Indian Mother Incest – Mom’s Incestuous relation with her son avoiding her husband

Indian mother incest, I was always taught to revere my mother. In fact mothers are even held higher than god in India! Hence we have a lot of respect and closeness towards our mothers. Mothers also develop a very close relationship with their son’s and even after they become men! They even become very protective against their son’s wife.

I always thought it is a normal thing for every son to have a highly protective mother. But after reading some psychoanalysis texts, I came to know that Indian mothers have a reversal of Oedipus complex. That is, the mothers are emotionally and sexually attracted to their sons. Indian mothers are even compared with Italian and Japanese mothers who also have very close relationships with their son. In real life though, this may or may not be true as we don’t know the real feelings of our mothers.


But it is a proven fact that mothers take sexual pleasure in breasting feeding their sons. Some mothers even confessed that they had orgasms while their sons were sucking their milk filled breasts. So, to all the sons out there, we all might have already had sex with your mothers and satisfied her even when we were young!

I have to confess, reading psychoanalysis as changed the way I looked at my mother! Suddenly she became a woman to me. Now I respect her more but I also admire her sexually. Since then I generated sexual desires for her. She has become my object of lust even more than the sexy actresses we see on screen. So whenever I saw pictures of naked or scanty clad actresses, I replace them with my mother in my mind.

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To tell you the truth, my mother is no way a sexy bitch like the actresses. She is 45, and a housewife she looks like Smriti Irani. Now I will let you imagine her body. If you know Indian mother-house-wives in their forties, you would have imagined fat, plumy and droopy, draped in a cotton sari. That’s exactly how my mom is! But she has a great and attractive face though! But if you see her body, she resembles a typical Indian mother; well fucked and used on bed, her belly with plenty of birth marks, and a face that has learnt to suppress her ever growing lust.

She may not sound sexy to you but she is a knockout for me. I am sure every son will feel the same as me once they make their mother a sexual object to desire for! I am proud to say I have hots for my mother!

Time to get to my story! Needless to say my mother’s name is Karpagam and my dad’s name is Ramanathan! I am their only son and I am 23 yrs. old and I have just finished my degree and joined a company as a trainee. I lusted for my mother’s body for more than two years now and I slept every night after masturbating thinking of her. I was constantly looking for an opportunity to seduce her but never had guts to do it. Mostly because of my Dad. I did not want to hurt him I suppose!

But I did something which my Dad would never know. Stealing my mother’s dirty laundry! Yes! My mother is tidy enough to change her undies every day and I enjoyed her fresh laundry every day. I made a habit to steal her bra, panties and petticoat whenever I wanted to fuck her. I used to spread her clothing on my bed and masturbate on them. I used to deposit on her fresh used panties and bras and also wipe off my cum with her petticoat. I use to replace them back in the laundry the next morning.

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Sometimes, I also used to steal her fresh bra, panties, and petticoat and used them to deposit my cum on them after masturbation. After they were dry enough I used to replace them in her fresh clothing and enjoyed seeing her wear my cum filled undies. I used to satisfy myself that way, that at least my cum is touching my mother’s breasts and her pussy.

My luck turned as I got transferred to XYZ town and it is very much famous for Halwa. My dad and mom decided my mother will accompany me. I never rejected the decision as I was looking forward to get my mother alone. A year ago we moved there in April. It is summer time and was very hot! We rented a single bedroom house. We took two single mattresses with us, which we slept on them in the same room. Needless to say, from the day one, I have been looking for an opportunity to fuck my mother.

The opportunity came when my mother wanted to watch a movie one evening. I could not make it for the 6pmshow so we went to 9pmshow. It was supposed to be a family movie but suddenly in the middle of the movie they started showing a blue movie. Since we were new to this town, we didn’t know about that theatre that shows adult bits during night shows. It was a story about a cheating wife. They were showing all the sex scenes and me and mother felt a bit uneasy after five minutes. I asked mom if she wants to go but she said if I want to! How can I miss my chance of a blue movie on big screen and also a possible chance of getting my mother lustful? I sat back and we watched. I know she would like to watch sex stuff as I used to see her watching late night movies in the night on TV. After forty-five minutes of hot steamy sex scenes and the cheating wife being fucked by more than five people, they resumed the normal movie.

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When the movie finished, my mind was full of sex scenes I saw and I completely forgot what the real movie was. It was then I noticed there were a lot of couples around us and they were all looking at us weirdly as we walked out together. As we came home, I and mother talked only for a minute or so. We came home, changed our clothes and mom fixed our beds all in lost out mode. As I locked the doors and switched off the bedroom light, I could not help but to see mom’s naked midriff flesh and ass .

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