Living Again After Growing Old-1

Hi everyone, I am finally penning down my story thanks to motivation from Pramod who is the main character here. He introduced me to this website which showed me what I was missing in my routine life.

This started when I was 41yrs old, I am 52 now. This is going to span multiple parts because it is long. A heads up to those who are looking for “wham bham thank you maam”, this will not happen here.

I will try my best to describe everything exactly the way it happened and when it happened. Sorry disclaimer here I am not a writer so please kindly overlook my errors because it is not intentional.

Now coming to my story, let me first describe my life and myself. My name is Sarita, I am a distinction scoring masters graduate in commerce.

I have a son and a daughter, my son is in his final year graduation and my daughter is her final year master’s degree. I was married off as soon as I attained legal marriage age and completed my higher studies by correspondence on my own stubbornness.

I come from a traditional backward upbringing where daughters are only to be married off. Getting educated does not matter because we are like a cow which gets tied from one post to another when ripe.

My hubby is a small time scrap merchant and life with him was pretty routine. The only sex life I realised after marriage was for making kids. The whole thing was like a routine where when hubby signalled me, I would undress and lay on the bed.

He would undress too and get on top and in two minutes it was over from start to finish. I did not complain because I thought this is all that really is. I did experience good sensations when he did it though.

I did not even know what a woman’s orgasm meant and if it even existed. The word or act called masturbation did not exist in my knowledge or dictionary. And most importantly sex ceased once my son was born.

Anyway now that I have bored you all enough describing my life, let’s dive into the life changing part. I had many women friends in the neighbourhood where we stayed.

But my interactions were limited with everyone because I was not interested in wasting time in gossiping. Both my children are toppers in studies because of my coaching.

This quickly got me famous and I started taking tuitions for other kids. My next door neighbour came asking for tuitions for her son Pramod who is also my son’s best friend.

Both have grown up together since my son started pre-school. I accepted the offer especially because I have known Pramod since a long time.

I like his innocent outlook towards life. In a few sessions I realised I could not coach him nicely enough alongside the rest of the kids. He needed personal attention to help him improve.

Pramod was doing his masters in which I scored a distinction in. I had been tutoring him for 4yrs now and his parents were very happy with my efforts.

I adjusted his schedule to after the kids finished because I had all the time being just a housewife. He had a good sense of humour and kept me entertained with his one liners and jokes.

He made me laugh so much every time, I don’t remember if I ever laughed like this before. Even before I started tutoring him he used to be in my house all the time with my son also spending lots of time with me.

Life continued over the years and he looked at me as his best friend despite our age difference. I also developed a soft corner for him and loved him just like my son.

My personalized tuitions started showing results and soon he was among the top students in his college. Everyday my kids are out playing with their friends while I had my coaching sessions with him.

So we were alone in the house always. Over time we were discussing his college life and his friends including his crushes. Pramod had very few friends but with me he seemed the happiest.

All his crushes/ girlfriends never lasted more than a few days after he started talking to them. I never took this seriously thinking that with more maturity and time he will surely evolve.

He made sure he brought candy toffees, lollypops and stick ice-creams because I had told him I love it. I would have loved it even more if my hubby did all this but as I said before I was living a routine life without expectations.

I wear sarees all the time and after the kid’s tuitions I would change into nighty. I would be in my nighty by Pramod’s turn because Pramod was no outsider for me.

One day when he came for his tuitions he dropped the bomb which changed my life. He said “aunty I have a big problem and I don’t have anyone with whom I can discuss it”.

I said “you can comfortably discuss with me just the way we have discussed so many other things all these years”. He said “no aunty, you do not understand, this problem is different and I am scared how you will react if I tell you about it”.

I was sitting at the dining table with him because that is where I conduct my tuitions. I held his hands in mine and insisted he tell me whatever it is and I will not say anything.

He looked in my eyes and placed my hand on his crotch and said “aunty this is the problem”. I felt a big bulge in my palm sending me instantly into shock because I had never touched even my hubby’s crotch ever.

When I came back to my senses later I pulled my hand back. I was flustered and embarrassed like never before in my life. Pramod said “see aunty I told you, you cannot help me with this problem”.

I composed myself because I never saw this coming. On the other hand, because I was so naive I never even understood the problem properly in the first place.

