Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

When I arrived in the basement, I was envious as I spotted the two rows of four leather theater seats and the largest television screen I’d ever seen. Ken fired up his 75″ Samsung Neo QLED 8K Smart TV with theater quality Dolby surround sound and inserted the DVD into the Blu-ray player. It was immediately apparent that it was an amateur effort as the graphics were crude although, I had to admit the 75″ QLED screen even made the graphics look good. The homemade menu screen displayed the choices, Preview followed by chapters 1-4.

Ken selected preview and the opening scene faded from black and showed a camera on a tripod pointing toward a bed while a second camera panned around the room. I was shocked to see a nearly naked Susan Logan on the bed and Ken Logan standing beside the bed, naked and sporting an impressive semi-hard cock. His wife had on white nylons and a white garter belt with a white half-cup brassiere that pushed up and left most of her breasts exposed along with her pierced nipples. Each nipple had what appeared to be a one-inch gold ring in it.


He kissed his wife and climbed into bed as the camera operator moved around the bed shooting the scene. I seemed to be the only shocked person in the room. They were kissing and stroking each other and appeared as if they were about to have sex. The screen faded to black just before they had intercourse and then faded back into the same bedroom except my wife Julie was lying on the same bed. She had on black nylons and a black garter belt and was sporting a black half-cup brassiere like Susan had been wearing.

I felt and saw in my peripheral vision people focused on me and looked for a response while I was determined to be quiet and watch this without an emotional outburst. I didn’t want to give the smug bastards the satisfaction. The camera again panned to a naked Ken with a very stiff cock. The bastard was smiling at the camera, leaned over, and kissed my wife. He climbed onto the bed and continued kissing her while running his hands around her tits and playing with her nipples.

I concentrated on breathing slowly and deliberately as to hide my emotions. He quit kissing her and began sucking on her nipples while his right hand went to her pussy and began playing with it. I watched him lift his head up off her tit as he asked her whose pussy this was. Julie said, “It’s your pussy.” Ken asked, “Whose titties are these?” Julie replied, “They are your titties.” I was livid inside white hot with anger yet I somehow managed to control it as I sat expressionless and watched the performance for my benefit.

Ken told her, Suck my cock!” Like an obedient lap dog my wife scooted down the bed, took his cock in her hand, looked at the camera, smiled and then she kissed the tip. Next, she used her tongue as she licked around the head of his cock before she started taking him in her mouth. He asked, “Is my dick bigger than your husband?”

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