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Hi readers im sai I will continue my story with my dream aunt soumya (name changed) last time i massaged my aunt and waiting for her call for the second time. Please send me feedback of my story.

One month later soumya called to my mom and asked me to help her with households. I obeyed and went to her home, soumya greeted me inside. I asked her “what help you want aunt” she said she wanted a another massage therapy, I was happy and i agreed and cleaned my hands, she was wearing a top and a leggings, she looks like a homely lady, she called me to her room, with a sheepish look. I accompanied her, i said her to change her cloths to bikini outfit. she said “ninu nan batte na bichu maga”(you remove my clothes my son). I was happy and slowly removed her top, she was wearing a brown colour bra. i bent down and removed her leggings, it was tight, she was in bikini outfit. My cock was rock now, it was hitting my underwear.”ninu tumba sakatage batte bichitiya maga” she said.


I tried to control my cock, but soumya noticed she saw me and gave a lusty smile. I poured oil on her back and massaged according to her desire. I made her feel relaxed,i slowly moved to her thigh “mmmm….ange madu maga” she said i slowly massaged her fleshy thighs , it is adorable and moved to her abdomen part, it was soft and shiny I could massage her all the day, she was watching me keenly, i massaged her properly and was about to move to her legs, she intentionally touched my cock with her tender hands, i froze. “yen aitu maga nin thama istu gatti agidane”(what happened son your bro is so hard) she said. I told her it happens if im aroused.

Soumya was a gentle woman she understood my emotions and she asked me “nan thul na nodithare nin thune seriyaguthe”(if you see my pussy your cock will be alright) and she removed my shorts and saw my underwear in a tent posture, she planted a kissed on my dickhead and pressed my cock over my underwear,”aaahhhhh….aunty…hhmmmm” I moaned, she liked me moan, she removed my vests and saw my long dark cock ,i removed my shirt. I stood naked in front of her. She kissed my cock and took it inside her mouth, my cock was bigger than her mouth, she hardly took it inside, while I pushed it deep soumya sucked my dick like a lollypop. I was relaxed, she sucked it for 5 minutes. I made her stand and unhooked her brown bra, her nipples were hard by now, I bit it and soumya gave a soft moan, I was enjoying her nipples and moans, her milk started to flow from her hard nipples. I drank all of it, “chennage nan hal na kudi maga”(drink my milk nicely son) she said, I sucked her milk from her breast. It was time to make her nude, I removed her panty and saw her pussy which looked fleshy and delicious and smelt like little sweat and perfume.

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I put her on the bed gently and opened her pussy lips, it was fleshy inside. I put my tongue at the tip of her pussy, “aaahhhhhh….mmmmm….tumba…..chennage ide maga…” she moaned. I licked her pussy and inserted my finger inside her hole, it was very tight. She was not fucked for a long time, “aaahhhh..” she screamed, I pushed my finger more deeper inside her vagina. I stroked her pussy with my finger and licked it at the same time “aaahhhhh….aaammmmmmuuuuhhhhhh….nan thul na kudi maga” she shouted in pleasure. I kept on fingering her pussy for 10 minutes. Then I came on top of her and kissed her, she responded wildly, I asked her wen was the last time you were fucked, your pussy is very tight she replied “7 years before” , I was shocked, she said “nan ganda seriyagi nanna dengilla maga, nanna thripti madsilla”(my hubby did not fuck me properly and didn’t satisfy me), I said her “naan nimna degtini” and placed my cock over her pussy lips and rubbed it, she was enjoying it, “please nanna dengu sai bandu nan thul na odidu besaku please”(please fuck me, just fuck my pussy hard) I obeyed to her words and slowly inserted my respective mamba inside her white forest. Damn it was tight, i added more thrust and pushed my rock hard penis inside her tightly pussy, she let a scream

“aahhhh….amma….yestu varsha aitu nanna dengi”, sai nan thul na ardu bidu(tear my pussy sai), I got my penis in her hole, which her pussy walls were pressing against my penis. I slowly moved my penis back and forth she was letting her moans “aahhhh….yyaaaaa…annge….odi maga….chennagi odi….sshhhh….aahhhhhh…mmmmm” and bit her lips, slowly I got easily inside her penis and my momentum freed, I stroked her in medium speed holding on to her pineapple size knockers. I was enjoying her pussy, she was in pleasure. After 10 minutes I lifted her and stroked her more faster, though she was heavy I could hold on to her very firmly, phat, phat…pluch…phuch…plath…my cock and her pussy was creating the rhythm in the room, we kissed parallely and fucked her, 10 minutes later I put her on the bed and slept on her and rided inside her sluty hole “aahhh…hhhaaa….mmmmm…hhhuu…hhhh…mmmmm….”

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She was moaning which made me more aroused, I slowed my pace and banged her hard as possible……fuck her wat a slut she was, “nin chennagi dengitiya maga, I love you, nim uncle thune chikkadu 10 minutes mela nanna degidilla”. I could see her sex urges in her face. She was a real woman who enjoyed all my strokes. I felt jealous of her hubby. She squirted like a fountain of lava from her hole, her juices spread all over the bed, it lubricated my rod, I took my cock to her mouth and made her taste her own juices, she said “nan ganda avana thune nanage kottila, ninu thumba chennagi nin thune na kodtiya,” her juices were still dripping from her sweaty pussy, i drank all of it and emptied her pussy, it became dry after she cummed,I poured oil on my dark long rod and inserted her hole of love and throbbed for 10 minutes in doggy style, wow soumya was looking like a bitch in that style,”innu dursu maga chennagi dursu maga…yyaaa…aahhhh..mmmmm…ange…dursu maga…sshhh” she moaned, my testicles were hitting her pussy lips while my shaft was full deep in her hole. “Oohhhh….fuck… you aunt” I moaned she smiled looking at me, she rubbed her clit and I stroked her softly, I said her “nima thulu istu chennagide, istu bisiyagide aunty”(your cunt is so nice and so hot aunt), she liked me for respecting her, she said “avuda maga please nanna ivattu purti dengutairu please”(is it son, then please keep fucking my pussy the whole day), I was enjoying her, “dursu aahh…yestu power ninge thumba super ah durstiya maga…please dengu…dengtairu”, I continued for 10 minutes and said im going to cum she said “nan mela full ah madu please”…I liked it when she said please, I discharged my cock and released my load on her beautiful face and on her big knockers, I had a huge load of cum so that she was drenched with my semen, I cummed my rest of the load on her thighs and ass, she said “nin olage istu rasa idiya, tumba tasty ya ide maga”(you had more load inside you, its tasty son).

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My cock lost erection after unloading and I faced the ceiling while she was sucking my dark testicles, it felt like massage to my balls, I collapsed straight on the bed. I asked her “bandu nan thune kudiri aunty, tumba chennagide” she agreed to me immediately and sucked my cock for 5 minutes and slept for a while. I took her to the bathroom and turned on the hot shower, i applied soap to her back and massaged her while she was rubbing my shaft and pressing my testicles, though it was paining I felt satisfaction. I put soap to her boobs and massaged it, she was liking it very much, the woman was left unsatisfied by her hubby for a long time and a young guy made her a real woman. We looked each other and soumya kissed me and I too responded, I bent down and sucked her pussy, soumya was rubbing my head, I stood and she sat and sucked my dick like a pro, after 5 minutes, I lifted her one leg up and pointed my wet meat to her flesh puusy, soumya pulled my cock inside her pussy and I stroked her under hot shower, what a sequence, I throbbed her for 10 minutes while,we were love making to each other. We had a very long shower, while I cleaned her and she cleaned me, and came out nude.

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