Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Jason looked at me concerned and asked, “Dude, take as much time as you need. So, what’s up with Julie?”

“Well, I have been going through her emails and it looks like Michael and Ken seem to be the ringleaders. It’s mostly Ken who instigated everything. From what I gathered Michael and Debbie and Ken and Susan were spouse swapping with each other and then began targeting others in our social group as they branched out.


The IT boy, Austin, looks like their first conquest. I’m guessing he was doing some type of computer network thing for them. He is sort of a wimp with a very hot and sexy wife. Brenda has a nice ass and a great pair of tits.” Jason walked over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers before he sat down at the table. He passed me a cold one and I continued.

“I think it took some balls to approach Mark Collins and his wife. He’s a Deputy Sheriff and has a lot to lose. According to the emails, there was some mild seduction talk at the monthly barbeque gatherings. However, it was Debbie and Susan who worked on the wives. As Julie and Brenda’s direct supervisor, Susan, commanded their respect and had earned their trust and as such she exerted undue influence over them. So, it was truly a team effort. I think Julie was caught up in this because of her working relationship with the two sluts and her submissive nature. She is a beautiful and attentive wife but she is also rather naive and wasn’t quick to pick up obvious clues that foretold their true agenda.” I took a long pull of my beer.

“Have you thought about your options yet?”

“Yes and no. I’m still really pissed and deeply hurt that Julie could cheat on me with those bastards.”

I told Jason the five options what I had come up with over breakfast this morning. Option #2 is out as I don’t want to ruin my life. Option one is a no go as well. I most assuredly don’t want to be associated with people who seduced my wife behind my back and chose to humiliate me with that filthy, disgusting video and the “little dick” in the group comment. So, it looks like option five–revenge, and there’s no time like the present to begin.”

I pulled out my burner phone. I spoofed my old cell number so it came up on his phone, activated the recording app, and dialed Deputy Mark Collin’s phone.

“This is Mark. Tommy?”

I replied, “Hey Mark, Yeah, it’s Tommy Edwards, is this an inconvenient time?”

“Not at all Tommy, what’s up?”

“Mark are you a special kind of stupid? You dare ask me what’s up as if we planned to get together for golf or something?” I felt snarky as I finally directed some of my anger where it belonged.

“Sorry Tommy.”

“Save the lame ass apologies for now, although, I do have a question. The video, is that how you and Mary were invited to the group?”

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