to sit, I bent forward and brought my mouth to her pouting pussy lips from behind and she was dripping wet already. I understood she was aroused and for sure talking about Sharma had something to do with it.

I sat back on the sofa and mom guided my cock in her wet pussy and sat on my lap slowly rocking her bottom. I too held her boobs and started sucking her nipples drinking the milk which she had freshly manufactured.

She took her phone and called uncle putting it on speaker. Sharma answered with a very excited tone saying “where are you darling? I have been dying to be with you. Please please I want to come and see you now”.

Mom said “sorry Sharma, I cannot meet you”, he said “Please my love, meet me only once, see my cock has been hard ever since only for you”. Mom said “This is exactly why I don’t want to meet you”.

Sharma said “give me only once chance baby, I promise I will show you heaven my love. You know how much I have been lusting for your beautiful and sexy body”. Now mom started rocking her body harder on my cock which only meant she was falling for Sharma.

Sharma said “darling you remember last time I made you hold my cock and stroke it. Didn’t you really enjoy it? Mom in a very coarse voice said “you know very well that because of our relation this is wrong and we cannot do it”?

He said “don’t say this baby, I am not going to tell anyone about us, it will remain our secret. I can feel it in your voice, you want me as much as I want you”. Mom said “don’t mince words Sharma, you know I am not like that”.

He said “I know after my brother left you, you have been longing for a real man’s cock throbbing in your pussy, please give me one chance and I will make you very happy”.

Mom said “I am ready to meet you only on one condition, you will not force me like you always do and keep your hands off me”. Uncle said “ok fine dear, I will do as you say, now please wear something very sexy for me. I am coming in 30mins”.

Mom said “no, come in 1hr because I am busy” and disconnected the call and hugged me tightly, she screamed with another orgasm crashing thru her. I was absolutely sure this was Sharma’s effect and mom was already imagining being with him.

She recovered soon and loosened her grip on me, I held her face and said “mom just talking to uncle on the phone has made you cum so hard, what will happen when he is actually with you”?

Neetu blushed and buried her face in my shoulder. Then she got off and knelt on the sofa, I understood and pushed my cock in her butt, she moaned loudly saying “yes son, this is exactly what I wanted. Fuck mommy’s brains out now”.

I hugged her and started thrusting harder while mom turned her face sideways meeting her lips with mine frequently. I said “mom is uncle finally going to get what he wants today”?

She groaned and said “yes son, I am also looking forward to him”. I asked “mom if he tries to fuck you today, will you let him”? she said “yes my love, I will let him do whatever he wants without hesitating. Now don’t stop son, I am going to cum”.

My balls were also on the verge of release and a few more strokes later mom screamed with another orgasm ripping thru her body. About the same time I also deposited my load inside her.

We both collapsed on the sofa still with our bodies glued and my cock still emptying my load inside her and panting heavily. After resting for five minutes we got up, mom said “let’s take a shower then you can dress me before Sharma comes”.

This time we actually took only a shower and came to her bedroom. I quickly put on my clothes and asked “mom what dress do you normally wear when Sharma comes”?

I made her sit on the bed and began sucking her nipples to empty her milk factories. She said “mostly salwar kameez and sari on one occasion”. Her breasts did not have too much milk and I was able to empty them quickly.

I dressed her in red bra and thong panties. The bra was difficult to wear but we managed somehow. I gave her a knee length hot pink skirt with a black semi-transparent blouse top.

Neetu was looking ravishingly hot and sexy in this dress. We were ready with 20minutes still to go. I recollected seeing stubble on her pussy while putting her panty, so I said “mom you please sit on the bed because I want to shave your pussy now since we still have time”.

Mom said “Sonu we did it only a week ago”, I said “mom I saw some stubble there and I want you to be perfect”. I got my shaving kit and cleaned her pussy and butt. I was right, there was quite some stubble there.

We came to the hall, Neetu said “Sonu I am very nervous because Sharma has never seen me in this dress and I don’t know what he will do to me”. I said “relax mom, giving him the hint without saying it was the idea right. You stick to your conditions and go with the flow”.

She said “you also be here when he comes, that way he will surely behave himself. Knowing I am alone in the house he will surely become an animal like always”.