So I said “before you jump to any conclusions first tell me clearly what your problem is”. He seemed to calm down and said “somewhere in my mind I knew you are the only person with whom I can discuss my problem”.

He grabbed the bulge over his trousers and said “aunty this is hurting all the time, this is hard all day causing me embarrassment in public when people notice it. I don’t know what to do. Please help me”.

Hearing his problem felt like I got struck by a nuke, paralyzing my brain, thinking how could I help. Trying hard to behave normal I said “Pramod how can I help you? You need to see a doctor to help you with it”.

He looked at me with puppy eyes and said “of everyone else I did not expect you to dodge the problem aunty”. Placing my hand on his back I said “I am not dodging anything, I am only trying to tell who can help because I have no idea”.

He said “aunty my friends suggested I should masturbate to relieve the pressure and that will make it go away”. Honestly this was the first time I heard the word masturbate and was clueless what it meant”.

Even my own son who is slightly older to Pramod never came to me with such questions. I said “Pramod honestly I have no idea what you are talking about”.

He snapped at me saying “aunty you are married so you definitely know about sex and masturbation”. This conversation was going where I never imagined, especially talking about sex.

I have never even spoken to my hubby about sex ever. I said “Pramod you can call me dumb because I swear I have no idea about what you are saying. Maybe you should ask your friends to help you with this”.

He looked at me innocently and said “aunty I believe you, you don’t need to swear. I know about masturbation and have tried it but it did not help so I am asking for your help”.

I said “well if you already know about it and it did not help, then how can I help. Especially when I have no idea what you are talking about”. He said “aunty I have videos where a woman does it and it solves the problem. So I am only asking for your help to try once”.

I had a ringing in my head that I was getting into unknown territory the outcome of which is unknown. So I said “Pramod I am sorry I cannot help you with this”.

He said “aunty you are the only woman in my life, who else can I ask for help”? I said “ask you mother or your girlfriends”.

He said “you are the only one with whom I can dare talk such things, you know I don’t have any girlfriends. If you are refusing because you don’t know then I have the videos on my phone and can show it to you. But please don’t say no because I have been suffering for a week now and the pain is unbearable”.

I was thoroughly confused and did not know what to say to get out of this situation. I said “fine I will help you but you have to promise me you will not talk about this to anyone ever”.

He said “aunty I am ready to swear on anyone you ask that I will never tell anybody. I have never told anyone about the candies and ice-creams that I bring for you which you enjoy a lot. So you can surely trust me”.

I said “ok, so what do you want me to do”? He took his phone and played a video where a lady was holding the man’s dick stroking it up and down with her hands.

First time in my life I was watching a porn video which I never knew even existed. I died in shame and embarrassment looking the other way and said “please close this. I don’t want to see this garbage”.

Pramod said “aunty you said you want to help me, I only showed you this because you said you did not know about it. It is just a video so you can learn from it”.

I said “that video is so disgusting, how did you even think of me doing that for you”? He looked at me with a sorry face and said “aunty this is what I have been trying to tell you, I had to show the video to explain”.

I said “please understand, I have never done this even for my husband ever, I don’t think I can do all this, please find someone else to help you”.

He fell at my feet burying his face in-between my lower legs covered in my nighty and cried. Now my love for him was much stronger to let this even happen or continue.

I held his shoulders pulling him up and stood up and hugged him tightly. He continued crying with his face buried in my bosom.

I comforted him running my hands in his hair and said “I never knew you were hurting so much. I am ready to do anything you want me to because I cannot see you like this ever”.

He stopped crying and raised his face to look at me, I wiped his tears smiling at him and hugged him again. This time he also hugged me and I felt his bulge hard pressed against my crotch.

This sent strange new sensations rippling thru my body because I have never hugged like this before. We continued to hug each other for a few minutes while these new sensations continued to drive me crazy.

I was on the verge of losing my sanity so I broke the hug, I said “let’s go to my bedroom”. I walked with him towards my bedroom with his hand on my waist and mine around his.

His hand on my waist sent more tingling sensations thru my body which I experienced for the first time because my even hubby never ever touched me there.

I sat with him on my bed and said “now show me that video again”. Pramod smiled and said “thank you aunty for helping me”. He played the video on his phone, I took his phone and keenly watched it.

The video was long and after some time the man’s dick erupts his sperm, Pramod quickly closed the video saying “you don’t worry about the end part aunty”.

