Living Again After Growing Old-1

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Hi everyone, I am finally penning down my story thanks to motivation from Pramod who is the main character here. He introduced me to this website which showed me what I was missing in my routine life.

This started when I was 41yrs old, I am 52 now. This is going to span multiple parts because it is long. A heads up to those who are looking for “wham bham thank you maam”, this will not happen here.

I will try my best to describe everything exactly the way it happened and when it happened. Sorry disclaimer here I am not a writer so please kindly overlook my errors because it is not intentional.

Now coming to my story, let me first describe my life and myself. My name is Sarita, I am a distinction scoring masters graduate in commerce.

I have a son and a daughter, my son is in his final year graduation and my daughter is her final year master’s degree. I was married off as soon as I attained legal marriage age and completed my higher studies by correspondence on my own stubbornness.

I come from a traditional backward upbringing where daughters are only to be married off. Getting educated does not matter because we are like a cow which gets tied from one post to another when ripe.

My hubby is a small time scrap merchant and life with him was pretty routine. The only sex life I realised after marriage was for making kids. The whole thing was like a routine where when hubby signalled me, I would undress and lay on the bed.

He would undress too and get on top and in two minutes it was over from start to finish. I did not complain because I thought this is all that really is. I did experience good sensations when he did it though.

I did not even know what a woman’s orgasm meant and if it even existed. The word or act called masturbation did not exist in my knowledge or dictionary. And most importantly sex ceased once my son was born.

Anyway now that I have bored you all enough describing my life, let’s dive into the life changing part. I had many women friends in the neighbourhood where we stayed.

But my interactions were limited with everyone because I was not interested in wasting time in gossiping. Both my children are toppers in studies because of my coaching.

This quickly got me famous and I started taking tuitions for other kids. My next door neighbour came asking for tuitions for her son Pramod who is also my son’s best friend.

Both have grown up together since my son started pre-school. I accepted the offer especially because I have known Pramod since a long time.

I like his innocent outlook towards life. In a few sessions I realised I could not coach him nicely enough alongside the rest of the kids. He needed personal attention to help him improve.

Pramod was doing his masters in which I scored a distinction in. I had been tutoring him for 4yrs now and his parents were very happy with my efforts.

I adjusted his schedule to after the kids finished because I had all the time being just a housewife. He had a good sense of humour and kept me entertained with his one liners and jokes.

He made me laugh so much every time, I don’t remember if I ever laughed like this before. Even before I started tutoring him he used to be in my house all the time with my son also spending lots of time with me.

Life continued over the years and he looked at me as his best friend despite our age difference. I also developed a soft corner for him and loved him just like my son.

My personalized tuitions started showing results and soon he was among the top students in his college. Everyday my kids are out playing with their friends while I had my coaching sessions with him.

So we were alone in the house always. Over time we were discussing his college life and his friends including his crushes. Pramod had very few friends but with me he seemed the happiest.

All his crushes/ girlfriends never lasted more than a few days after he started talking to them. I never took this seriously thinking that with more maturity and time he will surely evolve.

He made sure he brought candy toffees, lollypops and stick ice-creams because I had told him I love it. I would have loved it even more if my hubby did all this but as I said before I was living a routine life without expectations.

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