Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging


Julie woke up after a restless night sleep. It was Saturday and Tommy had yet to come home or for that matter even bothered to call. Julie dressed and got in her car and headed to Oak Street Coffee & Croissants. She agreed to meet Susan for coffee and this was the place Susan asked her to meet at. When Julie got to the coffee shop, she saw that Susan, Brenda, and Debbie were all there at a table waiting for her. She ordered her coffee and sat down.


Susan Spoke first, “Hi Julie. How are you?”

“I’m okay so far but I still don’t know where Tommy is and I’m worried.”

Brenda chimed in, “Well, it’s really only been one night. I bet he went to a motel to think about things, and he will be home tonight.”

Julie looked less than optimistic when she replied, “I hope so. I hate to think I screwed up our marriage over this.”

“Oh Julie, you guys will be fine. Some guys just need a little incentive.” Susan said.

“Like what Ken told me to say?”

Susan practically screamed, “Hell no! Ignore my idiot husband. He’s more concerned keeping you in his bed than he is concerned with your marriage.”

Brenda told Julie, “Please call us when he comes home this weekend. If you need anyone to talk to, you know anyone of us is available.”

Julie asked, “Any idea what I should say to him when he comes home?”

“I would suggest that you not show any anger toward him being gone but tell him how concerned you were about his safety and well-being. Ask him if he wants to talk about anything or ask you any questions.” Susan chimed in.

Brenda added, “I agree. I would understand you being mad because he has not called or let you know anything but under these circumstances, I’d give him his space but try and be loving but not too loving if you know what I mean.”

Debbie had not said anything and was sipping her coffee while the other two talked with Julie. After some more conversation, Brenda reminded them that the card game was at their house this Thursday. They all exchanged some encouraging words toward Julie, and everyone left and went their separate ways. I was getting worried as Tommy had not yet arrived home and I still hadn’t received a call from him or his whereabouts. I cooked one of his favorite dinners in anticipation of his arrival but after I waited hours for him and since it was nearly eight, I put the remains into the refrigerator and watched some television. I stayed up until 2am and waited and hoped he’d come through the door. When I did finally surrender to the exhaustion, I had a restless night’s sleep.

Another day passed and still no word from Tommy. Susan had called and checked on her as had Brenda. Julie asked, “Susan should I report him as a missing person to the police?” Susan replied, “No Julie, it hasn’t been 48 hours and I believe he’s alright just not alright with the situation and we’ve got Ken to thank for that!” Julie waited frantically for some word of Tommy or for him to come home. Sunday night was a repeat of the previous two nights as I barely slept.”

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