I said “fine by me, but you only will open the door for him”. Everything set we waited for him. I asked “does uncle drink”? Mom said “sometimes depending on his mood”.

I went and prepared the tray with a bottle of scotch, soda and ice. Soon the doorbell rang, mom opened the door. Uncle screamed saying “oh my god Pooja, you have dressed really sexily for me”.

Mom interrupted him saying “Sonu see who has come”? Uncle’s face went pale realizing that I was home, I came running and greeted him, he surely looked very disappointed but however kept checking out mom’s figure while talking.

We were all seated on the sofa, mom asked uncle “what would you like to drink”? Uncle was still lost in mom’s charms and now finding me also in the house, with great delay he said “anything is fine”.

I asked mom to sit with uncle while I got the drinks. They were chatting about each other’s families while I served the drinks. Uncle asked “why are you not having a drink Sonu”?

I said “uncle I am still logged into work for another 3hrs, you both carry on. I only came down to meet you”. I left from there to my room, I did observe that Sharma was behaving decent keeping his hands to himself.

I opened the camera feeds to watch them. The moment I was out of sight Sharma tried putting his hand around mom, she stopped him reminding the conditions.

He said “my darling Pooja, you are looking sexier than the best Bollywood actress today, I am unable to control myself. Please can I sit closer like we always sit”?

Mom stared at him but did not say anything. Taking her silence as a yes, he slipped very close to her making full side body contact. He now placed his arms around her back on her waist still looking at her.

Seeing still no objection from mom he placed his other hand on her thigh over her skirt. Neetu pushed his hand off her thighs and took her glass to sip. He too grabbed his glass and took a sip.

He said “Pooja darling you know I am mad about you and your sexy figure, please give me a chance. I promise I will not disappoint you”. Mom said “this is exactly why I don’t let you come to my house. My son is upstairs, so don’t try any of your usual tactics today”.

He said “your boobs are looking so much bigger and inviting today, can I just touch and feel them like always”? Just as he said this he placed both his hands cupping her boobs and pressed them.

Mom gave him a stern look removing his hands. Within seconds he put his hands back squeezing her boobs saying “darling why are you stopping me, I am only touching my dream boobs and I know you enjoy it as well”.

This time mom did not stop him, he proceeded to unbutton her blouse and mom held his hand. He said “darling I am only trying to see your wonderful boobs which are feeling so good in my hands, please let me only see”.

He took mom’s hand which was holding his and placed it on his bulge. Uncle said “see what your sexy figure has done to me. Please help me also Pooja”. Mom retracted her hand but he was quick to place it back holding it firm.

Now he let go of her hand and now mom did not remove her hand and it remained on his bulge. Uncle again started opening her blouse while mom remained quiet watching him.

He quickly went down to the 4th button spreading her top and slipped his hand inside cupping her breast over her bra. Mom was about to object but he was quick in stopping her placing her hand back on his bulge.

He said “Pooja darling what is your problem? I have not stripped you naked right”. Mom said “I am scared, Sonu might come any moment”. Sharma said “don’t worry Pooja darling, I know he is busy for next 3hrs, please let’s enjoy each other”.

Uncle pushed mom back on the sofa and leaned more on her now with zero resistance from her. After he had fondled her boobs for sometime over her bra he went closer and kissed her cleavage.

Mom was also breathing very hard now, uncle continued kissing and licking her exposed cleavage for a while. Then he sat back up saying “your top is stopping me from doing justice to your beautiful boobs” and opened it completely.

Mom was just staring at him breathing hard. He places his hand on hers which was on his bulge and pressed and rubbed it saying “you like this Pooja darling, don’t you”?

Taking her silence as approval he unzipped his pant taking out his 7” hard cock and placed mom’s hand around it stroking it. He leaned back on her kissing her ears, neck going downwards to her chest and then stopping at her navel.

Mom softly said “please stop Sharma, this is wrong, we should not be doing this”. Uncle did not answer instead he continued tonging her navel which was driving mom more crazy.

She was herself now holding his cock and stroking it, while uncle was at her navel he placed his hands on her thigh lightly rubbing it and sliding up her skirt. I don’t think mom realized this.

