My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 10

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Next day morning she woke me up at 4.30am saying “Sonu getup I need your help”. I sat up with sleepy eyes and asked “mom what do you need so early in the morning”?

She said “Sonu my breasts are full of milk, can you please drink it before Raja comes”? I said “yes mom I would love to do it”. She made me lie with my head on her lap and fed me her nipples.

I sucked them drinking her milk till her big tanks were empty. Neetu said “thank you Sonu, I don’t want anyone to know I have milk”. I said “no problem, I am always here to help you”.

It was time for Raja to come and she left telling me to go to my room. I understood to enjoy sex with Ramesh she would need her bedroom. I went to my room and went back to sleep.

I woke up late around 9.30 and peeped out of my room. I saw Ramesh sitting there sipping his coffee with Neetu. I went down and greeted them both and went to the kitchen to get my coffee.

Neetu also came after me and opened her top whispering to me “drink my milk quickly son, my boobs are full again”. I asked “did you not finish having sex with Ramesh”?

She said “no, he came late and we were signing some papers and thankfully you came at the right time”. I helped her sit on the kitchen counter to get the right height.

I was sucking her milk tanks till they were empty. Neetu was already letting out soft moans pressing my head to her boobs. I understood she was aroused again now, after I finished I buttoned her top and helped her to her feet.

She said “thank you son, let me quickly finish with Ramesh, then I will call you”. Neetu went back to the hall and sat with Ramesh, he asked “what took you so long”?

She said “nothing darling, I was helping Sonu finding the milk, now leave all this, can we quickly go to my bedroom and do it now because I am on fire”. Ramesh said “wait, Sonu is still here. What will he think”?

She said “he already knows everything, don’t worry about him”. I stepped out of the kitchen with my coffee and headed to my bedroom while she took his hand and pulled him to her bedroom.

I saw Ramesh was feeling embarrassed going to her bedroom in front of me. They got inside and removed their clothes, today Ramesh was behaving like a gentleman and Neetu was initiating everything.

They had two rounds of sex after which Neetu tried pushing him for a third time. Ramesh flatly refused saying “sorry darling, I cannot do it again, I will come again at night”.

They cleaned and got dressed coming back to the hall. Ramesh gave her a quick kiss and left. Neetu called me on my phone and I went down to her. She had already removed her clothes lying naked on the sofa by the time I joined her.

She said “Sonu please fuck me crazy, I am dying for a good fuck”. I asked “didn’t Ramesh do good enough”? She said “you already know how he is, I did not even get an orgasm with him. Now stop wasting time and get on top, mummy needs you”.

I started with foreplay and went the full course with her giving her multiple orgasms. After we were done, she said “I want to meet the doctor today and then we will go shopping. I also need to meet my tailor to get new blouses stitched”.

We took a bath together with another round of sex. Neetu said “my regular gynecologist is on leave, there is some new guy we are meeting today. I am very nervous because I have never visited a male gynec before”.

I said “there is nothing to be nervous about, women love male gynecs because there is a high possibility of enjoying sex also. You want more sex anyway, so look at this as another opportunity knocking on your door”.

Neetu hugged and smooched me saying “I hope you are right, I don’t mind enjoying with him provided he is good”. I said “like I always say, go with an open mind and let things happen naturally”.

I dressed her up in a flowery pink printed frock and with difficulty strapped her bra because she insisted. She did her makeup complimenting it with tall stilettos. I went to my bedroom and got dressed and joined her in the hall.

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