Son takes advantage of his mom’s disappointing sex life

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Son takes advantage of his mom’s disappointing sex life

“God damnit Greg! Not again!” exclaimed Lilly as she looked down over her pale 34G tits at the small flaccid penis of her husband as he held himself over her at arm’s length.

Greg sighed as he rolled off his wife to lay beside her on the bed. “I’m sorry Lil, but I’m getting older. It can’t be helped.” He rolled over on his side facing away from her and sighed again. “Maybe we can try again tomorrow?”

Lilly glared over at her husband as she crossed her arms under her immense chest. Soon enough she could hear the steady snoring that indicated that her husband was fast asleep. Throwing the bed covers off herself in disgust, Lilly made her way naked to the large master bathroom connected to the bedroom. She shut the door behind herself after flipping on the light over the sink.

“What is his problem?” she thought to herself as she looked at her reflection in the mirror. Lilly looked amazing for her age of 36. Her blonde hair was full and lustrous as it fell to her lower back. Her cheekbones were sharp and her nose was small which complimented her large striking blue eyes and overly full pink lips. She was taller than most women at 5′ 7″ but her bone structure was lithe and delicate. Her 127 lbs were proportioned perfectly over her frame due to several gym visits a week combined with good genes. Her legs were long and athletic like a dancer’s. Her ass was perhaps a little oversized for her slim waist but it was still firm with sexy dimples in the cheeks. Her most striking feature of all however were her breasts. At 32G her tits were each bigger then her own head. And despite their immense size they were as perky as a teenagers. They jiggled delightfully as she hefted them in her small hands, her fingers sinking into the firm flesh.

Lilly bit her bottom lip in frustration as she looked at her reflection with a sad expression. “I’m at my sexual prime!” she thought to herself. “I shouldn’t have to wait for anything to happen. My husband should just get it hard for me!”

She sighed again as she went back into the bedroom. She pulled her small silk blue robe out of her closet and slipped it over her curves before making her way to her bedside and pulling out a large dildo and a DVD from her nightstand.

Little did Lilly know that at that moment her son Bobby was listening at his parents’ bedroom door with a huge smile on his face. He was well aware of the problems going on in his parents’ sex life. He spent many a night standing beside their bedroom door listening to the noises his parents made and imagining what his mother must look like on her back getting pounded while having her tits sucked. However it seemed that more often Bobby’s father was unable to satisfy his mother and she was left angry and frustrated.

Bobby had begun to think on how to act on this information but he couldn’t come up with anything. However three weeks ago Lilly helped him decide on a course of action when one night around midnight he had woken up and walked down to the kitchen to get a drink of water and stumbled upon his mother in the living room stark naked. A porno was playing on the large screen TV as Lilly watched mesmerized. Her long legs were high in the air like a wide V with her small curled toes pointing at the far walls. Her arms were working hard plunging a large dildo in and out of her tight pussy and her huge tits were pressed together and jiggled from the action.

Bobby hid in the shadows of the hallway as he watched with wide eyes. His large cock immediately began to swell to full size as he listened to the mewing and panting of his mother as she worked the toy in and out of her sucking cunt. The plastic was wet as the light from the TV shone on the smooth plastic. Soon he couldn’t help himself anymore and he quickly whipped his boxers off and began to stroke his full ten inches. His hand quickly began to work up and down the length, spreading precum over the tightening skin.

For several minutes Bobby watched his mother play with herself until she orgasmed. It was obviously a weak one as she just whimpered and shuddered for a few seconds before catching her breath as she lowered her legs back down to the ground. Bobby quickly snuck away, his large cock slapping against his hard abs, before his mother recovered and made her way back to her own bedroom. He stayed up most of the night with thoughts of his mother’s amazing body in his mind.

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