I asked him to forward the video to me which he did. I said “can we start? But remember one thing, I am nervous as hell because I have never done this before. I am only doing this to help you”.

Pramod hugged me and kissed my cheeks and forehead in excitement which again I never experienced before. His kisses sent even more tingling sensations like high tides thru my body.

I enjoyed it so much that I felt very weak to stop him. He probably saw my state lost in trance and continued kissing for a few minutes. I let him because this was the first time I was experiencing so much undiscovered pleasure.

Pramod did not stop and now my mind had also lost itself and a loud “don’t stop” escaped my lips. Pramod heard it and went crazy kissing and licking every millimetre of my face and kissed my lips a few times.

I was past all sanity and decency and everything else that falls in-between, so I gave him the liberty to do whatever he wanted to do for as long as he wanted.

We continued for what seemed like eternity and suddenly I felt a tsunami crash thru my body making me wriggle like a fish pulled out of water.

Pramod hugged me even more tightly while continuing to kiss me all over my face, this time more frequently on my lips and I was reciprocating like a robot under his spell.

I have no idea how long my orgasm lasted (I found out later what it is called), but thru the entire duration Pramod kissed me like I have never ever been kissed before.

When I got back to my senses I was lying on my back on my bed and Pramod was leaning on top of me staring in my eyes. He said “aunty I think I have found my permanent girlfriend finally”.

I blushed because of everything that happened so far between us and asked “who is the lucky one”? he said “you aunty, I forever want to be with you. I saw how much you enjoyed and am eager to do it for the rest of my life”.

I blushed even more because he was right and I too wanted him to do it to me again because I discovered pleasure treasure, but tried to hide it.

I said “I am sorry for what happened, can we solve your problem doing what we saw in the video”? Pramod got up and swiftly removed his pant and underwear.

I was shocked seeing his erect dick which seemed like at least double the size of my hubby’s in length and girth. He sat next to me on the bed while I stared at his meat in awe thinking how is this even possible.

The engorged veins around his cock were pulsating like a heartbeat making me loose whatever little control I had left in my mind. He held my hand and placed it on his cock.

I tried to grip it but was unsuccessful, he too noticed it and placed my second hand too on his cock and I was able to grip him with both my hands.

My body was trembling for unknown reasons while I held his cock, he placed his hands over mine and started going up and down. I too suddenly came to my senses and was stroking his cock by myself.

Pramod removed his hands and lay back on the bed while I continued working on his cock. This was a very uncomfortable position where I had to sit twisting half my body facing him to do it.

|I got up and made him lie on my bed and sat next to him doing it. By now I understood that stroking his cock was similar to it going to and fro in the woman’s pussy, just that this was simulating the action.

For the first time in life I felt aroused and understood the meaning of it. After I had stroked his cock for close to 10mins I was so fascinated that he was still hard because my hubby would have been done in less than two minutes from begin to end.

At this time, I had forgotten who I really was and wanted to live only in this moment forever. As if Pramod read my mind, he said “aunty please lie down, I feel like kissing you again”.

As if under his spell I quickly lay down and he got on top kissing me like the last time. This time I had totally surrendered myself to him running my hands in his hair while he kissed all over my face and lips.

I think this time he continued longer because after a while I felt another tsunami rip thru my body much more fiercely making me tremble like I was being electrocuted with high voltage.

Now when I came back to my senses not sure after how long, Pramod was on top of me with his lips locked with mine. This was my first ever French kiss and I enjoyed it.

Further below my pallu was gone and his hands were cupping my boobs hard (not that I have very big “melons” like it is mentioned in most stories on this site, I am only 38-34-40 mostly because of fat).

He remained on top and the sensations flowing thru my body made me pray this moment became permanent. Further down his hard cock was pushing hard against my pussy over my saree.

This was multiplying the pleasurable shockwaves already ripping thru my body. I did not know if I was doing right or wrong, sometime later after my last orgasm I came back to my senses.

I said “Pramod, thank you for giving me a wonderful time which I will cherish my entire life” and kissed his lips. He held my face firmly continuing to kiss me for a long time till we were both left gasping for air.

He said “Aunty thank you for giving me the chance, it will be my pleasure to keep you happy for as long as I can”. We both got up and I resumed stroking his hard pulsating cock with my hands.

