Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

I called Julie who again answered almost immediately with, “I love you, Tommy!”

I asked her if she planned to go to the party Friday night and Julie said that she had hoped that we would go together. I asked her if she was wanted to have sex with someone else and she said no that she just wanted to be with me and that she only did that to make me happy. I asked, “Have you received any emails from Ken?”


She confessed that, “He had sent me one last night and asked if I was planned to keep the appointment at the piercing studio on Tuesday.”

I asked, “Julie, have you replied yet?”

“No, I haven’t. Do you want me to get my nipples pierced?”

“I’ve never asked you to do that or anything else. If you get them pierced it should be because you wanted it done and not because someone asked.” He thought, especially that asshole Ken.

“So, I should tell him no then, right?”

“It’s your body baby. You do what you want.”

“Would you like me to get my nipples pierced?”

I considered her question and told her that, “I’m alright with it, if you choose to do it.” I asked her the 64,000-dollar question, “Do you want to continue together as a faithful husband and wife forsaking all others?”

“You mean like the wedding vows?” She asked.

“Yes Julie, like wedding vows.”

“I do Tommy. I only want you. I love you and I’ve missed you.”

I told her, “I’ll be home next weekend. If anyone asked, I want you to tell them that you’ll be at the party Friday. If they ask about me, tell them you haven’t heard from me since I sent the pizza.”

“Okay baby, I can do that.” Then, I told her something I hadn’t been able to say in such a long while.

“I love you, Julie.”

“I love you, Tommy.”

The call finally ended but for the first time in weeks I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

I heard through Susan that the group had worried about me all week and wondered if anything was going to happen to any of them. Paranoia was not always a good thing. Ken had asked Susan to see if Julie was coming Friday. Susan told me she had talked with Julie at work and Julie told her that she would be there dressed as Ken had requested. Susan told me she was pissed at that comment but let it slide, since she knew that after tonight, she would have some control over Ken that he may or may not like. I stopped by the school on Friday afternoon with a box addressed to the principal. I called and confirmed that she had received delivery. I asked her if she had opened it and she said yes, I couldn’t wait. I laughed and said that he would see her at 8:00 p.m.

I watched from a distance as the group filtered in and began the ritual of idle chatter and relaxed with drinks before the night’s main event commenced. Per my instructions Julie arrived last in a blue summer dress wearing nylons and short matching heels. Her eye make-up was a bit darker than normal but her bright red lips showed her smile to perfection. She was the prettiest woman at the party.

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