A couple explores wifesharing

I love the smell of sunscreen. It reminds me of going away on vacation, of being hundreds of miles away from the responsibilities of your personal and professional life. Of course, I had to remind myself as I applied the sunscreen to my legs on that August afternoon, this wasn’t a vacation. We were merely going across the street to hang out at our neighbors’ pool for the afternoon. Well, we weren’t really hanging out with the neighbors.

We had moved onto our street the month before, and at 31 years old we were by far the youngest couple on the block. Our neighbors across the street were a nice couple in their mid-to-late 50s with grown children. When we moved in and met them, my husband Mark mentioned that he was looking to re-finish the deck on our front porch. Our neighbor Phil suggested that his recent college graduate son could come by and do it for us for cheap. He was moving down to New York in September to start his first real job, but in the meantime he was looking for anything that would get him a couple bucks during his last few weeks home.

A few days later Phil’s son, Cole, showed up at our door and introduced himself. At 22 years old he was quite handsome. He was about 5’10” and was probably slightly under 200 lbs on a very muscular frame. He had wavy, dark brown hair that came out from underneath a beat up baseball cap, and a sleeveless tee revealing a partial sleeve tattoo making its way from his right shoulder down a very well defined bicep. In a lot of ways, he looked like the ultimate college meat head. But at the same time, he was very friendly and polite with us, talking us through his proposal and how he intended to complete the deck stain for us as well as making small talk with us about what it was like growing up in the neighborhood and the people we should make our friends. He was a fun, personable guy, and hiring him seemed like a total no-brainer.

The following Wednesday I came home from work around 7pm. The deck was still drying, but Cole had done a beautiful job. I heard my husband laughing in the backyard, and I went around back to find Mark and Cole drinking a few beers and telling stories about their college days. It was easy for me to tell that Mark was enjoying hanging out with someone a little closer in age than our neighbors, even if nine years was still a big difference. I noticed that Cole kept trying to sneak in looks at me – which I guess wasn’t surprising since I looked good in my work clothes. I wore a basic white sleeveless blouse that showcased my 34C breasts with a navy pencil skirt that accentuated my curves. At 5’2” and 120 lbs, I kept myself in reasonable shape and knew when I was making an impression. Cole affably joked to Mark that it looks like he “outkicked his coverage” in landing me. I blushed at the unexpected flattery.

Later that night Mark and I were in bed together. I was no stranger to him telling me about his fantasies of sharing me with another man. He laid me on my back and kneeled by my head as I began to lick the shaft of his cock. He reached down between my legs with a pocket vibrator that we have. I could tell by his heavier than usual breathing and shaking legs that something had him worked up and hornier than usual. I stopped for a second, looked him in the eye and asked, “what are you thinking about, babe?” Then I took his member as deep in my mouth as it would go. He sighed and spoke. “Babe, I can’t stop thinking about how much I wish that was Cole’s tongue between your thighs instead of this vibrator.” I had always enjoyed him bringing up this fantasy in bed, but something about him being so specific sent me over the edge. Within a few seconds, I had a passionate orgasm that I didn’t want to end. We fucked like rabbits afterward, sharing in the excitement of such a dirty thought.

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That next Saturday morning we were doing some yardwork when Mark’s phone rang. He went inside to take the call and came back outside a few minutes later. When he came out, he said that Cole had just called, wanting to know if we wanted to come hang out at the pool around 2pm. Mark did say that Phil and Linda were gone for the weekend, so it would probably just be the three of us hanging out. A pang of nervousness went through me, as Mark and I hadn’t discussed our little bedroom dirty-talk session, but then I calmed down and figured it’d be fun to relax a bit, and besides it was a hot day to be out working on the house all afternoon.

We walked across the street a few hours later, Mark in a simple t-shirt and men’s trunks, I wore a thin sarong over my violet bikini bottoms. Cole greeted us at the door and took us to the pool out back. He wore long board shorts and that was about it, he had clearly been sitting by the pool all day and was showing off his young, fit, physique. He had a wonderful tan that seemed to advertise his youth and vitality, and I got a nervous lump in my stomach just seeing him. He made us drinks – a gin & tonic for the men, a sangria for me, and we made our way out to the pool. Cole put on some music (a little too loud, in my opinion) – some hip-hop that I wasn’t too familiar with, but then again I’ve been out of college for a decade, and it’s his house.

