Two Couples Get Closer When They Go Camping Together

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A fictional story loosely based on some actual experiences. All fictional characters engaged in are over 18.


Bill (William), & Lori (Lorinda), and Cassie (Casandra) & (James) were two couples and close friends. They met as neighbors who did things together until Cassie and Jim moved away. It did not stop them even though the distance was a of hours drive.

They decided to meet at a park that Bill's dad often took him to, and they now were spending some weekends camping, since then it has been a regular meeting place for the two couples. They liked it right away because it still was not heavily used, and the lakes that existed had crystal clear water and were full of fish, they were created by an abandoned mining operation.

The mining company calls it a park for public relations purposes, and I assume they may get some tax relief on the property that way. They do not spend any money keeping it up or operating it, there are few conveniences, and it is not patrolled. The former haul roads built for heavy trucks provided access. Most people did not know about the lakes and/or did not want to make the trek down the dusty roads to find them. Some lakes even required hiking on foot as the roads had grown over, and those lakes had the biggest fish because of their hidden location. The lack of development allowed people who did use the park a lot of places to camp in private. They weren't always close to an old-fashioned outhouse, in fact, few of them even existed at this park.

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The two couples were always close when they were neighbors, but the camping trips seem to make them even closer. They were not naturalists or for sure not . But when young couples are forced to bathe naked and choose to swim that way, it will likely change the way they look at each other.

The opportunity to do more than just bathe nude was utilized by them. They could skinny-dip and play games like naked chicken fighting but always with their own spouse as their partner. It sure made the girl's bodies more familiar to the guys, but the guy's bodies, well, their only private area was usually underwater.

Launching each other for a dive was another fun thing to do while . The guys were not that crazy about launching each other while their cocks were swinging around, but launching the girls, especially the girl they were not married to was popular with both sexes. That was one of the few times they could justify making contact with each other's wives. That made it more popular of course. Games like this are a connection to your wild single years when as a of teens you would gather at a lake and party.

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The fact that there were no restrooms close forced them to just walk into the woods for privacy as they relieved themselves. Usually at night while drinking around the fire, no one wanted to walk into the dark woods, especially the girls. Drinking around the fire was also when their bodies had more liquid to dispose of. As for the guys, the more they drank, the more often and the closer to the fire they pissed. As they got more comfortable with each other as couples, they did not always turn around all the way either. I guess the girls could not complain about the guys whipping theirs out, they did not go much further to squat and pee, it was too scary in the woods after dark. If they turned the other way they would just moon them, they typically squatted side by side and then giggled as they peed.

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