From Dance Fitness to Sex Fitness

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I’m Saransh, 27, currently residing in Bangalore. Thank you for taking time and choosing to my story to read. I hope you give a good time and help you burn a lot of calories while reading. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not wasting anymore of your time, let’s get straight to the story. It was a regular evening, like all days, I went to cult after a stressful day at work. It was a Dance Fitness session. By the time I changed my clothes and entered the workout area, it was already filled with people and warm up was about to get started. It was hard to find some empty space. I finally saw some space between two people and quickly ran to grab that spot, without noticing the people standing next to that spot. As soon as I reached, the trainer asked all of us to greet the people standing next to you. I first looked at my left and greeted the short fat guy with a shake hand. The moment I turned to my right, I think I zoned out for a few seconds with my mouth open, before realizing where I am.

An extremely fair girl, having long straight black hair with caramel highlights, sweet rounded face and expressive green eyes was standing in front me. Her small nose and the dimple on her left cheek was making her look very cute. She had a feel of innocence on her face, with eyes being deep and expressive. With a face so mesmerizing, I got dumb struck and was lost in staring at her face for a few seconds. After a long stare, I finally came into my senses. I was so embarrassed that I quickly shook her hand without even asking her name and moved to face the front, trying not to make it any more awkward. In my head, I was cursing myself: “Wow Saransh, way to ruin it. You meet such a beautiful girl and instantly come out as a creep in the very beginning. Way to go Saransh.” For sometime, I avoided looking at her, fearing that she might freak out. I didn’t want to piss her off anymore.

I tried focusing on the class for some time. Since, I dance well, the trainer asked me to join her and dance along with her on the stage. I went to the stage and my eyes automatically moved towards her. She was already looking at me only and she smiled as soon as our eyes met. My lips automatically responded with a huge smile. This was a first time when I actually observed her from the front. from top till the bottom. She must have been close to 5’6. Her loose pink tank top with black sports bra, failing at hiding those big melons, fair and smooth navel glowing between that pink tank top and black shorts and then those toned silky smooth legs. She was a complete package. I had never seen anyone so beautiful and all I could think of at that time was to have her in my bed and feel that smooth skin with my tongue. This was causing a sensation in my shorts but then I suddenly realized that I’m standing on a stage and everyone would be able to see my bulge. I tried to concentrate on the dance and somehow managed to finish dancing for that song and quickly ran to the washroom as soon as the song ended. I straightaway went to the washroom, my dick was already hard and I could see some pre cum. I had to masturbate, no matter where I was. I imagined her in my mind while masturbating and unloaded huge amount of cum. I was sure that I couldn’t attend rest of the class, so took shower, changed my clothes and came out.

The class was also over by that time. I saw her coming out of the class. She immediately spotted me and came directly towards me. She complimented me for my dance and said: “You dance really well and your body is also very flexible.” I’m damn sure that she noticed me blushing and all I managed to say in return was “Thanks!”. She then introduced herself by extending her hand:

Her: Hi, I’m Itashya

Me: Hey, I’m Saransh. I’m really sorry for earlier. I know I must have looked like a creep, when I kept looking at you in the beginning. I’ve never seen someone so beautiful. I got completely lost and couldn’t move.

Itashya: (laughing) Areh it’s okay. You don’t look like a creep at all and thank you for the compliment.

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