She had her eyes closed lost in bliss of the pleasures he was giving her body. Uncle went back up and kissed mom on her lips which rocked her back to reality. She tried pushing him back but he was holding her firmly trying to smooch her.

When he did not succeed after many attempts, he said “Pooja darling why are you resisting me, see how much you are enjoying. Now please be a good girl and cooperate with me”.

Mom said “I told you we cannot be doing this because it is so wrong, I am scared if anyone finds out”. Sharma while still massaging mom’s fleshy thighs said “darling who will come to know of this. This will forever remain our secret”.

Mom was still breathing heavily now, uncle brought his lips to hers and kissed hers darting his tongue in her mouth, mom did not cooperate now but did not resist either.

He pushed her thigh slightly apart while kissing and placed his hand on her panty gently rubbing her pussy. Mom realized and closed her legs but uncle was much quicker slipping his hand inside her panty and a finger inside her love hole.

Mom’s body twitched when he did this, despite watching from the camera I know I was right because despite her legs closed he started fingering her while still continuing to kiss her and she relaxed her legs and now reciprocated his kiss.

She held his face kissing him back because she was bloody horny and beyond the point of no return. Her body arched with her orgasm and Uncle also saw it and again opened her legs wider placing her hand back on his cock.

Very expertly uncle undid her bra hook and pushed it up and started massaging her naked boobs. Now he finally broke the kiss still looking into her eyes and said “see was it so difficult, I told you that you will also really enjoy with me”.

Mom gave him a naughty smile and blushed, uncle knew he now had her so he got up carrying her with him to her bedroom to start the next innings. Mom quietly continued looking at him.

He made her sit on the edge of the bed and removed her top and bra. Then he raised her skirt and tried pulling down her panties and mom helped him by raising her butt.

He quickly shed all his clothes and made mom lie on her back and got on top. They smooched for a little while then he went down kissing every inch of her body till her toes and back spending considerable time on her fleshy thighs.

He stopped at her boobs softly massaging them while sucking her nipples. I don’t think he found any milk otherwise he surely might have paused and looked at her surprised.

Then he went further south tonging her navel again before coming to her pussy. He clean shaven pussy excited him a lot, he said “wow Pooja darling you have such a beautiful pussy, I am sure you are very tasty too down here”.

He put his mouth to her pussy and licked it for all it was worth. Her engorged clit was peeping out and he made sure he nibbled it with his teeth driving mom crazy with pleasure and quickly towards her next orgasm.

After loving her pussy with his mouth for sometime he got on top positioning his cock at her entrance and pushed hard. Mom yelled slapping his back saying “please do it slowly, you know I have not had a man in so many years and you are also so big”.

Uncle said “don’t worry darling, I am also feeling your tightness, let me take your virginity again today and deflower you. I have waited for decades for this moment, endure a little pain and then it is heaven sailing all the way”.

He continued thrusting hard into her pumping her with the force of a body builder. Soon mom stopped screaming and a little later let out soft moans. He continued massaging her boobs while smooching her and his cock pistoning in and out of her pussy.

After a few minutes that he had entered mom’s pussy, mom let out a loud groan with her body trembling with her next orgasm which uncle continued ramming her like a bull.

I had to agree with mom that Sharma really lasted quite long because I looked at the clock and even after close to 25mins he did not slow down while mom had another two orgasms by now.

After 5mins his butt muscles convulsed filling mom’s insides with his cum. He still continued thrusting for another minute depositing his last drop inside her. Mom pushed him off and he lay by her side catching his breath.

She said “I let you do everything you wanted with me but why did you cum inside me? What if I get pregnant”? Sharma calmly said “so what Pooja darling, where is the problem. I am not running away, we will welcome our child together”.

Mom shouted at him saying “you want me to have your child? Are you mad? How will I explain it to my son”? Sharma said “just chill baby, why are you getting so worked up? I will bring condoms next time and also the anti-pregnancy pill”.

Mom said “after what you have done with me, how will I ever face your wife again”. He said “don’t worry Pooja darling, she already knows. I changed her name to Pooja and I fuck her crazy many times a day calling your name”.

Mom said “you are such a shameless bastard, what will she think about me”. He said “why do you even care Pooja darling, she envies you because you are far more sexier than her”.

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