Jaipur Office Trip with Maamiji

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Hello everybody I am Kaveer starting this journey with a vision to make all believe in what i write and you also enjoy it…..few of the stories shall be my real experience and few will be just fantasies….. which are real and which are not that i would want to keep a secret and shall be at your opinion.

To start about myself I am ageing around 27 years, a fair guy with lean body having height of 5’7, from Mumbai.

Now today i would share my experience which i had with my Maami during my business trip.

To begin, I had to leave for Jaipur for my business trip to close a deal for my company in a exhibition. The exhibition was in one of Jaipur’s 4 star hotel. As I reached the hotel and checked in, I saw my Maami, who welcomed me as she was working there and escorted me to my room.

About my maami, her name is Sheetal, her age being 38 year, a lady who believes in modern lifestyle, fair, perfectly thick, height of 5’6 and enough to look as a perfect thick milf. (To imagine her figure looks like the actress Megha Gupta)

Seeing her and on her noticing its me, she was also over joyed but had to control due to professionalism, on escorting me to my room she closed the door and started enquiring me.

Sheetal : Kaveer how come you are here?

Kaveer : Maami I am here for the exhibition which shall be in the noon.

Sheetal : Oh nice. The entire hotel got lightened up with all these people due to the exhibition and things will turn silent after 8p.m. today as the exhibit shall be over all shall leave, what about you Kaveer? you better be here and come at our place post this exhibition, all would be happy to see you.

Kaveer : Maami first of all, i wasnt even knowing that u work here and our place is nearby from here and secondly it wont be possible this time as i am already having jetlag so post this exhibition i will just be in my room and resting. Later in the night if i need any help i shall contact you.

Sheetal : I wish i could help you Kaveer but the issue is that my shift gets over at 9pm and i will have to go home but i shall inform your mamaji that you are here he will be very happy.

Kaveer : Surely Maami.

Saying this Sheetal Maami extended herself and hugged me and left.

I got over with my exhibition and everybody started moving out of the hotel, meanwhile I also met few and dropped them and headed to my room post dinner. I was looking for maami but i didnt see her and then I saw the timings, i saw it was 10:30 pm. I realised that by this time maami would have already left and would be at her place. I ignored and moved to my room.

While going towards my room i saw somebody speaking in the cross section pavement.I started walking slowly as i heard some intimate words but little did i know that the lady was my maami, who was talking with one of the guest. The exclaimed shock for me was seeing that guy rubbing his hands over maami’s entire body….this glimpse was the first time where i saw my maami in a different manner and started to have her thoughts in my mind. That was the time where i decided that all the obedient and good boy image had to be dropped because seeing her in that tight black shirt and tight skirt made me hard for her.

I immediately took my phone and started recording secretly and after i got the exact material from where i can use it on her i went back and started walking with a thid which makes them realise someone is coming. While going i just heard one thing where that guest was saying ” i wish i would have fucked you tonightlike last time”….. this was enough for me to know that I am gonna have her tonight.

I went into my room and called Sheetal, “Hi maami, are you still in hotel?”

Sheetal : yes

Kaveer : Can you please come to my room I have some work….

Sheetal : surely.

Sheetal entered into my room as i had kept it open for her.

Sheetal : Kaveer what happened?

Kaveer : Nothing. I need to speak to you about something.
( And i locked the room’s door)

Sheetal : Why did you lock the room?

Kaveer : I want to ask something from you and today is the right time to ask as I am also in that mood and as I am here just for one day so I was like why not tonight only.

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