The New Girl-13

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts here The New Girl – 12

I was very happy to be earning money while enjoying the sex. I saw the time, it was 3pm and I still had 30mins to spare. I remembered the way Govinda fucked me so decided to go early to them so I will get enough time to rest.

I met Khan at the main gate, he asked “Gudiya you came early”? I said “I am going to your room, bring Govinda quickly so we can all enjoy together”. He said “you be ready on the bed, I will bring him right away”.

I went to his room and put the money envelopes in my bag, removed all my clothes and lay on his bed naked. A few minutes later both came and saw me lying nude on the bed. They locked the door and quickly removed all their clothes.

Both came near the bed, I held Govinda’s cock licking it trying to take it in my mouth. After a lot of effort, I was only able to take a few inches in my mouth. I continued licking his entire shaft to compensate giving him pleasure.

Meanwhile Khan came between my legs eating my pussy and ass. Both switched places after a while and now Khan was in my mouth while Govinda was eating my pussy and ass. Khan now gave him a condom.

I said “please do it slowly this time, don’t tear my pussy like last time or I will never let you fuck me again”. Govinda nodded in affirmative and positioned his cock at my pussy and started pushing gently entering little by little.

This time he entered without hurting, He fucked me for over 15minutes while Khan’s cock was fucking my mouth. I felt another orgasm building and realised that Khan had still not cum. Khan now pulled out of my mouth and asked me to switch places.

Govinda lay on the bed and I got on top inserting his cock in my pussy riding him. Khan wore a condom and came up behind me positioning his cock in my ass. I said “Khan please don’t do it, I cannot handle two cocks. You can take turns after Govinda finishes”.

Khan said “Gudiya you only said we will enjoy together, you don’t worry, just give me one chance and trust me you will really enjoy this”. Before I could say anything more, he held my waist pushing his cock deep in my ass fucking me in rhythm with Govinda.

The pleasure of having two cocks fucking you together was out of this world. Soon I had an intense orgasm while both of them were still fucking me. About 10minutes later Khan released his cum in my ass while Govinda continued fucking my pussy.

Khan sat on the bed watching me ride Govinda. Govinda made me to stand leaning against the wall, he came from behind pushing his cock in my pussy fucking me. His powerful thrusts were bouncing me up in the air as I was now only supported by his big cock.

He had serious stamina and went on for a very long time. He said “Gudiya your pussy is really awesome, I want to fuck your beautiful ass now. I am sure it will be equally awesome”, I said “Govinda please spare my ass, I am scared your huge cock will tear my ass”.

He said “Gudiya Please let me try only once, I will not push it in fully”. While talking to me he was already inserting his cock in my ass. Since I was standing with my weight falling on him, his cock naturally entered my ass stretching it wide.

He grabbed my butt cheeks spreading them wider slowly pushing more of his cock inside. Luckily while I felt my ass stretch, it felt very good. Maybe all the anal sex I was having recently helped. After pushing a few inches of his cock in my ass Govinda started fucking me standing.

Because of this position and me constantly falling on him, his cock was naturally entering deeper inside. He continued fucking my ass with slow strokes while cupping my boobs and squeezing them in sync with his thrusts.

I saw Khan was stroking his erect cock sitting on the bed smiling and asked “Gudiya are you enjoying getting fucked by Govinda? I said “I never knew his big cock will be able to enter me ass and give me so much pleasure, Govinda fuck me harder like you did in my pussy”.

Govinda pulled out telling Khan to lie down and making me ride Khan’s cock in my pussy. While I was riding Khan, Govinda put his mouth to my gaping ass licking and lubricating with his saliva. He got behind me pushing his cock in one stroke inside my ass fucking me with strong thrusts.

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