Coming To Mom’s Rescue

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“You son-of-a-bitch. Get out!” Brenda Connelly screamed at her husband.

“Karen just let me explain.” The words had barely gotten out of his mouth before he had to duck to avoid being hit by a vase she had thrown across the room.

“I told you to get out!” Brenda screamed again. “I packed your fucking bags. Now go be with your lover!”

It was over. Twenty-one years of marriage was over. David Connelly knew there was no use and in a way a strong sense of relief rushed over him. Turning he picked up his luggage and walked into the hallway. Then stopping he looked back at Brenda.

“I’m sorry Brenda. Tell the kids I am sorry.”

Brenda did not say a word but stood her back toward him waiting for him to leave.

When she heard the front door close Brenda turned and stared at the bed. It had been in this bed both of their children had been conceived. It was in this bed they had made love hundreds of time until his desire for her began to die. It was in this bed that she found the reason several weeks earlier when she had come home from a business trip and found him not with another woman but another man.

As she stood looking at the king size suite she began to sob. It would have hurt had it been another woman but another man? What was wrong with her? What had she not done? A thousand questions rushed through her mind as she threw herself across the mattress her body racked with despair.

Brenda rolled over and looked at the picture on the nightstand. It seemed the only good things that had come of her marriage were her children. There was 21 year old Brian. He looked like a younger version of his father only much more muscular. He had inherited his father’s Italian genes. Tall with coal black hair and piercing brown eyes Brian had more than his share of girlfriends.

Her daughter Sandra had been a bit more of the rebel. Almost twenty she had been blessed not only with her mother’s Irish red hair but her mother’s D cup breasts as well. Sandra had left home and moved in with her brother six months earlier when her father had caught her sucking off the next door neighbors son. She was quickly becoming a bit of a slut and they had thought sending her to stay with her brother would help calm her down.

As Brenda stared at the picture she knew she would have to tell them. How would they accept it? She was not exactly sure. Their father had not gone out of his way to be close to his children but then it’s not every day you find out your father is gay. Still they had to know.

Brenda sat up by the side of the bed. Wiping tears from her eyes she lifted the phone. After dialing Brian’s number she waited for an answer. Finally his voice came over the line.

“Brian? Hi honey this is mom.” Brenda said.

“Mom? Oh hi. How are you.” Brian replied. Brenda thought she heard the faint moaning of someone in the background.

“Is everything ok Brian?” Brenda asked.

“Oh. Ahh. Yes. Yes mom. Everything is just fine” Brian replied in a bit of a flushed voice.

“Listen. I really hate to bother you but I need to talk to you and your sister. Can you come over tonight?” Brenda said.

“Now?” Brian replied. “Mom I don’t know if we.”

Brenda interrupted him. “Brian please. I really need to talk to the two of you. It’s very, very important.”

There was silence for a few seconds then Brian’s voice came back over the phone.

“Ok. Ok Mom. We can be there in about an two hours.” Brian said.

“Good. ” his mother replied. “Oh and Brian would you please stop at the liquor store and pick me up a bottle of rum? I really need a drink.”

“Sure. Anything you say.” Brian replied in a concerned voice. “We’ll be there soon.”

Brenda hung the phone up. Looking into the mirror opposite the room Brenda thought about the turn of events that was changing her life. Standing up she began to unclothe. Finally standing nude the woman looked at the reflection in the mirror.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked. Her tits were still firm and her body in shape. Brenda had been an avid runner and as she turned to the side she could see that even in her forties her ass was still high and tight.

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