Mom does it best (True stories incest)

Hi there!!! I am Ankit Kapoor and this is my real story that I am gonna share with you.
This happened 3 years back when I was 15 yrs old but I am sharing it now because now I am eligible to share it
I.e. currently I am 18 yrs old.. I am a good student and is currently studying in a medical college in AIIMS ,Rushikesh I belong to a very good family and I am rich having a Hayabusa , and BMW X5 in my house, My father is a n architect and is working in a renowned company and so he is always busy in his work and only come since it twice in a week to home . As a result me and mom stays at home alone for the rest of day . We used to chat, play games and discuss about various things together. I was the most attachéd to my Mom than anyone else
Introducing her–:

My mom, Varsha is a 38 yrs lady.. She is still sexy , gorgeous,hot ,and my favorite person . I love her so much that I can’t explain it thorough words. There are no words for describing my mom. She is very cheerful ,and beautiful. I bet there is no one more sexier than my mom. Her size is 40-28-32 . The most fascinating thing about her is about her boobs she is no les than Mia Khalifa. She is fair ,she is modern .

The feelings towards my Mom grew when I was 12 years old and I had seen my Mom masturbating with cucumber inside her room . No doubt that the room was locked from inside but I managed to get a sight from the door lock hole. She was fully naked and was pushing the cucumber deep inside her pussy.. she was moaning. ‘‘ aaah!! Ohhhh!!! Fuck me !!!yes !! ’’ It didn’t took long for her to reach climax , her pussy was shaved and her pubic hairs were in shape of a landing strip . After that she began dressing her back and I ran away horrified that what that white liquid was as at that time I wasn’t knowing about sex .. Then after 1 or 2 months I came to know about this and understood that the white liquid was cum I the started masturbating imagining my mom . I wanted to have her so badly that I can’t control myself..

After 2 or 3 days my father came back to home . We welcomed him and enjoyed . That night I slept earlier as I was very tired after coming from cricket practice . I took my father dinner and went to sleep . When it was around 2 a.m. I woke up after hearing some scream from my parents bedroom . My mother was riding my father’s cock . She was riding it with full force like the hadn’t fucked for years .Then my father started fucking her in doggy style . When he was about to cum my mother took his dick in mouth and drank all his cum and slept over her . I masturbates watching all these imagining me in place of my father .

The next day my father went to Russia as he had some work he told me that he will bring ps 3 for me after he comes but that was a long period of 2 months after which he would come. I had these 2 months to spend with my mom alone as there were vacations in the school . In the first week I saw my Mom masturbating regularly

The next day I stole my mom’s panties and bra ; cummed all over it and kept it back secretly .
There was not even a single undergarments of mom that I had not stained with my cum.. After bath she had nothing to wear inside and she remained like this all day.. In the evening she asked me whst I had done to her panties.. I nodded and said I don’t know anything about it
Varsha– I know that you are sexually awakned and want to have sex, but that doesn’t mean that you will use my things for your requirements
Me– sorry mom , I won’t repeat it
Varsha– what sorry?? Don’t you know what you have done . You are not even at the age of doing these things that too with your mom
Shame on you! ,Shame on your thoughts! Shame on your belief!
Me– mom I am really sorry !!
Varsha–ok! Don’t do this again . I trust you and I know that you won’t do this
Me–yes mom
Varsha– hmm! I trust you but don’t break my trust . Is that clear
Me– yes mom

Days passed and I hadn’t masturbates I knew that if I am caught this time ; things would go even worse. So I decided better to keep myself away from these. The bonding between Mr and my mom reduced she used to stay far away from me . Earlier I would kiss her hug her and she wouldn’t say a thing and would kiss me back but now whenever I try to kiss her she would just move or push me back . I was feeling very sad and lonely in the house
After 2 days the boards exams result had been announced ,I entered the website roll no. and everything as stated . My Mom was sitting beside me and watching it .

The website opned and I was amazed to see my result
Maths-99 ,Science -97, Social Science -96 , English -90 , Hindi-92 I scored 94.8% which was a great achievement for me . I was topper of the school and secured 3rd rank in the city .

My mother was very happy she kissed me and hugged me tightly, I too kissed her back . Our lips were locked for around 5 mins and I could feel her boobs touching my body and she was trying to get it pressed hard. After that she said “ the time has came when I take your virginity! ” I was shocked that it’s getting real ..

She started removing her nighty ,her bra and panties . What I saw after that was 2 big melons ready for being pressed and her cunt which was just waiting for me. I also removed my underwear and she took my dick in her hand. She could easily see my dick growing bigger and harder like a rod in her hand . My dick was around 7 inch at that time (currently 8.5inch) . She took it in mouth and started giving me blowjob . After 5 mins I dinner all inside her mouth and she drank all the cum just like it was whisky or her favourite drink .She said that she had never ever gave someone a blowjob , not even my father with her own will but me for my achievement. I laid her down on her bed and started licking her pussy . It was salty. I licked her pussy for 15 mins until she cummed down . She pushed my head towards her pussy to lick her more and more .. she moaned “ Aaaaaah !!! Ohhhh!! Lick my pussy Ankit !! Lick it all!! Ohhhh!! Yes!!!!” saying this she came and was breathing heavily!!..As a sense of showing gratitude I too drank her cum and then kissed her

She then asked me to fuck her harder . I applied a mixture of my and her saliva to my dick and pushed it inside my birth place. “aaaaaaahhhh!!!”. She screamed . Her pussy was very tight . She said that she had Been applying a cream to make her pussy tight just like it was 1st time virgin pussy . I pushed my dick deep inside and started fucking her in missionary position. After 30 mins of enjoyment I cummed inside her pussy . On Seeing this she became more hornier . She pushed me in bed and started riding my cock like she was going to break the bed as well as my dick she moaned “ aahhh! Ohhhhhhh!! Yessss!!!!! Cum again my son ! I want to bear your child !!!!!
” saying this she herself cummed over my dick and lied on my body like we were couples . As it became night time we slept like this whole night . In the night too we were fucking . At that time I pushed my dick in her ass . She shouted “ aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhahhhahhhhhh!!!!!!!!”
I didnt stop to this .I began fucking her very fast in doggystyle and could clearly see blood dripping from her ass but she didn’t asked me to stop as she was enjoying it too . We fucked whole night and didn’t sleep . Next day everyone phone called me and congratulated me for my result

From that day I still fuck my mom whenever I go to visit her but luckily I didn’t get her pregnant inspite of cumming inside her as her tubes are blocked
We behave like couples we have passionate kisses , smooches all over our body

We still live with each other as my parents shifted to Rushikesh which always gave me chance to fuck her enjoyed me and I enjoy her!!!

Hope you loved this real life experience

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