We hung out in the shallow end for a bit, chatting about Cole’s plans for living in NYC and Mark’s advice for him about where to hang out from his time living there in his early 20s. Eventually we made it out onto the pool chairs to get some sun. Mark got up and got us another round of drinks. Halfway through that one, I was feeling a little tipsy. With no mischief intended, I mentioned that my back and shoulders were sore from the previous day’s gym session. “Well, if everyone’s comfortable with it,” Cole replied, “I’d just like to say that I’ve been told that I give a mean massage.” Mark shrugged and nodded to me, as if to say, “It’s up to you, babe.”

I smiled and laid out on my stomach. “Alright, let’s see what you got.”

The massage was truly amazing. His strong hands were magic across my upper back and shoulders. I closed my eyes and sighed while smiling with a deep content. I opened my eyes to make contact with my husband. I could immediately tell he was already fully turned on. I could almost see his pulse quicken as this fit younger man had his hands all over me. To tease both of them a bit, I arched my back slightly and let a quiet moan leak out from between my lips.

Unexpectedly, Mark got up and said he needed to step inside to use the restroom. Cole continued to knead at my body while my arousal deepened. I wanted to turn around, throw him back on a poolchair, and fuck him as hard as I could. I didn’t even care if Mark watched or not. But of course, that’s not really my style, so I continued to pretend I was relaxed when I was anything but. I noticed that Mark had come outside when I looked over my shoulder, but had sat down on the steps at the edge of the back deck, and was watching us. I didn’t bother asking him what he was doing because he wouldn’t hear me over the loud music. Instead I asked Cole, who said he thought maybe he just wanted to watch from afar. I couldn’t help but notice that Cole’s voice had changed – there was a quiver in his voice, a bit of nervousness.

At that moment he took his hands off my back and I could feel him shift his position. That’s when I felt his lips on the small of my back. I gasped. Partially out of shock, partially out of being turned on in a way I’ve never been before. As he kissed up and down my back, I felt his hands move down to my ass, gently kneading them. I looked back and made eye contact with Mark, who was about 40 feet away. He smiled approvingly. I winked at him.

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Cole untied my bikini top and pulled it off. I arched my back, exposing my breasts for Cole to reach around and gently fondle as he moved up my body and began to delicately kiss my neck. The touch he showed, the lack of aggressiveness that I’d usually expect to see from a stereotypical college “bro”, began to make me a little suspicious that Mark and Cole had planned this. Oh well, I thought, I didn’t care. Here I was being seduced by a guy that I would have killed to be with during my college days, and I didn’t think I had ever felt as wanted in my life. I told Cole to take off his shorts, and as he got off of me I stood up too and removed my bottoms. I could see him staring at my freshly shaved kitty intently, which made me want him more. As his cock came free of his shorts, I could tell it was already at full attention. At about 6 1/2 inches long, it was only slightly larger than Mark’s – but I don’t like them too big. I’m not a very big girl.

Taking charge, I laid out a few towels on the ground and told Cole to lay down on his back. Remembering I was still putting on a show for my husband, I positioned myself on my hands and knees, with my ass and pussy pointed towards my husband. I looked back at him and he looked like he was about to lose his mind at the sight. I turned back to Cole, and looking him deep in the eyes, I flicked my tongue around the head of his cock before taking him as deeply into my mouth as possible. He threw his head back and moaned. I could not believe this was happening.

I continued to suck Cole for a few more minutes. I had given up on looking back for Mark, as I was turned on beyond all imagination and focused on the moment. Just as I remembered Mark was still watching us I felt a tongue slide up the length of my pussy, and a pair of hands take firm grasp of my ass. I moaned with pleasure, thinking to myself that finally Mark had joined the party.

But immediately I knew something wasn’t right.

Mark’s stubble was missing, and his hands felt different. I quickly realized that I was being eaten out from behind by someone I didn’t know! I quickly straightened up on my knees and looked back at the unexpected guest. He was Cole’s age, with a similarly impressive build, maybe a bit taller and less tan, with a buzz cut and calm hazel eyes that screamed lust. “Heather, I’d like to introduce you to my buddy Chris,” said Cole.

