My Second Love Mala – Part 3

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Hi All. I am KKD. Read My Second Love Mala – Part 2 before starting this.

All exams got completed we both planned to go to that farm house again and have sex. This time only me and Mala started and Mala is driving the car. Mala is wearing t-shirt and a short till her thighs. I am wearing t-shirt and short. This time I already informed to my mom before starting and told her everything about us and she told me to stay safe where ever we go. After starting to that farm house we stayed calm till we comes out of the town and gets on to the highway.

After getting in to the she is driving slowly and I am rubbing her thighs. She is laughing and looking at me. I started to squeeze her waist and pinching her on the waist. I am squeezing her boobs and she is not stopping me and driving the car. After sometime I inserted my hand inside her t-shirt and squeezing her waist and raised it up to and moved my hands to her boobs. I got direct access to her boobs. She is not wearing anything. I looked at her in shock. She looked at me and smiled and said anyhow we will remove after going there. It waste of wearing bra. I felt happy with what she said and squeezed her boobs hard. She moaned loudly and continued to drive car.

After sometime she asked me did I want to see her boobs and I said yes and immediately she lifted her t-shirt up till her boobs completely visible to me and placed her t-shirt there. Her nipples are erected and I am playing with them and squeezing her boobs. After sometime I placed my hands on her short. She is wearing short which is made of very delicate cloth instead of thick cloth and it is also just till her thighs. I am able to feel her pussy by placing my hand on her short. She is not warring panty. Immediately I placed my hand inside her short from thighs and started to rub her pussy. She is maoning and enjoying and driving the car. After sometime she dragged her short down till thighs and showing her pussy to me. She lifted her t-shirt above till I can see her boobs and dragged down the short till I can see her pussy and driving the car. She placed her hand on my short and rubbing my dick. It is already erected and she is rubbing it by driving the car with another hand. I wanted to lick her boobs. But we both are wearing seat belts. It is not possible to go close to her. She is rubbing my dick and asked me to take my dick out and I lowered my short and opened my dick. She started to do handjob to my dick. Slowly we are going out of control.

We stopped everything and continued to drive the car to the farm house.

After reaching the farm house we both are horny and immediately went to the room and started to fuck each other and slept for sometime and got relaxed. After wake up we didn’t wear the clothes and roaming all the places in the home. We had dinner in the night and went on to the terrace. Cool breezes are coming and we are already naked and feeling shivered and we both came nearby to each other and hugging each other. We brought blankets from house and placed them on the terrace and slept there on the terrace and we both fucked and slept. In the morning we wokeup cool breezes coming and we wokeup naked on the terrace. She is taking very care of me and I am getting attracted more to the care she is showing to me and wanted to become more close to her. After few days she understood that I am getting more attracted to her and said

Mala: I am observing that you are getting more attracted to me in the recent days.
Me: Yes you are taking care of me very good. I want to stay along with you like this.
Mala: Don’t keep any hopes on me. I am going to US in few months. Our relationship will end once when I go to US. You will get hurt if I said you this in the last movement. So I am telling this to you now. Let’s be a good friends. Let’s enjoy all the days I stays here.

I got disappointed and hurted and didn’t talk to her for two days. She also left me like that without trying to pamper me. One day I am sleeping on the bed she came to me and trying to erected my dick by doing blowjob. I got wokeup and pushed her away and said

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