The New Girl-13

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I was very happy to be earning money while enjoying the sex. I saw the time, it was 3pm and I still had 30mins to spare. I remembered the way Govinda fucked me so decided to go early to them so I will get enough time to rest.

I met Khan at the main gate, he asked “Gudiya you came early”? I said “I am going to your room, bring Govinda quickly so we can all enjoy together”. He said “you be ready on the bed, I will bring him right away”.

I went to his room and put the money envelopes in my bag, removed all my clothes and lay on his bed naked. A few minutes later both came and saw me lying nude on the bed. They locked the door and quickly removed all their clothes.

Both came near the bed, I held Govinda’s cock licking it trying to take it in my mouth. After a lot of effort, I was only able to take a few inches in my mouth. I continued licking his entire shaft to compensate giving him pleasure.

Meanwhile Khan came between my legs eating my pussy and ass. Both switched places after a while and now Khan was in my mouth while Govinda was eating my pussy and ass. Khan now gave him a condom.

I said “please do it slowly this time, don’t tear my pussy like last time or I will never let you fuck me again”. Govinda nodded in affirmative and positioned his cock at my pussy and started pushing gently entering little by little.

This time he entered without hurting, He fucked me for over 15minutes while Khan’s cock was fucking my mouth. I felt another orgasm building and realised that Khan had still not cum. Khan now pulled out of my mouth and asked me to switch places.

Govinda lay on the bed and I got on top inserting his cock in my pussy riding him. Khan wore a condom and came up behind me positioning his cock in my ass. I said “Khan please don’t do it, I cannot handle two cocks. You can take turns after Govinda finishes”.

Khan said “Gudiya you only said we will enjoy together, you don’t worry, just give me one chance and trust me you will really enjoy this”. Before I could say anything more, he held my waist pushing his cock deep in my ass fucking me in rhythm with Govinda.

The pleasure of having two cocks fucking you together was out of this world. Soon I had an intense orgasm while both of them were still fucking me. About 10minutes later Khan released his cum in my ass while Govinda continued fucking my pussy.

Khan sat on the bed watching me ride Govinda. Govinda made me to stand leaning against the wall, he came from behind pushing his cock in my pussy fucking me. His powerful thrusts were bouncing me up in the air as I was now only supported by his big cock.

He had serious stamina and went on for a very long time. He said “Gudiya your pussy is really awesome, I want to fuck your beautiful ass now. I am sure it will be equally awesome”, I said “Govinda please spare my ass, I am scared your huge cock will tear my ass”.

He said “Gudiya Please let me try only once, I will not push it in fully”. While talking to me he was already inserting his cock in my ass. Since I was standing with my weight falling on him, his cock naturally entered my ass stretching it wide.

He grabbed my butt cheeks spreading them wider slowly pushing more of his cock inside. Luckily while I felt my ass stretch, it felt very good. Maybe all the anal sex I was having recently helped. After pushing a few inches of his cock in my ass Govinda started fucking me standing.

Because of this position and me constantly falling on him, his cock was naturally entering deeper inside. He continued fucking my ass with slow strokes while cupping my boobs and squeezing them in sync with his thrusts.

I saw Khan was stroking his erect cock sitting on the bed smiling and asked “Gudiya are you enjoying getting fucked by Govinda? I said “I never knew his big cock will be able to enter me ass and give me so much pleasure, Govinda fuck me harder like you did in my pussy”.

Govinda pulled out telling Khan to lie down and making me ride Khan’s cock in my pussy. While I was riding Khan, Govinda put his mouth to my gaping ass licking and lubricating with his saliva. He got behind me pushing his cock in one stroke inside my ass fucking me with strong thrusts.

For the second time I had two cocks fucking me together and now I was really enjoying it. Both of them continued nonstop for over 15mins, soon Khan stiffened and came in my pussy. Govinda continued for another 10minutes before he came in my ass.

I lay on the bed while both of them sat on either sides of me feeling and admiring my body. I said “I am really tired and thirsty, please get me something”. Govinda asked “Gudiya do you want to have the same milkshake I brought last time or can I get you fresh sugarcane juice”?

I said “bring me sugarcane juice please”. While Govinda went to get the juice Khan took me to his bathroom and cleaned and dressed me up. Govinda gave me two glasses of sugarcane juice. While I was drinking Khan asked “Gudiya, tell me honestly, didn’t you enjoy getting fucked by us together”?

I honestly thoroughly enjoyed this dual penetration fuck so I said “yes Khan, I really enjoyed it, I don’t know why I was unnecessarily getting scared. From now on when we get time I want to enjoy with both of you together”.

While we were talking the closing bell went off. Khan and Govinda quickly rushed to their work. I picked up my bag and sneaked home quickly before Hardeep finds me. I freshened up wearing my usual evening play clothes with red bra and panties inside.

