Katya in a cosy chair. At a gynaecologist’s appointment

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– What are we complaining about? – the doctor asked Katya.

– Nothing! – she replied, “It’s just that I had a baby three months ago and now it’s a routine check-up.

The doctor looked at his magazine and flipped through something.

– Why did you come here?

Katya was surprised by this question.

– Doctor! I understand that due to maternity leave I rarely come to this place, but you should know your bosses by sight! I am a co-owner of the Relax Hotel.

The doctor raised his eyes from his notes and looked carefully at the girl sitting on the chair on the other side of the table over his glasses and said:

– Katya, I know who you are, and I also know that your gynaecologist is an excellent specialist. Why did you come to me?

Katya was confused for a moment. The reason why she had come here had seemed logical at first, but now…

– Well, I just wanted to be seen by an independent specialist. And then! If the club, or hotel, as the case may be, where I’m a co-owner, has its own specialist, why not use his services?

– Hm! Logical – the doctor started flipping through some notes again.

Katya sat silently and waited. She looked round the room. As far as she knew, they had the doctor only a week ago. During that week he had seen the entire female staff. Everyone had been pleased with him. In that week, his office had been transformed. There was a flower on the window. On the bench behind him, a few certificates with regalia. The gynaecological chair has been moved a little to the side. But in principle it was the same room where the whole company had fucked Yulia at Yulia and Andrei’s wedding. Katya had been nine months pregnant at the time, but she had taken part in the orgy.

Katya glanced at the doctor. A man about 35-40 years old. Light grey adorned his short-cropped hair, cut in a hedgehog style. Stylish horn-rimmed glasses. About five feet tall. Dense build with a small belly. The belly gave a slight solidity. And a white coat. That’s what the administration of the Relax Club insisted on. All doctors wear medical suits nowadays, and this is a dressing gown. That’s cool.

– All right! – The gynaecologist took Katya away from her thoughts – here are the directions for the tests. The standard set: blood, urine. Now let’s examine you. Take off your clothes.

– Completely! – Katya asked.

– From the waist up, for starters.

Katya was surprised, but she took off her sweatshirt and T-shirt. The bra followed. The doctor came from the side and put his palm on her size four breasts and gave them a little squeeze. Stroked it, traced his finger around the nipple. He did the same with the other breast.

– You are a gynaecologist, not a mammologist, aren’t you? – Katya asked.

– Well, yes – replied the doctor, squeezing one breast and milk spurted out of it. Katya was breastfeeding.

The girl looked in the mirror opposite to which she was standing. Her breasts were quadruple, full and tight. You could tell the tits of a nursing mum. The waistband of her jeans pulled in her belly, which was still hanging after giving birth. It’s gonna take a lot of days at the gym to get in shape. And now, the recent labour was taking its toll.

The doctor with a serious face was pawing at the blues, Katya did not interfere, feeling her pussy in her panties getting wet with excitement. Now I can see why he came to work here. There are a lot of girls in the club. Almost all of them either prostitute themselves on a regular basis or occasionally. And ordinary employees don’t refuse free counselling from a specialist. And of course, almost all girls don’t refuse handsome men. I wish there was a female urologist for the guys….

– Now take off your bottoms and sit in the chair – said the doctor, having had enough of tits.

– And the top to put on – Katya decided to mock the doctor.

– At your discretion – said the man, unpacking the instrument and putting on gloves.

Katya took off her jeans and wet panties and sat down in the chair.

It is not clear why some women are afraid to go to the gynaecologist. Of course, there are rude people, but Katya was always lucky. The doctors were kind and helpful, but the chair is something. As comfortable as in the gynaecological chair, Katya has never been.

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