A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

“Fuck! This feels so good, Erin. Don’t stop!”

Erin goes faster, fucking Alex so hard, she moves the couch with each driving thrust. I stroke my cock more quickly, feeling like I’m going to come any minute.


“What would you do if Steve walked in on us right now?” Erin asks.

“Fuck!” Alex gasps. “I’d take his cock…ughh…in my mouth…hmph…and

suck on him while you fucked me.”

Erin looks back over at me and nods for me to join them. I quickly remove my clothes and stand in front of Alex, my cock inches from her face. She opens her eyes and gasps, making her shock evident. I grab the back of her head and guide her lips to my cock, and she sucks me into her mouth. Erin pumps into Alex hard, forcing her mouth down my cock. Erin’s fingers dig into Alex’s hips as she drives into her and then stops. Alex comes off my cock, breathing hard.

“Let’s take this to the bedroom,” Alex huffs.

She straightens up, takes Erin by the hand, and leads her to the bedroom. I’m behind them, watching Erin’s ass sway, thinking how awesome it’s going to be to fuck her. The lust I have for Erin overflows, and I reach out, caressing her ass as she walks in front of me. She looks back at me with a lascivious grin. At that moment, I want nothing else but to sink my cock into her. I’m suddenly struck by the fact that I don’t see a harness or straps for the dildo she’s wearing. I tell myself that she probably has a strapless one.

We get to the bedroom, and Alex steps around Erin, who still has her back to me.

“Get on the bed, Erin, and lie on your back,” Alex tells her.

Alex stands in front of me, wraps her arms around my neck, and gets on her tippy toes to kiss me. “You aren’t upset, honey?”

“Upset? No way! I’m looking forward to this.”

“Well…don’t be shocked by what you see next.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just keep an open mind, and we’ll all have fun.”

“Sure, baby. I’m game for whatever.”


She kisses me again and then steps away from me, and that’s when I see it. My stomach lurches, and I gasp. Erin doesn’t have a pussy…she has a cock and a nice one at that. I’m not new to seeing transsexuals; I mean, Alex and I have watched shemale porn and even fantasized about having a threesome.

“I want to watch you suck her cock,” Alex says.

“Really? I’ve never done that before.”

“Try it.”

I kneel on the bed and lean down to swipe my tongue along Erin’s shaft. The taste of my wife’s pussy is still fresh and encourages me. I slide my lips around her rod and lick her cockhead. I’m not able to take more than a few inches, but I try. Erin tangles her fingers in my hair and pushes my head down onto her cock.

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