Poker Group Invites New Couple into Swinging

Susan asked if we had sex and I told her no. She asked what I had said in the morning, and I told her he was gone when I got up to pee. Susan said, “Call him.” When I asked her why, she raised her voice and said, “CALL HIM, NOW!”

Startled, I pulled my cell phone from my pocket and hit the speed dial for Tommy. It went straight to voice mail, and I told him I was just calling to tell him I loved him. I hung up and Susan asked if that was normal. I told her I would call sometimes during the day and leave messages but that it usually rang through. This was the first time I remembered it going straight to voice mail. She told me to call her later tonight because something did not feel right to her.


Julie returned to her classroom to plan lessons. Susan asked Brenda into her office so they could dissect what had happened with Julie and Tommy. “What do you think?” Susan asked Brenda.

She replied, “I’m not sure but I have that same feeling that something isn’t quite right in the Edwards home.”

“Just what’s bothering you?”

Brenda sighed, “I can’t quite put my finger on it but Tommy was way too calm last night after watching that DVD. Coupled with being gone early and the call going straight to voice mail and the fact he had no reaction when Michael said he had the smallest dick in the group. He failed to show any anger or sense of humiliation. Instead, he was a zombie. Susan, I wish I knew.”

Susan became irked and told Brenda, “Michael, that arrogant ASSHAT! First off, we do not know for sure that he has a small cock, and it sure looked like Mr. Three Piece Business Suit looked down his nose at Tommy. He had no intention of treating Tommy, like one of the group, he planned to humiliate him and treated him like a sissy cuckold in one of those damn porn flicks he likes so much.”

Brenda felt exasperated and asked Susan, “Any ideas?”

There was a pregnant pause as Susan pondered Brenda’s question before she replied, “We will just have to see what goes on at the Edward’s house tonight. I sure hope everything is all right. This little club of ours was meant to enrich our sex lives hopefully it hasn’t damaged Julie’s marriage beyond repair. She loves Tommy so much. She’d be devastated.” She added with a genuine hint of sadness.

Brenda replied, “Me too.”


I spent the day at Jason’s place as I sorted through the stuff he downloaded from Julie’s phone. I heard the door open and close and Jason soon appeared in the kitchen where I sat at the table. “Hey Jason, you’re home kind of early.”

“Jeff let me off early to check on you.”

I was unsure as whether I was honored or insulted by that. I realized Jeff and Jason were just looking out for me. It dawned on me that my nerves were a bit raw. I’d been running on anger and adrenaline and hadn’t allowed my pain to surface. “Thanks, and thanks for letting me crash here for a couple of days Jason. You and Jeff are great friends.” I meant that sincerely.

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