Mother and neighbour boobs part 1

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Hi,my name is Alex and this is my first story,so i hope that you will like it. I’m your typical horny 18-year-old teenaged kid. I’m pretty good looking,and i have weakness for big boobs.I I live whit my mom and let me tell you a little bit about my parents. My mom has 40 years,she has a nice figure…a nice pair of bobs i think dd,and a small ass.

She work like a secretary on a bank and is a nice and friendly person which I think she’s like a friend for me not just a mom. My father is a boss on a forestry company and he is always nervous and not happy,he don t stay alout around the house. Now the story begins like this..when i have hit the pubberty i have start to see mom in more sensual form,i have noticed her cleaveage and how sexy she was,but never thought tha’t i can fuck her.I have start to spy her on her bathroom or in her room when she change to cath a glimse on her boobs but never had luck.Mom never was a prudish women around me,but until my 18 birthday never seen her naked.On my 18 birthday dad has ask me what i want,and i have said tha’t i don’t want anything because i have alout.He said to me tha t he will go one week in a bussines trip and h is sorry tha t can t be home for my birthday.Now i have not been so upset because i have not like him so much.

On my birthday mom has made a cake for me and she invited our neighbour who was a milf. Maria,our neighbour was a hot milf with nice boobs…big ass and the best part was that she was divorced.Maria said that she does not have a present for me,and the present will be later and i have tought what can be.So we have start to eat,drink and Marie said that we can continue the party on her new pool.My mom said that she is tired and she want to sleep but Maria insist to come…and she accepted.I have though that is my chance to see 2 big breast milf…and my prick have start to grow.Mom said that she does not have bikini,but Maria said that she can borrow from her.I said that them can go forwand until i go to change.I went in my room and have start to jack a little because i was so horny,when i have cum i take my swim pants and run to neigbour.

Whe i arrived i saw mom whit a small red bikini that showed alot of her skin,and her boobs almost pop from them.When i saw Maria whit a blue bikini model like mom’s…i have thought that i’m really lucky to see 2 beauty’s near me.Maria said what is my opinion how they look,and i have said that are 2 sexy women.So she and mom start to cath a tan,and my to start swim.When i have go out from pool i saw Maria whit naked breast,and i was in a shock,and really horny in same moment.Maria said that she want a nice tan,and if it’s ok for me.I said that is ok,but then Maria has ask mom why don’t she do at same,but mom said that she don’t want me to be ashamed.When i have heard this…i said to mom that is nothing to be ashamed for me because i have a sexy mom.And i saw mom who until that day i never saw her naked,take down her bra.I was jaw open when i saw her,and i’ve tried to hide my boner.Maria who was a litlle drunk said that she need a massage on all her body,now i was glad to help her but whit mom there i was ashamed,but mom said to do and after i can give her anouther.

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