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Marina didn’t know how it happened. They all lived in the dormitory of the Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University, and as the end of the semester was fast approaching, they wanted to make the most of their last days together. Marina had known her friends Zhenya and Larisa since her freshman year and had lived with them in the same dorm room on Ligovsky Prospect for more than four years. They had experienced ups and downs, and they had a strong friendship, which they hoped would continue after graduation. Even though they would move to different cities in our vast country to start a new chapter of their lives.

She was always more reserved. Marina didn’t usually go to parties, and if she did, it was only for something she considered important, like a birthday party for a close friend. Today they were celebrating their last days together in the dorm.

As a rule, she didn’t like to get drunk. Alcohol, it wasn’t her thing. But this time, for some reason, she’d had one more glass of wine and was already feeling a little tipsy. They went out and partied, all over the dormitory building. Marina and her friends were having a great time. And, going from room to room of the dorm, they found themselves here. At a round table, playing strip poker in the room, with four young guys they had never seen before, considering they were exchange students, from African countries. Angelo, Rodri, Rafael and Daniel – four guys crammed into a small room – had travelled to Russia to become doctors at our university and were now studying Russian before starting their classes. This information was passed on by Zhenka much later. At that time Marina had no idea who they were.

Marina played along, feeling the effects of the alcohol. The first to lose were two, out of four guys who took off their shirts at the same time. Marina felt butterflies in her stomach. They were two handsome black guys, with pronounced muscles and sexy breasts. After a few moments, the remaining guys took off their shirts as well. Then it was Marina’s turn to take something off, from her clothes. She took off her shoes, laughing as she did so. She knew that her room mates, and all her friends for that matter, thought she was a pretty attractive girl, even if she didn’t think she was. At five foot six inches tall, she had a great figure, firm breasts, long blonde hair and green eyes that attracted the attention of anyone who dared to look at her. She was often called shy, but her body said otherwise.

As the game progressed, Zhenka also took off her shoes. She was the complete opposite of Marina, she was short and full, but she had the self-confidence to make up for it. She was known for her perpetual happiness and the joy she gave to everyone who interacted with her. This positive energy affected the other players in the game, to the point where it even helped Marina relax and stop feeling awkward.

Then there was Larissa, the “Fox” of the group, as she liked to call herself. She had long red hair and a fantastic body, which was further emphasised by her impeccable sense of style. Her, breasts were smaller than Marina’s, but her hips were incredibly beautiful. She also maintained a tan, all over her body, running to the tanning salon in the winter, no matter what time of year it was. Larissa was always the one at whose feet men fell. And then, everywhere and anywhere. Larissa enjoyed sex and did everything possible to get it as much pleasure as possible. So when she lost at cards, instead of modestly taking off her high-heeled shoes, she took off her blouse. Her girlfriends laughed at the shocked expressions on the faces of the four guys as she took a front row seat in front of the table where the card game was taking place with her beautiful breasts encased in a sexy bra.

The temperature in the room was rising, so Angelo, acting as the guys’ spokesman and who spoke Russian better than anyone else, suggested changing the game with higher stakes. It was clear that the ultimate goal was to get naked and see where that would lead, so they simplified the game and raised the stakes. We split into two groups, boys and girls. They each turned over a card at the same time. The team with the lowest card had to remove an article of clothing. Lariska went all-in, taunting the black boys.

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