My Second Love Mala – Part 1

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read Jasmine Flower To Red Flower before starting this.

After that I used to fuck the many girls and women teachers whenever and whoever from the college. Many of the women staff started to support me if I am doing any mistakes or any wrong things in the college. Slowly I am became a well known person in the college. That semester got completed. I went into the final year. Raj Sir came back from his suspension. He came to know that I am the person who given complaint on him which leads to his suspension. He got angry and waiting for the chance to get the revenge. He is not getting any chance to take revenge on me because I am not anything wrong inside the campus. Apart from that most of the women staff are supporting me. If he gives any complaint on me the first person who opposes is Rajitha Mam.

Everything is going fine and due the final year college is asking us to attend the interview to get the placements. We all used to go and come back for interviews but never cleared them. Half of the final year got completed and placement staff splitted us into two lists who haven’t not cleared the interviews and merged us with the students who haven’t cleared the interviews from other courses. They told us to sit all the students from all the courses at one place who haven’t got placements. They used to come and give us tips to clear the interviews. That is final year and they are not taking classes and most of the time we will be free. There are four classes full of all the students from all the courses who haven’t cleared the interviews. Me and my friends used to sit each day in each class and make friends from other courses and Staff will come and take attendance and they will leave the class and we will be enjoying all the day in the college. It is happening like that and one day we went into a class as we do daily and sit in that class. After sometime a group of students from some other course came and sit in the same class. They all looks like very rich students. They came and sit in another side of benches and doing as usual students things as we do. I had seen a girl from those group. She is looking very beautiful. I wanted to speak with her. Me and my friends went to them and introduced ourselves to them and they received us very well. We are talking to each other and chit chatting with each other and doing all the silly things how students will be with other and we all became friends in short time.

I went to her and tried to speak with her. She is also speaking very well with me. She told her name is Mala. Her figure is 34-24-36 with white skin and she is having a very attractive look. Apart from that her behaviour is very good. She is not at all showing any hesitation or discrimination while speaking. I am completely attracted to her way of speaking. We are talking each other and break came and continued to talk each other and lunch break came and after coming from lunch we both are talking to each other and suddenly at once I am unable to control myself without attracting to her and to stay with her and I proposed her. We both are sitting in the last bench at the wall and all my friends and her friends are sitting in the benches in front of us. They all heard that I proposed her and shocked and became silent and looking at us. Mala also shocked and starring at me like that without saying anything. One guy from the group broke the silence and continued to play some random jokes. They didn’t took it seriously and thought we are speaking and in between I might have told that to her and all students got diverted and no one is looking at us now and they continued to chit chatting with other. They are not thinking about us and they are busy with their things. But Mala knows I proposed her and she is still starring at me without saying anything. We both are looking at each other and she slowly stood up and tried to move to another bench in which her friends are sitting. When the time she stood up and tried to move to another bench where her friends are sitting suddenly I stood up and hold her to the wall and started to give liplock to her and squeezing her boobs. She is not understanding what to do and stood like that without doing anything and trying to control herself. All got shocked and again looked at us and starring at us by thinking we both are kissing each other. Mala is going out of control and not able to control herself and pushed me away with one force. She is looking angry at me without saying anything. By her looks all her friends understood that I forced her to kiss. They started to get into dispute and came to beat me. Even my friends also started to get into dispute and opposing. We know that if we do anything wrong now we will be getting into trouble by college and I controlled my friends and even Mala also controlled their friends and she doesn’t want make it a big issue and stayed calm. I looked at her and she is still looking angry at me and we are just looking at each other but not talking anything. We all got calm down and after sometime break time given to us. We came back to class after break time and within 10 mins Raj Sir came and called Me and Mala to Principal room. Me and My friends looked at Mala friends and asked we have compramised right? Who given complaint to them. They also got shocked and looked at us and said they didn’t given complaint. We all are not understanding who given complaint on us and looking at each other. Raj Sir shouted on us and told us to follow him. We went behind him without understanding who complained on us. Raj Sir is going in front of us and Mala is following him and I am following Mala. Mala is looking angry at me while we are going. She is walking in front of me and while she is walking her ass is moving up and down and making me horny. After seeing her ass moving up and down I got a thought. Anyhow we are going to get punishment. What if I kiss her once again? Raj Sir is going fast in front of us on steps. By the time we both reach the steps and about to get down I hold her hand and dragged her aside and pushed her on to the wall and started to give liplock to her by squeezing her boobs and ass. She is trying to push me back but I am holding her very tight. There is no one around and we both are kissing. After sometime she is slowly responding to my kiss and we both are kissing each other. Raj Sir went down in thought of we both are following him and went to the ground floor. After going ground floor he saw we are not there and started to come back to upstairs. We are in fifth floor. He came back to fifth floor on steps and saw us. Still we both are kissing. He is fully tired due to coming by running on the steps. He shouted on us and relaxing himself and took mobile to take a photo of us and show to Principal. By the time he took mobile and take our photo we both moved away and I stepped two steps back and stood there by seeing Raj Sir and Mala is looking at me in shock.

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