My First sex in college

Hi Viewers, This is krish. The story im about to describe happened few years back and it was my first sex with my gf. To describe about her she was a medium size figure but beautiful. We first got in to relationship and had our physical contact. It all started when I hugged her for

Sister Act

I had to think it. Work had sucked. Okay work had sucked bad. Advertising was a nasty business and no amount of “go team go”ing would ever make it better. It may beat digging ditches which is something I said often but that didn’t change how mentally taxing it was. My head was full of

Me and My girlfirend’s Sexual encounter with stranger Swiggy Boy

Hello, Sex4stories readers, this story is about me and my girl friend Veena(Cousin) having sex with strangers. As this is our first story please forgive for mistakes. without delay i directly entering to story. me myself Kannan 25 years old male working in private bank. my girl friend is 24 yrs with perfect shape with

A mother with a “little secret” seduces her son’s girlfriend

Sex stories, A mother with a “little secret” seduces her son’s girlfriend, I heard the front door open and my son Josh talking to his girlfriend as they came into the house. “Hey kiddo!” I called out from the kitchen, sticking my head around the wall. “Do you two want an after school snack? Pineapple was on

MILF interrupts her daughter’s BJ, then fucks me

Milf Kitty.. I probably should have expected something like this. After all, I was a rather established twenty-nine year-old and dating a nineteen year-old co-worker, who was sitting on the couch in her parents’ living room and ardently sucking my cock with a skill and enthusiasm that was well beyond her tender years. I was

My girlfriend’s BFF interrupts us in the middle of well

Ali had already cum and I was only seconds away when we heard her friend Wendy calling from downstairs. “Ali, are you up there?” Insanely, I wondered whether I could cum before Wendy made it up the stairs. Ali took the decision away by rolling out from under me. “We’re on our way downstairs,” she

He watches his girlfriend get fucked by another guy

“Happy 25th Birthday Skyller” I hear my boyfriend, Taylor, tell me on the phone as I’m trying to wake up. Taylor is a handsome hunk of man standing six feet tall, 200 pounds, blonde hair, and blue eye surfer boy. We are quite the contrasting pair with me at 5’5″ tall, 145 pounds, brown hair,

Man finds out his girlfriend is cheating and might like it

Sorry this is so long and maybe not written well. I tried to cut out what I can. It definitely fucked up my idea of a relationship and made me want to share my significant other in every relationship I’ve had since, including my wife of 8 years. After my freshman year of college, when

Nervous girlfriend shares first time anal experience

My friend Amy took her first cock in the ass dry while she was camping. I always thought that I was sexually adventurous, a slut perhaps, but I was amazed when she told me. I loved getting my ass eaten out by my partners but I was convinced that my backdoor was too tight for