Little sister’s vagina :part-10

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It’s true that Lili ,my younger sister have lost her virginity to me and Garry never regret his act ,so both brother as well as sister have enjoyed a weekend in a room in hotel and there she got my penis in her vagina but she get fucked twice as we are back home but with a week rest in physical as our day’s are going on smoothly ,my mind get little hot as she looks too sexy in her shorts with tops and too many times I felt to show him my desires but it’s not justified as our oath of keeping us away from eachother is now in process and it’s a Wednesday as Lili have put her school dress and I am ready after putting my shoes on legs, so while having breakfast together ,my eyes always gazes on her lovely boobs and so her head is bit down .lastly ,she put her bag on shoulder as I walked with him out of home,she use to hire autorickshaw as I board bus for school and as bus stop is near,on the roadside she hold my wrist as she stopped walking………

“Lili ,what happened to you ?
(She is serious)Garry ,today I am not going to attend classes
(Garry)oh ,but why Lili ?
(She)don’t ask me anything more but want to spend time with you.”and so she is asking me for fun and looking at him ,I asked “o k but if mom or dad will get any message from school about your
(She)not going to happen as I attend classes regularly.”

So our plan of going to school changed and than I hired an autorickshaw as we both are now going to Buddha park ,it’s in the outskirts of Delhi as its large with a safe heaven for we both are in autorickshaw as sitting closer to him make me hot and my elbow is touching her soft boobs ,so our legs are brushing .Lili’s tight shirt with blue stripe miniskirts are making him hot as her skirts have covered her semi thighs only and lot of times ,our arms touches as I put my one hand on her thighs and starts rubbing it she is looking straight as our eyes are meeting quite often and as we reached there ,I paid money to auto driver as we walked towards main gate of park.

So as Lili and Garry is in school uniform ,any one can guess our bunking of classes while meeting like a hot couple but our relation is in emotional bond but we both have had lost it as she always made me feel like a stranger while getting physical both stops near an ice-cream vendor as she get a vanilla flavour as I took a choco one and now both moved inside,it’s my third visit in this park but with a gal ,I have never been as Lili is licking the ice-cream ,I am sucking it and so I hold her wrist as I took him towards the end of park,it’s a well covered greenery zone with large trees as well as dense she is bit afraid but as we entered in a dense greenery zone,we felt bit scared but it’s a nice lover’s point and Lili stopped there, so she put her bag on grass and I looked at him as she is too Lili hold me in her arms as her sexy boobs are pressing hard on my chest and now I starts kissing her neck as she is doing so but her miniskirts is so short that it’s a nice dress for me to get inside easily and as i hold her hairs ,I put my lips on her lips and kissed hard.lili’s hand is moving on my back as my hand is lifting her skirts up ,so I pushed my hand inside her skirts as I felt her nude soft butts while rubbing my palm on it.she have put a bikini or G string on her waist and it’s for vaginal covering only ,so as our lips are locked my palm is rubbing her sexy butts hard and now she freed her lips as she starts licking my lips with her while holding my younger sister Lili in my arms,I swallows her tongue as sucking it hard and my hand is rubbing her sexy butts,now in a school uniform both brother as well as sister is enjoying love and as my cock is growing bigger and harder inside trousers,I am willing to fuck Lili pushed my face back as she took out her tongue from my mouth and now both sits on grass as Lili’s skirt have gone up and her sexy thighs are inviting me for some love .

We two are sitting facing eachother’s body as my hand starts rubbing her smooth thigh and she is a horny gal as she inches closer while my hand is touching her soft while rubbing her vagina on bikini ,I hold my sister’s breast as I started squeezing it and she is a gal with strong desires as I am feeling too hot and so Lili is screaming”uh ah um Garry,make me nude than love me”and it’s an nice effort from me as I have lifted her skirts upto her waist ,while unbuttoning her shirt I am making her sexy body a public property but our scareness have vanished as her front parts of body are I put my hand on her breast as I am pressing it while my fingers have rubbed her soft vagina on bikini , so Lili unhooked her bikini and sits on her knees and my long finger moved inside to screw as I am pressing her boobs hard.she is not a gal with lot of characters and patience as she put her hand on my waist , started removing my trousers and lastly she got my semi erected penis to love.Lili & Garry are hot as my finger is fucking her vagina,she have lost her virginity 4 days ago as it’s flexibility is at low and so while fingering her hot vagina ,I am desperate to suck her as my hand moved to her sexy back,I started searching the brassiere lock and lastly ,I opened it’s strings ,so her nude boobs are making me wild and Lili have hold my cock as she is jerking it our sexual session is in process ,she is screaming louder

“uh ah Garry ,now lick my vagina ,I will cum soon”and I took out my finger from her cunt ,so she slept on grass as her head is on bags ,it’s like a pillow and her sexy nude lower portion is making me horny and now I put my both hand under her butts,so hold it to put it up and leaned my face on it .Lili’s nude vagina is getting the kiss as she is in fire,so she is a teenager as her vagina have not enough space to coup with my long tongue but she is looking for it’s lick and so she widened it’s hole ,now my tongue is licking her vagina as her clitoris is visible and I am licking it hard and Lili is in pleasure

“uh ah Garry ,now it’s cumming” as I swallow her vagina’s flesh in mouth and sucked it hard but in a minute ,her vagina got wet and i tasted her I licked it also as I put her sexy bum on grass ,she is smiling and than walked away with a bottle of water as I removed my trousers from my legs,now my lower portion is nude but it’s a deserted place and Lili walked to me as her skirts is covering her vagina and her shirt have been put looking at me ,Lili sit on grass as her eyes are gazing at my erected penis and she hold it ,now put her mouth on it as she starts rubbing it’s glans on her lips,Lili is like a bitch on grass as her mouth opens and she swallows my long cock ,so sucking it hard as her head is spinning fast and I am sounding sexy

“uh ah oh um suck suck you bitch ,I will fuck you now”and as my cock got wet with her mouth’s saliva ,she took it out and starts licking it as my hand hold her breast on shirt and I am massaging it our sexual desires are on peak as my cock is dying for her glory hole but she is a slut gal as she took my hot penis again in her mouth and she is sucking it hard ,now I hold my sister’s hairs as i started fucking her mouth from below and she is enjoying my penis ,so as i felt precum on my glans,I tried to took it out but she is curious to drink my cum and it happened as I shouted “uh ah suck suck you slut ,it’s cumming “and my penis ejaculated semen in her mouth as she drink it and took it out ,so cums fell on my thigh as well as grass while her hand is also dirty with it,so she cleaned her vagina and we washed out sexual organs ,now put our clothes and after having rest ,we are back home.

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