What happens when you have to sleep with your mother. Part 1

I am 19 years old and I have a 41-year-old mother! My mom is brunette, big ass, she’s not fat becouse she does sports! She looks very good for her age because she takes care of how she looks!My parents have been divorced since I was little. My father only helps us with money, otherwise I live only with my mother in a 2-room apartment. My relationship with my mother is a very good one, even though I am 19 years old, she treats me like a small child, she always hugs me, kisses me, sometimes even on the lips but without a tongue. She is a very caring and loving mother!
Because our apartment is undergoing renovation, we had to move to our grandma’s house. Because the grandma also live in 2 rooms, we had to sleep with my mother in the same room and in the same bed! To be honest, I’ve never been sexually attracted to my mother, but last night something happened that I can’t explain:

Before going to bed I took a bath, after which I went to bed and waited for my mother. I usually sleep in a pair of boxers because that’s how I feel more comfortable! Watching TV, my mother comes, dressed in a black and slightly transparent nightgown almost to her knees! I was shocked by how mom looks at her age, especially the butt which we can see thanks to the transparent shirt. He laid down next to me in bed, after which we talked a little about the repair and that he can’t wait for everything to be finished faster. At one point my mother hugs me, kisses me on the cheek and thanks me for being with her and helping her in everything. He grabbed me very tightly with his foot raised close to my penis, when I felt my mother’s fine skin I had an erection without wanting to! My mother, because of her tiredness, I think she didn’t notice my erection, after which she turned her back to me and went to sleep.

In my mind I started to think that it is not good at all and that my mother should not excite me, it is something abnormal, but the erection does not disappear! I turned off the TV and tried to fall asleep, my mother was already fast asleep. The erection did not disappear, I needed to release myself because I had not masturbated for about 3-4 days. I turned on my back and pulled my boxers down to my knees. I had already been masturbating for 10 minutes and I couldn’t jerk off. I was already all sweaty from the heat and from the fact that my mother is next to me. to finish me faster, I decided to touch my mother’s ass. I turned to my side and started caressing her back, lowering my hand to her bottom! When I started touching mom’s ass, I got even more excited and continued to masturbate. After a few more minutes in which I also couldn’t finish myself, I decided to rub my penis against her bottom!

I lifted the nightgown up to have access to the bottom. I stuck my penis to her ass and started to move. I have never felt such pleasure in my life, it had a very soft and appetizing bottom. At one point I started to move faster without realizing it. Then the mother moved a little. I thought I was dying of fear then, I stayed still and waited to see if he was sleeping. The mother had moved. After waiting for about 5-10 minutes, I continued to rub my penis against her ass until I jerk off on her ass. I’m afraid he won see the sperm on her ass in the morning.

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