Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

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Thursday July 30, 2020, the date when my world crashed before my eyes. My name is Tommy Edwards. My wife Julie and I moved into the neighborhood eight months ago and immediately felt at home with our neighbors. Our group consisted of neighbors on our street and extended out a couple of blocks. Soon after we moved in, we became regulars at neighborhood barbeques as we all took turns hosting. We enjoyed hanging out and that included a weekly Thursday night poker game that also rotated. During this time the wives went shopping or out to a movie. This Thursday was different in that it was the first time in weeks all of us were together. For one reason or another it seemed that one of the regulars couldn’t make it.

Tonight, we gathered at Sue and Ken Logan’s home. The game usually lasts about three hours as we all had to work Friday morning bright and early, so most of us headed for the door before the 10pm news began. I worked in construction. Mark Collins was employed by the Sheriff’s department as a deputy and his wife Mary worked as a dispatcher for the department. Austin Miller was a computer geek.

He had an IT consulting business where he contracted with several businesses in the area and supplied them with network troubleshooting and he recommended both hardware and software solutions tailored toward the needs of the individual business. His wife Brenda taught at the middle school with my wife Julie and Ken’s wife Susan Logan was the principal. Her husband Ken is partnered with Michael Johnson in their own business. His wife Debbie was happy to be a homemaker and a stay-at-home wife. That about sums up our merry band and little close knit social group.

I watched the guys as we played looking for tells. We bantered about sports and politics but I noticed that the lot of them weren’t concentrating on their poker play. I’m adept at reading people from years of dealing with all sorts of tough no nonsense personalities you find on construction job sites. I read the room and everyone was decidedly a bit off tonight. I didn’t know why or what preoccupied their minds this Thursday but there was tension in the air and it was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Suddenly, without a segue, the talk switched from sports and politics to porn and adult videos.

I sat back and listened to my friends as they discussed adult videos and compared the various genres they preferred. The chatter at the table went from debating batting averages and pennant races to what was better at turning women on more than men. They debated BDSM vs. Lesbian porn. Then someone chimed in that Bi Scenes weren’t nearly as hot as wife swapping and orgies. Suddenly, Ken brought it to the groups attention that I had not ventured a comment. “Are you some type of prude Tommy?”

“Ken, it’s like this,” I replied candidly, “To answer your question I’ve watched porn in the past but not enough to be an expert on the pros and cons of various genres. I haven’t commented because it frankly isn’t in my wheelhouse.” With that Ken informed the group that he had procured some amateur porn and he invited us to join him in his basement theater. He called out to his Susan who just arrived home that, “The boys are going to watch a quick DVD before going home.”

When I arrived in the basement, I was envious as I spotted the two rows of four leather theater seats and the largest television screen I’d ever seen. Ken fired up his 75″ Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV with theater quality Dolby surround sound and inserted the DVD into the Blu-ray player. It was immediately apparent that it was an amateur effort as the graphics were crude although, I had to admit the 75″ QLED screen even made the graphics look good. The homemade menu screen displayed the choices, Preview followed by chapters 1-4.

Ken selected preview and the opening scene faded from black and showed a camera on a tripod pointing toward a bed while a second camera panned around the room. I was shocked to see a nearly naked Susan Logan on the bed and Ken Logan standing beside the bed, naked and sporting an impressive semi-hard cock. His wife had on white nylons and a white garter belt with a white half-cup brassiere that pushed up and left most of her breasts exposed along with her pierced nipples. Each nipple had what appeared to be a one-inch gold ring in it.

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