Jordi with sara

After a night full of fuck with Andrea (my co-worker) I woke up at morning and goes to office as usual after reaching my cabin i startup my computer and started my work at that time a office lady said me manager is calling you let’s see about my manager her name is Sara age 46 similarly looks like a pornography actor Sara jay with big boobs and busty ass .i went to her room and knocked the door

Me. :May I come in?
Sara:Yes come in
Me. :did you called me?
Me. :for what?
Sara:my husband is for a
business trip for a wweek
Me. :so?
Sara:you’ve to be my husband
untill he comeback
(I just get shocked)
Me. :what
Sara:you’ve have to fulfill my
erotic lust
Me :sorry I can’t
Sara:i know about the
relationship between you
and andrea
(I stumbled and remains quit)
She came near to me and put her hands on my pant and started to rub then slowly she reached my dick
Me. :mam
Sara:sho just keep quite

She rubbed my dick with her hands and hugged me my face placed between her big boobs she pressed my head on her boobs and asked did you like it i said yeah then she shaked her boobs in my face and I kissed her boobs and we hugged eachother and she rubbing my dick with her right hand and pressing my head in her boobs with left hand and I rubbed her busty ass with my both hands at that moment somebody knocked the door and we leave eachother and Sara asked

Sara:how’s it
Me. :very nice
Sara:if you agree to lay with me
then I give more errotic
fun more than this. will
Me. :of course

Then I left the room and went to restroom and shaked my dick by thinking Sara
It’s evening 8pm everybody in office started to go home one by one still I’m at my cabin and waited for sara.after everybody goes i went to her room and said

Me. :mam everybody gone
Sara:ok then comeon let us have
some fun

She came to me and grabbed my pant and opened zip my dick came out with full erection she saw it with excitement
Me. :did you like it
Me. :then suck it

She kneel down in front of me and hold my dick with her hand and started to lick it first she licked it on side by side with her tongue and then she entered it in to her mouth and sucked it for 20 mins after 20 mins i said

Me. :mam it’s coming I’m going to cum

She smiled horny and took my dick from her mouth and shakded it till I cum

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