I was proud that today I was able to handle two big cocks simultaneously in two back to back fucking sessions. I counted the money, Pillai gave me 30k and Prakash 10k. I figured that they were paying me 10k each for every day I had sex with them.

I was thinking about today’s list where I still had to meet Vikas, the boys and Hardeep before I get back home to dad. I decided I will enjoy with the boys first, then go to Vikas’s place, then to the playground and after that with Hardeep.

The doorbell rang, I was expecting Hardeep but when I answered the door I saw Amir. I greeted him and asked “why are you here”? He said “I came to ask you if we could all come now”? I asked “who all”, he said “me, Mahesh, Vivek and Amit”.

I asked him about the condoms and he showed me a packet in his pocket, I called him inside and took him to my parent’s bedroom. We quickly removed our clothes and I lay on the bed. He got on top kissing followed by sucking my boobs.

After some time, I made him lie down and switched to 69 and told him to eat my pussy while I sucked his cock. He said “your hairless pussy is tasting even better” and continued licking for some time.

I asked him to wear a condom and lie down. I pushed his cock inside my pussy and started riding him. During this he was trying to squeeze my bouncing boobs but couldn’t. He mounted me in missionary position and resumed fucking me.

Now he was able to squeeze and suck my boobs while fucking giving me loads of pleasure. He continued for over 10minutes and came in my pussy and collapsed on me panting. I pushed him on the bed and removed his condom and started sucking his cock again.

After about 5minutes he was hard again. I got in doggy position on the edge of the bed and told him to fuck me. He wore a condom and pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking with powerful thrusts for another 10minutes.

I told him to stop and guided his cock in my ass and asked him to continue. He held my hips and resumed thrusting harder and about 5minutes later he came. He sat on the bed heavily panting while I removed the condom and sucked him clean.

I rolled the used condoms in a paper and told him to dispose it. I said “tell the boys I am waiting for them”. He left and I cleaned up and wore my nighty and ate some snacks. 10minutes later the doorbell rang again.

I welcomed Amir, Mahesh and Vivek inside and locked the door. Today all of them were behaving decently and not like yesterday. I told Amir to follow me when Mahesh also stood up saying he also wants to join.

I refused and took Amir to my bedroom locking the door also covering the key holes. Amir removed all his clothes and my nighty. He kept a packet of condoms on the side table while I lay on the bed and he got on top.

We kissed and then he came down to squeezing and sucking my boobs for a while. I got in 69 position making him eat my pussy while I sucked his cock. He said “your pussy is looking out of this world”.

After a few minutes he signalled me to stop and wore a condom and mounted me doggy style. Today he was fucking me much faster than yesterday. In nearly 10minutes he came in my pussy and sat down removing the condom.

He said “I want to fuck your butt now”, I said “ok provided you are gentle and with a condom”. He agreed and I kneeled between his legs sucking his cock till it became hard again. He asked me to lie on my chest mounting me from behind.

I guided his cock in my ass and after a few slow strokes he was fully inside and resumed fucking full speed. He was kissing behind my neck and back while fucking and this gave me lots of pleasure. A little over 10minutes, he came in my butt.

He got off me and I gave him the used condoms in a paper to dispose and he left. I took Mahesh inside and closed the door without locking it. I shouted at him asking “who do you think I am”? He grabbed my hair bringing my face close to his saying “a whore”.

I got really furious and kicked his nuts, he fell on the floor in lots of pain. I opened the door and told him to get out of my house. He tried apologising but I did not listen and pushed him out of my main door and gate and locked it.

I came to Vivek who was sitting on the diwan saying “I am sorry for what happened”. Vivek took me in his arms kissing me saying “Preeti I am totally with you, you did the right thing. So don’t be sorry at all”.

I said “I am scared Mahesh will go around telling the entire neighbourhood that I have been having sex with you all”. He said “don’t worry, I will handle it and make sure he does not tell anyone”.

I removed my nighty and sat in his lap on the diwan. We kissed and he played with my boobs and sucked my nipples for some time. He was very gentle with me. I could feel his hard cock in my butt so I got up removing his clothes and getting into 69.

Now he was eating my pussy while I was sucking his cock. He said “I have never seen a pussy as beautiful as yours even in porn movies”. A few minutes later he made me lie on the diwan and put on a condom and mounted me missionary style.

He fucked me with slow strokes and went on for a very long time. He was constantly sucking my boobs and kissing all over my face. I switched positions getting on top riding him, he said “I like this position because I enjoy seeing your bouncing boobs”.

A few minutes later he stiffened and came inside me, we both lay on the diwan panting and got up after a few minutes. I removed his condom and started sucking his cock again.

Within a few minutes he was hard, I asked “are you ready to do once more”? He said “yes”, I put a condom on his cock and got in doggy position on the edge of the diwan.

He pushed his cock in my pussy and resumed fucking. This time he was fucking me much faster and harder. After 5minutes I told him to stop, guiding his cock into my ass.

