Old driver and his story

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This is Kavya in late twenties. Recently i posted my story about how an old auto driver seduced me and fucked me. This is continuation and one of incidents narrated by him to me.

It was a Sunday rainy afternoon and Basheer ikka was fucking me continuously in the guestroom. My kid was asleep in my room. My mom who is yet to return from my brother’s house so i was all alone. Basheer ikka was non stop fucking me and he finally came a huge load on my boobs. His cum was all over my boobs and navel. I hugged him and appreciated him for his sex. Thats when i asked him am i the first one who he fucked outside marriage. He revealed that he had fucked 3 ladies apart from me. One was his widowed sister in law who is now his second wife and others were random women like me who are no more in touch with them.

I asked him to narrate the story of him and sister in law. He said mole I will tell you the story.

It was in early 2012 where his wife was leaving for his mother’s house for delivery of thier 3rd child. Basheer ikka had 2 children both were not school going. His wife Ameena had a sister Ayesha who was widowed 2 years ago. Ayesha was 3 years older to Ameena and 4 years younger than Basheer. Though being a widow she use to work as a tailor in stitching burkhas and hijabs. Ayesha was having a child about to join nursery. Ameena suggested Ayesha to board her kid in the school nearby to Basheer ikka home. Though Ayesha don’t have any relayives near by she moved to ameena’s home. Since Ameena is now in her mother’s house Ayesha is all alone with her kid with Basheer ikka. Though she wears burkha all the time while going outside inside house while sleeping she prefers nighty or saree. Once She accidentally saw Basheer ikka’s cock. She have also seen Basheer ikka humping Ameena and making her pregnant. Basheer ikka though she respects her widow also have a eyes on her.

It was one such day when there was a heavy rain and basheer ikka came shivering through rain. When he came home he was searching for Ayesha who was drenched in rain. Ayesha and Basheer ikka had a good chemistry. Ayesha made sure her Pallu is visible. Her kid is asleep. Basheer ikka asked Ayesha whether she can help in drying his hair. Ayesha while drying his hair came close to him. Basherr ikka wants to rip her and fuck her due to her aroma. Ayesha went and changed into nighty. She came and served Basheer ikka food. After food both were watching tv. There was a horny scene in Tv and basheer ikla changed the channel. But ayesha said keep it ikka its a good movie.

After sometime Ayesha came and sat near Basheer ikka. Basheer ikka also came closer to Ayesha and joined in the blanket. Ayesha lifted her nighty to knees. Basherr ikka could feel her silky legs. He slowly touched it and kissed her cheeks. In a minute they were kissing wildly. Ayesha was bit fat and chubby but she already surrendered to Ikka. He lifted Ayesha and threw her in his bed. He ripped her nighty off and kissed her deeply. She removed her bra and panty while ikka got himself naked. He went straight to her pussy and licked till she had her orgasm. He inserted his long cock in her pussy and fucked her. He fucked her for half an hour.

Ayesha was moaning heavily and thats why she realised that she is not on her pill and is on ovaluation period.

Ikka please don’t cum in me. I am not on pill.
Ikka didn’t even care about it and kept humping her.

She also said Ikka i am ovulating please don’t cum in me. I will get pregnant if you do so.
Ikka had lust in his eyes and fucked her nonstop and cum huge inside her. His last fuck was 5 months ago when his wife was in 6th month pregnancy.
Ayesha could feel his sperms coming out. After breeding her ikka slept near by her. She was in tears of making a sin and also having a pleasure. One hour later she woke up and saw ikka was sucking her boobs. When he saw her they kissed each other and again they fucked. Again Ikka cum huge load in her. Ikka made sure she gets pregnant and as predicted she got pregnant by Ikka.

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