“What is this?!” I asked. “I’m a little, uhh – I think this might be a bit more than I bargained for…” I stammered. I looked back to the deck and saw that Mark was still watching. It was obvious that this was all planned now. Mark had gone in and fetched Chris, who had snuck down to the pool without my noticing over the loud hip-hop that was playing. I could tell from looking at Mark that he wanted me to proceed. While still nervous, I gasped when Cole sat up and took my right breast in his mouth, running his tongue playfully over my nipple. At the same time, Chris began to nibble at my shoulder, even though to this point he had yet to say a word.

My nervousness melted away as the two boys made my body their temple and quickly resumed my activity of sucking on Cole’s cock while letting Chris lick me from behind. Chris had obviously had some practice, his nimble tongue ran quickly across the surface of my clit, sending waves of pleasure through me. Sometimes he’d even work the tip of his nose across it, a new sensation to me that drove me crazy with lust. I could also tell Cole was enjoying the situation, as his cock swelled inside my mouth as he became more and more turned on. Chris flipped over and got on his back, positioning his head between me legs, to where I was essentially straddling his mouth. Here, I controlled the pace and the pressure, and within what seemed like the space of a minute I had rocked myself to an earth-shattering orgasm while moaning on Cole’s cock. It’s a good thing the music was loud – what would the other neighbors think?

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“It’s time to see if Cole’s as good as you are,” I purred to Chris. I spun around and mounted Cole’s face in a 69 position, and went back and forth switching between sucking one cock and then the other, while Cole expertly played me with his tongue. Finally getting a look at Chris’s member, I saw that he was the bigger one, but nothing I couldn’t handle. After another few minutes of playing in this position I mounted Cole’s cock in reverse cowgirl position while Chris stood up.

I was in heaven riding Cole’s cock while he grabbed my ass, and I went back and forth sucking Chris. I quickly found myself cumming again, but this time I could feel Cole stiffen inside me. As I was finishing, I felt his whole body begin to shake. I leapt off of him and spun around, just in time to capture his orgasm in my mouth. As I swallowed greedily I suddenly remembered two things: first, I hadn’t finished off Chris yet. Second, my husband was still watching.

I saw that Mark had come down to the pool and taken a seat in a pool recliner for a closer look. I deeply kissed Cole and told him I wanted to play with his friend for a few minutes. I led Chris by the hand over to where my husband was sitting. Mark started to undo the tie on his trunks, desperately trying to free his rock hard cock. With a devilish laugh I stopped him and cooed, “uhh uhh, honey. You set up a threesome. You also chose not to participate. I’m going to let this stranger fuck me right on top of you.” I laid down on my back on the recliner with the back of my head resting against Mark’s stomach. I spread my legs and invited Chris over. Leaning against Mark I could tell that his breathing was very heavy – even though he had been “shot down”, my denial just seemed to turn him on more.

I pressed deeply back against my husband’s body as this kid I had yet to say a word to slid his dick inside me. He began to fuck me at a steady pace as I groaned in ecstasy. Deciding to throw Mark a bone, I grabbed his arms and placed his hands on my breasts. He fondled them, and then grabbed them tightly as I entered the throes of my 3rd orgasm of the afternoon. Moments later, Chris began to quicken his pace, and then quickly pulled himself out of me and dropped several beads of cum across my stomach.

At that, I kissed Mark deeply and asked, “Is that what you had in mind all this time, baby?”

“Oh my god yes.” He responded. “I can’t believe we actually did this!”

“Me neither!” Chris finally spoke.

We all put our swimsuits back on and hung around casually for a bit more before returning home. My husband and I made passionate love later that evening, and he told me afterwards that my performance across the street was truly the sexiest thing he’s ever seen. Since then, our sex life, which was always fantastic, has taken off. We occasionally hit swingers clubs, but nothing will equal that first experience.

Cole ended up moving down to New York two weeks later. We said goodbye as him and his Dad were packing up the truck. Phil said, “Hey, how about that finish job on your deck?”

I looked at Cole and smiled widely. “He does EXCELLENT work.”

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