Sex with my daughter Ashritha 2

Hi friends this is my second story with my daughter ashritha after fucking my daughter next day we planed to go out for vacation we planned for movie and went to mall we watched movie and we had our lunch and purchased clothes for me and my daughter and i asked my daughter next program she said dad shall we go to hotel and have sex then i said not hotel we will go to any resort there swimming pool will be there we can swim and enjoy ok dad good idea we purchased swim dresses for both and we went to resort its located at city outscourts we reached to resort that was very beautiful and big we booked a room which was very beautiful with all facilities we entered to room and i locked door and i kissed my daughter lips and i said i want to have a beer my daughter was stuned and said dad do you drink yes i said ashritha if you want to drink you can no dad i wont drink its ok i won’t mind ashritha pls pls drink one beer we can have fun ok dad i will we opened fridge and took two beers and started drinking with chicken stuff i said ashritha how is beer taste its good dad

then i removed my daughter clothes my daughter removed my clothes and started kissing each other i poured some beer on my daughter boobs and started sucking dad its nice suck my boobs and started mooning and my daughter also poured some beer on my chest and started licking my chest ashritha its so nice do it and i was also mooning my daughter kissed my body and i also kissed my daughter body from top to bottom we where enjoying a lot dad i love you so much i to love you so much my lovely ashritha she poured some beer on my cock and started sucking my cock and my balls its was so nice ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ashritha suck it suck my cock

i started fucking my daughter mouth she was excited after she poured some beer in my ass and started licking my ass ashritha suck it very nice dont stop i was mooning and enjoying and then i poured some beer in my daughter pussy and started licking dad ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa i like it lick my pussy dont stop pls pls lick my pussy deeper she was mooning and shouting dad its very nice and then we kissed each other lips and i poured some beer in my daughter ass and started sucking she was out of control dad ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa dont stop suck my ass its yours taste my ass and i took my daughter to bed and started fucking her in doggy style and i fucked her for some time she dad i love so much the way you are fucking me dad do you like my pussy taste of course ashritha

i love your pussy very much and started fucking my daughter very hard she was mooning fuck me dad fuck me harder dont stop and next i started fucking her in side angle she also enjoyed a lot and i said ashritha fuck my cock ok dad then i slept on bed and she came on me and took my cock in her pussy and started fucking ashritha dont stop fuck my cock its so nice i was mooning ashritha ssss aaaa ssss aaaa ssss aaaa some time she was fucking and i was fucking her pussy i said i am cumming she said i am also cumming then i said we will do sex in 69position ok dad we turned into 69angle and started licking each other and i said i am cumming dad even i am cumming dad i want to taste your cum even i want to taste your cum ashritha then i licked her cum and my daughter drunk my cum and we smiled each other and we went to swimming pool and we had sex there also it was great sex between us and came to room agian we had sex and we were tired and slept on bed in naked

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