My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 9

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I was also waiting to go down but I did not want to tell her that I was already watching her live on cameras. I made sure I did not masturbate this time because I knew Neetu might ask me for sex.

I went to her and sat alongside her sporting a raging hard on. Neetu placed her hand on my cock over my clothes and asked “do you want me to relieve the pressure in your cock”?

I said “yes, but before that please tell me where do you get so much energy”? Neetu pulled down my tracks and took my cock in her hands stroking it and said “I do not know”.

I placed my hands on her boobs slowly massaging them and asked “do you want to tell me how was your meeting with Raja and what was the surprise”? Neetu climbed on to my lap guiding my cock in her pussy riding me.

She said “I already told you sex with Raja is by far the best”. Neetu pushed her boob in my face with her nipple touching my lips. I understood what she wanted and started sucking it while she continued.

She said “but his surprise was beyond my wildest imagination. He brought along Ram our newspaper guy who is his brother. He said Ram has also been lusting for me for many years”.

I signaled Neetu to stop riding my cock because I did not want to cum too soon. She continued “Ram’s cock is bigger than Raja’s and both fucked me together”. They took turns fucking me with both their cocks together in my holes”.

She continued “It was my first time with two men together but I thoroughly enjoyed it. both Raja and Ram have equal stamina and they fucked me 3 times each today. Ram promised to come every morning around 6am to fuck me after Raja”.

“Both want to visit me again during the day to fuck me together like today. Oh I forgot to tell you Ramesh had called a just when both were leaving saying he is coming by 9pm”.

I looked at the time and said “we have less than two hours before Ramesh comes. Can we continue after he leaves”? Neetu said “no, I want your cock now. After he leaves we will enjoy once more again”.

She continued “you know Sonu, whenever anyone fucks me I only imagine you are the one fucking me and I really enjoy every bit of it”. Neetu was rocking her bottom on my cock moaning at the same time and I felt my release building.

I stopped her and said “please stop, I am close”. Neetu sat still on my lap with my cock still inside her pussy and asked “would you mind fucking my butt now”? I said “anything for you mom”.

She raised her butt and guided my cock inside. I must admit her butt was really loose and my cock just slipped inside all the way. Neetu started riding me while I continued sucking her nipples.

I said “now that you have three men who are going to visit you daily how do you feel about it”? Neetu said “I am excited but I would not count Ramesh because he barely lasts a few minutes and leaves me totally unsatisfied”.

She continued “so really besides you there are only two men who fuck me really good and if you don’t mind I want much more. Will you help me”? I said “yes my love, I will do everything I can to help you get all the sex you want”.

I was on the edge of my release and Neetu sensed it and we locked in a kiss while I shot my load inside her butt and she too had another orgasm. We went to her bathroom and took a bath together.

After we toweled and came out, I made her sit on her bed and said “for Ramesh you should dress up like a bride tonight so he feels happy, it does not matter how he is in bed, just manage it”.

I selected a red chiffon sari with matching blouse and petticoat and red thong panties without Bra. I helped her wear it and while I was hooking up the blouse Neetu asked “why no bra now”?

I said “your bra’s have become very tight and will hurt your skin”. I showed her the bite marks the straps had left on her skin. I hooked her blouse with difficulty as her boobs had surely grown much bigger.

Since this was a very deep neck blouse, it was helping somewhat as a bra. Her boobs were bursting out making a very deep and irresistible cleavage. Her blouse was tight and her big nipples prominently stood out thru it.

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