Mother, Landlord and me

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When the harvesting season starts, I was 15 then. It is excited for me because I could spend time with mother and the children could play different games once the fields are harvested. This season I find sadness on my mother face. It was quite visible. I asked but she replied that landlord isn’t offering her job on field. She then said don’t worry I would convince him. Later, I saw her leaving the house in the evening and she didn’t return till late night. I was worried, I tried to find her but it was no use. She returned home late night and couldn’t walk properly. I asked while tears running down my cheeks “what happened?” With a big smile on her face she replied” I got unbalanced and fell down; I was in aunt’s house. Don’t worry I am fine”

This whole thing starts to happen in almost couple of times in a week. Although it was really relieving that landlord allowed her to work in fields. I was getting frustrated as my mother seems to make up a story to satisfy my curiosity. I made up my mind that I would find out the truth.
I followed her, she went to landlord house. I climb up the tree near the wall of landlord house jumped on the wall, than I climbed up the roof. Then I crawled to the edge of the roof to see what is going on. I saw my mother sitting with landlord two servants. I really admire their strength. They had muscular bodies. The land lord arrives, every one stands up. He then asked them to “Start the show”.

My mother takes of all her clothes and got naked. I was in a shock. Then she bow down and starts to lick landlord cock. She moved her head up and down. After a minute he grabs my mother hairs pushed it down. This stops her moving. His body twitched, it seems mother couldn’t breathe and after couple of seconds he release her head. White liquid came out her mouth and nose. Without wasting any time the other two servant grab my mother they took out their penis and one put in mother mouth while the other In her vagina. They were pounding her hard. After few moments they change the position now they lifted my mother and sandwich her between themselves. They put their thing in her vagina and anal. They were pounding her and my mother was making really strange noises. Landlord with his penis in his hand orders them to slap her. They slap her butt forcefully; things were getting very confusing for me. I look to my penis; it was hard to its limits. Mother cried, both men just let her go. She fell and both release their white liquid on her face. Landlord then sent one of the two servants. He came back shortly with two cucumbers in his hand.
He put one in her pussy and the other in her anal. The servant then took and cloth wraps it around waist and took one end, moves between her legs and tied to the end around her waist.
Mother then wore her clothes and came out of the house, just came to my senses. I carefully crawled back jumped on the wall and climbed down through the tree. I saw mother working in the fields from a distance, I wanted to go to her. One of the servants who fucked her was also monitoring them. I just couldn’t find the courage to go there.
In the evening, mother again moves to the big house. This time I heard her moaning sounds while standing besides wall. I came back, confused. I want answers.
When she came home, I acted as I am sleeping. She changed her clothes. She falls on the bed and in moments he snoring sounds were in the whole room. It seems she was tired. I go towards her aiming to massage legs. Her shirt was above her naval, the cloth was still wrapped. I touched her, she didn’t responded. I move her pants down, cucumber was visible in her pussy, I untied the cloth. Take out the cucumber and put my standing cock in her pussy. I don’t know what I was thinking but the warm sense of her pussy give me a sudden wave of pleasure and I just came inside her. I put the cucumber back wrap the cloth. The sensations were amazing; I do this routine for the whole harvesting season.

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