The New Girl – 12

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Thank you for all your messages and encouragement, please read the previous parts  The New Girl-11 so you can enjoy this better…

Dad came back and we had lunch together. Then he dropped me to school and went to his office. As always Khan was at the gate and asked me “Why are you so late to school today Gudiya”? I said “Khan I had to take care of papa so I got delayed”.

I knew what he wanted so before he could ask I said “We still have 40minutes before the lunch break gets over, my ass is hungry for your cock”? He was very thrilled seeing me asking for sex first. We went to his cabin and I lowered my salwar and panties to my knees and got in doggy style.

He saw my clean shaven pussy and said “wow Gudiya your pussy is looking so beautiful”. I said “I took help from papa to shave it”. He said “wow Gudiya, I see you finally got fucked by him, you must have really enjoyed it right”?

I did not want to tell him, I was having sex with dad so I said “Khan clean your ears, I said I took help from papa and did it, I did not say I made him do it. Now are you going to fuck me or should I go looking for other cocks”?

Khan was shocked to hear me talk like this and quickly put his mouth to my pussy from behind licking it for some time. He came behind me pushing his cock into my pussy fucking me full speed. I kept telling him to stop and use a condom but he didn’t listen.

He was holding me very firmly and my orgasm was also building so I let him continue. Today he lasted much longer than his usual 10mins. Nearly 15mins into the fucking he pulled his cock out and came in my mouth, I eagerly drank all his cum.

He sat beside me on the bed saying “Gudiya your clean shaven pussy is so beautiful, It can even make a dead man’s cock hard”. I thanked him and saw we still had nearly 20mns to go so I started stroking his cock.

I said “Khan you put out the fire in my pussy but my ass is still longing for your cock”. He said “Gudiya this is what I love the most about you, no matter how many times you get fucked you are always ready begging for more. Looks like I will need to organise Lakshmi teacher’s program for you”.

I saw his cock was rock hard now so I got into doggy style. Khan put a condom pushing his cock in my ass fucking me. I said “Khan I am scared to get fucked by so many men together, I am happy with only one at a time”.

Khan laughed and said “If you don’t mind then can I ask you something”? I said “yes”, he said “our school gardener Govinda is after me for a chance to fuck you, I have told him I will check with you first and only then confirm”.

I shouted at him “Khan how did you even think something like this? I really like you so I come to enjoy with you. Don’t every mention this again”. Khan still fucking my ass said “Govinda is a very nice man and also my best friend. His cock is bigger than mine and he fucks the daylights out of every woman. I only asked because I know you enjoy getting fucked by real studs”.

He hit my weakness and my mind went into overdrive thinking about Govinda’s cock and stamina. I was instantly horny to try him while Khan was still fucking my ass and soon he came. He sat down next to me, then we went and cleaned up in his bathroom.

I sat with him again after getting dressed, I saw the time and just then the bell rang. I thought to myself why go to the classes today, instead let me just enjoy sex with my regular buddies. I asked Khan very sweetly “does your friend really fuck so good? Will he be able to keep this a secret”?

Khan very excitedly said “Yes Gudiya, I made this very clear to him and he agreed, if you say yes then I can bring him in five minutes”. To give him my approval I kissed him and he left very happy. In less than 5minutes Khan came back with Govinda.

Govinda was a very heavily built man like Pillai in his mid-40’s. Both of them sat on either sides of me, Khan asked me “Gudiya I hope you have at least 1hr now”? I asked “why 1hr”? he said “you will find out soon enough”.

Khan made me stand and removed my kurta and salwar. He made me lie on his bed in my underwear telling Govinda “go and live your dreams now. But remember one thing, handle her like a doll and a delicate flower”.

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