My Second Love Mala – Part 2

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My Second Love Mala – Part 1 before starting this.

Next day I went to college and met my friends and they asked me which treat I given to Mala. I said some ice cream shop name and bill also paid by her and also said that she accepted my proposal and given back those thousand rupees to them. Immediately they said it’s time to celebrate and took that money and we all went to canteen and enjoyed with that money. After spending time with my friends I went to class and searched for Mala in which class she is sitting and went to that class and sit along with her. After sometime we went to another class in which both of our friends are not available and used to talk to each other all the day. She asked me

Mala: I saw you were with your friends before sometime. Did you said anything to them about me.
Me: Yes I said we went to a ice cream shop and given treat to you and after that we both went to home. That’s it right?
She laughed for a while and said yes.
Me: Don’t worry I won’t tell about your originality to any
By pinching her on the waist. We used pinch, squeeze and kiss each other whenever we found no one is there around. Daily I used to go to her house and fuck her and her driver used to stop me daily at my home. All this is happening like this and after few weeks final exams schedule has been released and staff said no need to attend the classes and there would be no attendance taken. Still there is one month for exams and staff said to no need of coming to college. Due to final year exams we are having only two subjects that too very easy. We felt disappointed that we can’t meet hereafter and didn’t understand what to do. We are on the way to the Mala house in her car and then Mala said

Mala: Why are you so disappointed we should not go to college. But can meet in some other place right.
By holding my chin like trying to pamper me.
Me: Where we can meet? Daily in your home or what? Daily you will send your car and pickup me and drop me?
In little bit angry and disappointing tone. She took me close to her and I am able to see her erected nipples and forgeted about that and started to bite her nipples over her dress. She said
Mala: Now you became normal. Eat my boobs how long you want and fuck me.
I am smooching her boobs and she is moaning and we already tied dupatta to the front seats and removed the rear view mirror and kept music in the car and increased the sound. We both are kissing and enjoying in the car. We both went to her home and fucked each other and enjoyed and I am completely forgotten about tomorrow and about to leave to my home and at that time Mala asked

Mala: What we will do for tomorrow?
Suddenly I remembered that we can’t meet from tomorrow and felt disappointed and looked at her like not understanding what to do and sit beside her and looking at her. She came closer to me and given a liplock to me and said
Mala: Get ready tomorrow morning at your home.
Me: What you will send your driver and ask me pick up and drop me daily?
She didn’t replied and asked me to leave from there and I started to my home.

Next day morning I am the regular point where her car driver will drop me and waiting for her car. After sometime her car came. To my surprise she is already there in the car and opened the door and asked me to get inside. I felt happy by seeing her inside the car went inside. She said to driver to move. She told a place to driver and asked him to drive the car there. Driver said that place is little bit far away from here. It will take sometime to go there. She said to drive him as slow as possible and took a thick cloth which she already brought and tied it to the front seat and we are not able to see completely what is there in front. She said to driver to increase the A/C and music volume more and looking at me with full of sex hunger. I am not understanding what she is doing and confused and asked a doubt that

Me: Are we going to get fuck in the car?
Mala: Not we are going to fuck each other in the running car.
Me: No, if someone catch us on the way it will be a problem
Mala: No one will catch us. Come on.

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