A husband discovers his wife’s secret affair

Alex pulls away and pecks Erin on the lips. “Okay, but if he freaks out, we’re going to have some explaining to do.”

I quickly shut my eyes, pretending once again to be asleep as they walk over and kneel beside the lounge chair, one on each side of me.


“Are you sure he’s asleep?” Erin asks. “Look at how wet his cock is.”

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Alex answers.

I can tell Erin is on my right because of her voice. She grasps the base of my cock and jerks me. A tongue touches my cock, and then lips form around the top. It has to be Erin because it doesn’t feel like Alex. She swallows my cock all the way to the base in one swift motion. Damn! A deep moan involuntarily escapes my throat. Erin goes to work, jacking my cock while her lips slide up and down my shaft. My cock pops from her lips, and she licks my shaft from base to tip and back down. Her tongue circles around my cock, and then she takes me back into her mouth. Shit! She’s good! I moan again.

“Fuck, Alex! That feels so good,” I mumble as I open my eyes. I pretend to be startled at seeing Erin sucking my cock, but before I can say anything else, Alex leans over and kisses me deeply. Our tongues dart into each other’s mouths, causing my desire for both her and Erin to escalate.

“Ugh! Fuck! I’m going to come!”

Erin works faster, and my balls tighten, and cum shoots down her throat. Alex pulls away as Erin lifts off me. They look at each other and kiss, sharing my seed between them. I grab my cock and stroke it while watching them. Alex stands up and straddles me before lowering herself onto my cock. She bounces rapidly, driving me deep inside her while Erin stands behind her and holds her boobs. When Alex leans back to kiss Erin, my rod pulses again. Having Alex fuck me while she kisses Erin is too much!

“I’m going to come again,” I tell Alex. She just moans and goes faster. They stop kissing, and Erin looks down at me with a lustful grin. I come. Hard!

“Fuuuuuuck!” I groan.

My cock stops pulsing, and Alex leans down, and we kiss deeply again. She lifts her pussy off my cock and moans into my mouth. Erin kneels down, slides my rod into her mouth, and then sucks on Alex’s pussy to get my cum out of her. Alex sits back up, and Erin stands over her. Alex leans her head back, and Erin drips my spunk from her lips into Alex’s mouth. They kiss again, their tongues wrapping around each other as they swap spit and cum.

“Fuck, you two are hot!” I say.

They break their kiss, and Alex looks at me. “So, now that our secret is out, you don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? Hell no!”

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