My Hot Punjabi Mom – Part 8

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I came down and saw her smiling and very happy. She was sitting with her top spread open wearing only skirt without panties, she signaled me to sit next to her.

She said “you were right, he is a good man but very poor in bed department. He even made me his second wife and accepted you as his son. He promised to come every morning at nine to enjoy sex with me”.

I said “the wife part is nonsense because he is married so you cannot be his wife. Why did you agree”? She said “I agreed because he is making me 50% partner in the business and also giving half his assets to me in return for sex”.

Neetu continued “I have no interest in being his wife but if behaving that way gives him all the satisfaction and gives us a chance to lead a luxurious future then why not”.

I said “whatever you decide just be careful, I don’t want any complications in future”. Neetu very excitedly said “he also wants to take me on a honey moon trip abroad”.

I saw the look on her face and have never seen her so excited before. She said “I want to call him again today evening to spend some more time with him”. I asked “are you sure it is only to spend time”?

She naughtily smiled and said “you know exactly what I mean, so you please show him respect and when I give the signal you understand and let us be alone so we can enjoy some sex also”.

Just then her mobile beeped and she read the message and looked at me. I asked what is it, she said “Raja wants to come now and is asking if my guests have left, he also reminded me about the surprise”.

I said “looks like your good days are finally here. You have enough time till you call Ramesh to come in the evening. So why don’t you go and get ready for Raja”. Neetu said “it is 12noon now, can I ask him to come by 1pm”?

I said “why do you want to rest”? She said “no, I want to enjoy once with my son before that, I only get the real satisfaction when you fuck me”. She was already almost naked and quickly pulled my tracks and undies off.

She sucked my cock for a few minutes till it became fully hard and then climbed on my lap riding me in her pussy. She removed her top throwing it away and pushed her bouncing boobs in my face.

I held her boobs squeezing them nicely and sucking her nipples. She was screaming in sexual ecstasy saying “Aah yes son Aah, this feels so good Aah”. Watching her live sex earlier and having her bouncing on my cock now made it impossible for me to hold much longer and I came in her pussy.

We both sat resting for some time in the same position. She collected my cum from her pussy and licked her palm looking at me. She kissed me saying “thank you son for taking care of your mommy”.

We went to her bathroom, again we showered together but this time I was too tired to have another bout of sex with her but I gave her enough oral making her cum. I wanted to preserve my energy for when she would call me after Raja leaves.

We came to her bedroom and I wore my clothes. I gave her a lemon pink bra-panty set and a light yellow floral printed knee length frock and dressed her up. I remembered to dress her in black stockings because last time when Raja saw her wearing it, he went crazy.

I said “now do your makeup but remember to wear red lip gloss and red nail polish”. I sat on her bed waiting for her to complete. I checked both bedside drawers and also the guest bedroom to make sure there were enough condoms and everything was neat and tidy.

I said “you use the guest bedroom with everyone and keep your bedroom for Ramesh only”, she said “fine”. Soon we were ready and there were still a few minutes left.

Neetu said “Sonu I am very nervous about today’s surprise”. I knew getting her aroused will make her forget her nervousness, so I hugged her from behind and started squeezing her boobs.

I slipped one hand under her frock inside her panties while I pumped my groin into her butt. I said “be positive about the whole thing, you never know the surprise could simply mean more fun”.

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