I continued for a very long time frequently asking him “are you done”? He kept saying “no aunty, not yet”. Maybe what seemed like eternity later his cock erupted like a volcano sending his sperm flying in the air.

Most of it landed on my hands and his thighs, but some landed on my face and a drop on my lips. I felt very awkward and disgusted, he said “Aunty you solved my problem finally. I am feeling nice now and the pain is gone”.

I said “I am happy to hear but I am feeling like shit with your sperm all over me”. Pramod said “aunty have you felt like tasting it”? I said “no way, this is so dirty”.

While I said this, he rubbed his finger picking his cum from my lips and pushing it into my mouth. For some unknown reason I closed my lips over his finger and ended up tasting his sperm.

Despite my mental predicament I loved the taste and held it in my mouth longer to relish it. By now he had removed his finger and as if like a slut I began picking all his cum from his body and mine and licked it all.

Pramod smiled looking at me doing all this. He asked “Aunty did you like the taste”? I said “Yes, this is my first time tasting it and I really loved it”.

I said “now that your problem is solved can we get back to your studies”? He frowned first and then said “yes aunty”. I took him to the bathroom and we cleaned and he put back his clothes.

We went back to the dining table where I conducted my tuitions. Two hours later when we were done he held my hand and placed it on his hard bulge again.

I looked at him and said “not again”. He said “aunty you are so beautiful I cannot help it”. This was the first time in my life anyone called me “beautiful” and I melted.

Now he pulled me to my feet and hugged me kissing my lips and all over my face and I surrendered because first time in my life someone was making me feel special, feel like I was something worth it.

In all the excitement he tried lifting me in his arms but was not able to because I am heavy, I hugged and kissed him back with same passion and we both crept towards my bed.

Once we got there I sat him on my bed and pulled off his pants and underwear. I made him lie on my bed and was stroking his cock. Pramod held me and pulled me on top of him.

He said “aunty first let me make the advance payment” and went wild kissing my face all over also kissing my lips frequently. I could feel another tsunami taking shape inside my body during this.

I realised my own horny feeling for the first time and held his hands and placed them on my boobs. Pramod started squeezing them hard sending me to another level of pleasure.

I was on top of him and his hard cock was firmly pressing against my crotch over my saree and as if out of natural instinct I was grinding my crotch against his erect cock.

I was floating in pleasures like if I was on Venus and did not want to stop. Soon my growing tsunami crashed on my shores sending me almost into a blackout.

I don’t know how long I took to come back to my senses but when I did I was now laying on the bed and Pramod was on top of me. He was looking into my eyes and smiling.

He said “aunty you seem to have a lot of hotness buried inside you, can I get a chance to help you liberate it”? I was so horny at that moment that I held his face and kissed his lips giving him my consent.

He did not remove my saree but still went down kissing my body all over till my feet. During this I went mad with the sensations running thru my body.

When he started upwards from my feet raising my saree I felt shy and closed my legs tight. This did not stop him from continuing to kiss from over my clothes till my lips.

His kiss on my exposed chest sent lightning waves of pleasure in my body and instinctively I held his head and pressed it hard against my chest.

He squeezed my boobs while his tongue licked my entire exposed chest giving me another tsunami of an orgasm. When I came back to my senses this time, Pramod had pushed my boobs out of my blouse and bra and was sucking my nipples.

I felt extremely embarrassed and jumped out of the bed putting everything back under cover of my clothes. I made him lie on his back and got on top kneeling across his thighs.

I held his cock stroking it as fast as I could with my hands. Pramod closed his eyes enjoying the moment and said “aunty you are the best”. I continued stoking his cock when he said “aunty I am going to cum”.

Now I could not control myself and brought my mouth over his cock while still stroking him fast wanting his cum to erupt straight in my mouth.

Soon his volcano cock erupted and I unknowingly put my mouth on his tip and he filed my mouth with his tasty sperm. I hungrily swallowed everything to the last drop which I had to lick off his cock but I did it.

Pramod said “aunty you are simply out of this world. I can finally go to bed without pain”. I said “Thank you Pramod for showing me feelings that were undiscovered till now in my body”.

I hope you all enjoyed reading my story so far. I will post more but before that please leave your feedback in the comments and by clicking on the like button to give me some motivation.

You can also mail me on [email protected]. Please do not send me mails asking for sexual favours….

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