Matti and KALLE4

Kalle asked if He can tell HIS FRIENDS what a Cock fucking Aila is now, could I come to fuck HER sometimes with my friend , or shall I ask it straight from AILA, ? (read Matti and Kalle 3)  Aila answered that in principal that sounds great, but meanwhile I am waiting You to come to MY PUSSY wery often, is that oukey for You, Kalle.? And now I must say that those words made me again very warm and turning on because I love very much “SLOPPY SECONDS” in My Ails cunt with MY COCK too.

Sometimes when She says that She now has such a nice needs in Her Cunt that it needs new Cock, and soon, and I even ask or propose to Her that She would go for weekend cruising from Helsinki to Stockholm and back – Friday afternoon to Sunday Morning, and to that She even said that She needed to tell me that She already has tickets next weekend to do so??? And when we were fucking in the evening / night before next day ( Thursday-Friday night) I asked Her to tell WHO is this time going to fuck Her wet wonderfull Cunt in that Ship? We had really HOT NIGHT, Wife was HOT and excited to speak too and said that it is 3 men from HER working Place wanting HER to do it because first time Aila was there with MY earlier co worker which I made good salesman there, ESA M. and He had made MY AILA WIFE there from Friday till Sunday all the time, and AILA said that She was almost all the time naked and ready every time to fuck when ESA M; was ready and HIS Cock was so on standing, She said that only when went to eat She put something on but it needed to go back to cabin very quickly when they had eaten and again they were naked in the cabin and fucked ESA MY WIFE AILA like a really fantastick WHORE there tens of times during that two+ days, and ofcourse many had found out what they were doing but after , second week ESA had told many friends at work Place what kind of WORE my Wife Aila is (was) and then it had not been empty table in restaurant in that Place and AILA said that SHE was so PROUD of herself how the men wanted HER Company after that, I LOve Sloppy Seconds, My fucking wife and what the do to HER , because SHE loves it now.


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