He resumed fucking me and said “babe fucking your ass feels out of this world”. After another 10minutes he came inside my butt, I asked “how was it”? Vivek said “it was wonderful and I really enjoyed it”.

I rolled the used condoms in a paper and gave it to him. Before leaving he gave me 2k saying “thank you for showing me heaven on earth”. I said “if I accept the money then that would make me someone else”.

He said “no, don’t even think of that ever. I am giving you money out of appreciation”. He left and I took a quick bath, got ready wearing a red blouse top and long black skirt with red bra and panties inside.

I called Vikas from our landline and told him to pick me up from a place nearby my house in 5 minutes. I locked the house after cleaning and left. Vikas was already waiting, I got on his bike and went to his place.

I was anticipating a lot of action today with Vikas. He took me straight to his bedroom and asked me to strip and lie on the bed. He removed his clothes kneeling with his cock near my face and I started sucking him.

He told me to lie down putting on a condom and mounted me missionary style. He pushed his cock inside my pussy in one stroke, it did not hurt because I was so used to having cocks often in my pussy.

He sucked my nipples for a few minutes only but I so much wanted more. He was purely focussed on fucking and asked me to get in doggy position. He pushed his cock in my pussy from behind and resumed fucking me.

He went on nonstop for his usual time and came inside me. We both lay on his bed catching our breath. About 5minutes later he told me to suck his cock again which I did.

Then he got up and put on a condom telling me to get in doggy position. He did not lubricate my ass even with his saliva or jelly and holding my hips he pushed his cock into my butt in one hard stroke.

I screamed and buried my face in the mattress to muffle it. He continued fucking my butt very hard. Today I was just not enjoying sex with Vikas and it all seemed like a formality letting him fuck me.

He fucked for nearly 20mins before cumming in my butt. I did not even have one single orgasm and was totally disappointed with him. We both lay on the bed for a while after which he went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

I went next and got dressed, I asked “did you enjoy”? He said “absolutely yes”. I kissed him thanking for the wonderful time he gave me. I asked him to drop me near the playground.

We got on his bike and I got off one street before the playground and walked because I did not want any of the boys seeing me with Vikas. It was almost dark and everyone was sitting at our usual place.

I went and sat with Hardeep, he asked “how was your day”? I said “except for Mahesh everything was fine”. He asked “what happened”? I looked around and saw Mahesh sitting at a distance staring at me.

I told Hardeep everything also that I threw him out of my house after kicking his balls. Hardeep was furious after hearing all this, he was about to go deal with Mahesh but I stopped him.

I said “Vivek has already promised to handle it. If Mahesh approaches me again then you can do whatever you want. Now let’s go to your place and have a good time and stop thinking about all this”.

We reached his place, once inside we removed all our clothes, I lay on his bed. Hardeep got on top and went mad smooching me and fondling my boobs. Finally, I was experiencing real pleasure again and was very happy.

Hardeep squeezed my boobs and sucked my nipples for a long time before going down to my pussy. He expertly ate my pussy for a while giving me my long overdue orgasm.

I pushed him on the bed and started sucking his cock. Thanks to all my experience sucking so many cocks of various sizes, I was now able to take almost his full length in my mouth.

He was letting out pleasure moans already, a while later I stopped and asked him for a condom. He opened his cupboard and gave me a black plastic bag with 5 big boxes of condoms.

I asked “why so many”? He said “now that you are fucking so many so you will need it”. I put s condom on his cock guiding it into my pussy riding him. He complimented me saying “your knowledge of sex positions has improved”.

I thanked him and continued riding for a while. Then we switched positions, he mounted me missionary style fucking me. I saw the time, at exactly 10minutes he came inside me.

I asked “can you play a xxx movie while we both take some rest”. He started the movie and we both sat on the bed watching it. In this movie there were two men enjoying with a woman.

I recollected when Prakash and Pillai fucked me together and today when Khan and Govinda fucked me twice together. To pull my leg he said “if you had taken Mahesh’s offer then today you would have experienced this”.

I snapped at him saying “I am happy to enjoy with one at a time because focussing on two cocks together is out of my league”. We laughed and I saw his cock was hard again.

I sucked him for some time and put a condom and got in doggy position. I knew very well that he would fuck my ass now. Hardeep came behind me licking my ass for a few minutes and pushed his cock inside and resumed fucking.

He hugged me from behind pulling me to him while fucking. I really enjoyed this because he was squeezing my boobs and fingering my pussy while fucking my ass at the same time.

He lasted for close to 15mins cumming in my ass giving me another good orgasm. We both lay on the bed watching the movie for some more time and went to the bathroom and cleaned up together.

Hardeep gave me 4 boxes of condoms wrapped in the black cover telling me “keep it. I will get you more whenever I ask him again”. We smooched and he walked me home.

Let me know how you liked this and I will post more parts, you can reach me on [email protected] with your suggestions and feedback.

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