A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

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The aroma of cedar drifts through our open window as I lounge in bed on a warm spring morning. The snow from a few weeks ago is just about gone, and the scent of damp pine needles that carpet the forest floor adds another layer of freshness to the morning air. It’s been a long cold winter, and this is the first warm morning we’ve had in a few months.

The welcoming breeze envelops me when I fold the sheet away, and there’s a calmness in the air. I take a deep breath while listening to the birds chirping and the squirrels running up and down the tree trunks. My soul fills with spring happiness.

My senses awaken, and I notice an ache that I haven’t felt in a while. I have a morning erection standing tall and proud, wanting attention. I take hold of my hard-on and stroke it.

“Shit, this feels good,” I silently tell myself.

Alex, my wife, lies next to me and stirs. I slow my stroking, but she moves more and moans. I must have woken her. Shit…she’ll have my head. This is her first day of spring break, and she wanted to sleep late. She rolls toward me and flops her arm across my stomach. Resting her leg across mine, she snuggles in and curls up next to me. Her firm nipples press against my side, causing my cock to pulse. I love my wife’s breasts. Even though she’s in her early forties, her tits are still firm and luscious. I place my right arm around her and scoop her ass in my hand to pull her closer. She moans again and slides her leg higher until it’s on my hard cock. Alex opens her eyes and nestles into me further. She is past the point of no return, so I kiss her forehead, and she moans again.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I say. “I can’t believe how nice the weather has gotten. Not bad for March.”

Alex sits up and moves her hand down to grab my shaft. The corners of her mouth curl upward into a mischievous smile as she tightens her grip and slowly jacks me.

Staring down at me, she says, “Forget about the weather. I can’t believe how hard your penis is… your ED medication really works. You’d think it was asking for some special attention or something.”

“You know me. I never turn down the opportunity for special attention.”

Alex leans down, kisses the tip of my cock, and licks along the slit. Precum attaches to the end of her tongue, creating a string of viscous liquid between my crown and her lips. Leaning down, she wraps her mouth around my cock, and slowly engulfs my member. She’s halfway down when I feel the back of her throat, and she stops, sliding her lips back up while her tongue flicks against my shaft. My cock pulses again, and Alex moans. Diving deeper, she drives her lips down to my stomach. Her tongue reaches out and licks my balls before she slides back up, coating my cock with her saliva.

Taking a deep breath, Alex licks her lips and goes back to my cock, licking it like an ice cream cone before she crawls on top of me. Then, placing my cock against her wet pussy, she gyrates her hips to tease me.

Since I regularly began taking Cialis, my erections have been like they were when I was a teenager. I feel like a man again. I know my wife felt neglected when I couldn’t get an erection, and it’s nice to be able to show how much I desire her.

Erectile dysfunction was one of the reasons we stopped swinging. I told Alex she could keep fucking other men if she wanted because I felt terrible about not being able to please her. She told me that she loved me and it didn’t matter that much.

She slides my cock inside her and sits back. Reaching up, I take handfuls of tit and squeeze gently. My thumbs and forefingers pinch her nipples as I gently pull on them. She moans again and rocks her hips faster. Leaning down, we kiss, her tongue shooting into my mouth.

Rolling us over, I place my elbows next to her ears and lift my body away from her. She wraps her legs around my waist and plants her feet against my ass, driving my cock into her. I jackhammer into her as her eyebrows furrow. My breaths become shallow, so I consciously breathe deeply and let it out slowly. I do this over and over to regulate my breathing so I can last longer.

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